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When Naraku was killed, Kagome took InuYasha with her. But she took pictures of her friends. When she took Rin's picture did she make two copies and one of them she gave to Rin and Sesshoumaru. She put it in a Minnie Mouse frame, and gave it to them afterwards. Many years later, Jaken got married, and Sesshoumaru and Rin got a daughter. They called her Kagura, and of course she was a Hanyou.
Mommy look at this flower, Kagura says.
It's pretty lets give it to Sesshoumaru-sama, Rin says.
Hurray, Kagura says.
Suddenly an unknown Youkai woman appears.
Kagura run away with the picture of me, Rin scream.
Mommy, Kagura says and runs away with the picture.
Who are you?, Rin asks.
Your love rival Hitomi, the demon says.
D-do you love Sesshoumaru?, Rin says sceard.
Yes I can't stop thinking about him, Hitomi says
She has no smell, whispers Kagura.
Die!, Hitomi yells out.
Mommy!!, Kagura yells out, and runs home.
Later she are home an runs into Sesshoumaru's arms.
A a woman killed mommy!, says Kagura and fells at her knees and begin to cry.

They run to there Rin is, an Sesshoumaru begin to cry to. They buries her. And Kagura put on the pretty flower. And after that they goes slowly home. The next day Kagura is not hungry.
You must eat or else you die, says Sesshoumaru.
But I will not eat when I am sad, Kagura says.
But you're half human and humans must eat, Sesshoumaru says.
But I am half human and the other part is Youkai and then I not need to eat, Kagura says.
Both parts need to eat, Sesshoumaru says.
Really?, Kagura says on a strange way.
Yes But I am not a normal Youkai thats why I not eat so often, Sesshoumaru says.
Okay okay I eat, Kagura says an begins to eat of a melon. But still she holds Rin's picture into her heart.
God Mornig Sesshoumaru-sama, Hitomi says in the door opening
Who are you?!, Sesshoumaru says aggressive.
Your girlfriend when we was 200 years, Hitomi says.
She killed mommy, Kagura says.
She begins to see a reflection of herself in her tears on the floor.
Who is that brat?, Hitomi says.
She is my daughter she is not a brat!, Sesshoumaru says angry.
She killed mommy!, Kagura cries out.
Do you believe me or that brat?, Hitomi says.
You, Sesshoumaru says.
Why!?, Kagura cries out. And runs into the forest.
Killed, Sesshoumaru says.
Huh?!, Hitomi says.
Rin!!, Sesshoumaru says.
What?!, Hitomi says.
You must die!!!, Sesshoumaru says and kills Hitomi.
Kagura goes to the end of the deep forest, there is a human village. The wind is nice here, Rin used to take her down to the village then when the time of month Kagura was human. The used to buy sweets there and she was really happy when the other kids played with her.
She began to cry again when she looked down at the picture. She became human the third Sunday in the month. She are 10 years old. She has a moon in her forehead like her grandmother and father. She has a beige and magenta kimono. Her ears are not standing up, and they are still dog ears. She can use tensega, and are strong with variations of spells. This is what she thinks about herself. She is named Kagura because Naraku's offspring Kagura tried to help Sesshoumaru. Suddenly she smells fire and she yells out: run out of the village, it's on fire! Everyone in the village runs out an the the village lightens up in fire.
She begins to cry and smile at the same time.
It's warm!, she says. Just like mothers heart I want to go in.
She the off the clothes and lies the picture on it. And so she goes inside the flames. Sesshoumaru comes to later and sees the picture and the kimono lies on the grass. He kill the flames and sees a burning mark. He begins to cry. He takes up he things goes sadly home. Now he has no ones that loves him... he thinks that.
I know that this is a sad story. But it could happened, Well at first I wanted to make a Inuyasha Character. So I searched for snapshots of a anime-girl, a “copy” of Rin was made earlier. Suddenly did I think Kanna's mirror would be a good frame to have a picture in.. How I made her is a secret, but I chose Minnie on the frame because Rin is girl and Kagome did posible chose Minnie because of that. ^-^ hope you liked it. Rin and Sesshoumaru are (c) Rumiko Takahashi-sama.
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February 25, 2007
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