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Before he was ready to go to search for Ylva and the hero chosen by the goddesses, he wanted to go home to Kakariko. He trowed his bag over his shoulder, and put the scabbard in the belt. He yawned and stroke his hand over his scarred eye.
It didn't hurt as much anymore, as it did when his mother slashed around with her sword in desperate trying to get some contact with the Hero of Time. Renado was angry at her for the rest of the day and let him sleep at the inn while Luda and Miranda healed him. Luda and Miranda was good friends, but since Luda studied to become a priestess to take her father's place when he got old, Miranda used her days making fun of Barnes, the bomb maker. She once liked Mark and confessed to him, but he showed no emotions back. Miranda's mom was a kind and caring lady which owned the local store. She dated Barnes 4 years ago, because her husband died 6 years ago due to duty as an hyrulean solider. He could almost not wait to get home and tell Renado and the rest about his adventure. And Renado could even know where the "hero" was!

One always felt important when going out of the huge castle walls. Many of the Bublin troops where gone, but they had some camps here and there. He sighed, he liked to walk through the peaceful Hyrule, even though he despised the person who brought it. It started to get dark and stumbled down to under the remaining towers on the Edin bridge. He pulled out his carpet out of the bag, and made a little bonfire. He could eat the bread he brought before he left and look at the stars forever, instead he took a sip of milk. And suddenly, everything was pitch black.
Prologe: [link]
Next chapter: [link]

Yes here it is, even I wait like crazy for the next chap xD. But I gotta go to bed, and can't act in :iconlegendofzelda-ocrp: yet. It's a small RP group, but :iconcrazychick224: is a good person, letting me to try. I've acted a tsundere before(on omegle) so I'm willing to giving it a shot, acting like a tsundere-guy. As Link is a link between the game and the gamer, is Mark the mark between a gamer and a gamer-artist. If you understand what I mean ^^;.

Mark (c) me
Everything original to TP (c) Nintendo
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June 28, 2011
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