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All these series/games and characters have left an good impression on my heart that doesn't go away. There are 4 missing, Ilke(Phenomena), Luigi(Mario series), Amaterasu(Okami) and Sissel(GhostTrick) but I don't know where to put them. But anyway let me introduce them(remember: western characters or from other worlds: Firstname Surname, eastern: Familyname Firstname):

Anime side(left, shady with guns):
Vash the Stampede(Trigun, I like the manga better but the anime isn't too bad): A man with a huge bounty on his head and a sad past. Acts stupid but is actually pretty smart. Is an excellent gun man but has sworn not to kill.
Shady in a square:
Okakura Keiji(Sakura no Ichiban!, not an anime and doesn't have one either ^^;): a mysterious boy that wanders around on an All-girls School at night. Has a funny lively personality.
White curly hair in a Kimono:
Sakata Gintoki(Gintama): A samurai that fought when aliens invaded Japan many years ago. Works as an freelancer that helps people with just about anything. Enjoys eating sweets and picking his nose and comes with many funny references to other series.
Bandana boy:
Minamoto Kouji(Digimon Frontier): a lonely 11year old whom travels to the Digital World. There he meets great dangers and gains friends which also are lonely children. I remember having a crush on him when I was 10 xD.
Girl with headphones:
Baek Ma-Ri(Orange Marmalade not a manga or anime ): a lonely vampire girl in Korea. She is afraid to make friends in case she will be hated again like she was is her past. She falls asleep on the train and wakes up realizing that she has bitten the schools most popular boy... Does not sparkle!(She's the reason I chose to have eastern character's name with Familyname first since Ma-ri Baek doesn't just as cool..)
White hair and purple t-shirt:
Killua Zoldyck(Hunter x Hunter, I like the 1999 anime better): A 12 year old boy trained to be an assassin for as long as he can remember. For fun he starts to study to become a hunter(it has a quite different meaning in this series). After a while he starts to rebel against his own family. Has a cat-like personality
Purpelish black long hair:
Yuri Lowell(Tales of Vesperia, is a game but has anime cutscenes and a prequel anime movie): Born in Zaphias lower quarter, Yuri is used to not get everything he wants. Tired of watching people suffer because of bad leaders whom simply ignores their wellbeing, he stands up to fight those whom are wrong. Yup he's a guy.
White long hair, cute dog ears:
InuYasha(InuYasha, I like the manga better but the anime isn't too bad): a hanyou with many scars on his soul. Dreams about becoming a full youkai.
Manga side:
Shady nun with guns:
Rosette Christopher(Chrono Crusade, has a wonderful anime expect for story, I have 4 favorite characters in Chrono Crusade, but chose her as a representative). A nun whom swears like a sailor and slays demons as an badass solider, Rosette is a though exorcist. Searching for her little brother that was taken away from her togther with Chrono the demon, Azmaria the Apostle and Stella/Satella the Witch(nope, she's not my 4th favorite character, Rosette's little brother is).
Shady embarrassed guy with glasses
Takuto Kira(he got firstname frist... FullMoon wo Sagashite has a wonderful anime expect for story, I have 2 favorite characters in FullMoon, but chose him as a representative). Takuto is a shinigami with no memories of his time as a human. He can change into a plush cat and visible being. He's quite the tsundere and has a really good singing voice. He also have many magical powers.
Green hat and shield:
Link(The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, do not have a manga...) is a silent protagonist. Sets out to save the children of his village. As story goes he becomes stronger mentally and physically. He can transform into a wolf.
Blonde with red jacket.
Edward Elric(Fullmetal Alchemist, I like the manga best but the 2nd anime is pretty good): Short for his age Ed has a bad temper. He's an alchemist with an metal arm and leg. The real ones where taken away from him when he and his brother tried to revive their late mother.
Redhaired with scar:
Himura Kenshin(Rurouni Kenshin has a wonderful anime expect for changes to the story and character design in the sequels.): a former human slayer, Kenshin is traveling to find a way to atone for his sins. Acts like he has a carefree personality and says oro at times. Is so fast that some people think he's using magic.
Spiky hair and scar:
Let(Groove Adventure Rave, the anime was quite good but ended early, the manga however is amazing): he's a Dragon Race, half dragon half human humanoids. He is strong in both martial arts and dragon magic. Doesn't talk much but has a weird but funny sense of humor.
Flames in the hair:
Okamura Rin(Ao no Exorcist has a wonderful anime expect for changes to the story): After a fight with his adoptive father he finds out that his real father is satan. Now he's training to become an exorcist to avenge his adoptive father whom satan killed. But he's not very smart, so how will it go? Especially when his younger twin-brother blames him for their adoptive fathers death..?
Native american looking:
Senri(+Anima, deserves an anime NOW): Senri is a selective mute +Anima with a bear right arm. His eyepatch is helping him to stay human. He's really protective of his friends and cares about them deeply.

They're all quite weird x3

I can try taking requests, but I a not very good at it, but I'll try if asked. Just come with a description and characters and I'll try my best.
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