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He was young, not older than 19. Still his eyes where empty, his hair coaly black. He wandered alone in Hyrule without any company. His mother was a priestess and had read many of the old legends. "Why can't you be the legendary hero?!" was her last words when she finally took her own life along with her insanity.

He was from Kakariko village, and had left it around a year and a half ago. Renado was the was who said he should travel to clear his mind. Mark wasn't sure, he just still wondered who the sweet girl he randomly met when he was prisoner was. She had amnesia, and wasn't a hylian. Still her blonde hair, her emrald green eyes and her cute face something of the most beautiful things he had ever seen. He called her Ylva, she was thankful that he had given her a name, still she said that she felt like someone searched for her, and wouldn't bound to any name, but the one that searched for her gave her. Later she was taken further away.  It had been about a month since he was released, a lot of things had changed. The castle was almost destroyed, but still the barrier was gone, the legendary hero had once again saved Hyrule, while Mark himself couldn't do anything. He wondered how things where for Ylva and the people in Kakariko village. "Are you a traveler?" a child asked him while he picked up his bag and sword from the flour in a dirty street in Hyrule castle town. "What are you're implying?" the young man said while he stared a death glare on the boy. "If you're going to travel far and wide can you do me a favor!" the boy said with a big smile. "Well then, what?" Mark said angry but did his best to hold his temper. "Say thank you to the hero chosen by the goddesses for saving my mom and my little sister!" the boy says proud.

"Aren't you old enough to find him yourself?" Mark answers with a mean tone. "I can't!" the boy says with a sad expression, Mark suddenly realizes that the boy had his eyes shut all this time. "Too lazy?" Mark says jokingly. The boy slowly opens his eye lids while he talks "No, because the black beasts took my eyes, so I would never see the little sister whom I protected." the boy's eyes was actually missing, he looked serious, more serious than any adult in Hyrule could look. "How do ya know that the hero saved them?!" the young man shouts.
- "Because they said they saw a light when my pain came. So, since you're a shekiah you'll keep our promise right?"
"How'd y'know?!"
- "Remember the saying, the blind have stronger senses than the seeing?"

So this made Mark embark his journey, to find the hero chosen by the goddesses, for revenge and and to fulfil his promise with the mysterious eyeless boy...
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I haven't decided on a title yet so I'll let it be Not in Legends, Mark for now. I chose Mark for his name because it's an usual name, I think... the story takes place a year after the start of events in TP! I think TP lasted about a year, cuz, with temples that huge must take days to explore! A boss battle also around a day. The final battle around 3 days... Mark's name for Ilia(yes it is Ilia, the beautiful girl he falls in love with in prison, it's not even a spoiler), Ylva, is an old norse name meaning "Wolf" :meow:. I feel sad for Ilia, being shot in the back, getting amnesia, (in this story: transferred to prison), transferred to Impaz' town (while transferred getting amnesia again), transferred, getting amnesia again...

The picture is of the boy, not even I know much about him... too bad for Mark's momma that she didn't name him Link and was born hylian and had Mark/Link/whatever with a hylian man. I got the idea from this game >///>. I changed his hair to black, took a white shirt on and black pants, and suddenly I got the idea...

I dunno when I'll continue, sorry..
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RyouXIII Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2011
This is well thought out, I'm amazed. :meow:
Reinohikari Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2011
Thanks ^^, I write story as it pops into my mind actually ^^;. I hope there won't be any plot-holes though... I've began thinking who the boy should be, and I kinda likes the idea, but not sure how that will work. One thing for sure, chapter 2 will include soup xD.
RyouXIII Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2011
Well I just finished my chapter(s)
Reinohikari Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2011
Thanks for telling me, I'll read them as soon as possible!
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