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I Want Majin-Ken by Reinohikari I Want Majin-Ken by Reinohikari
Yawn... worked much of the night on this....
If the text is hard to read here are the lines:
The upper square: (the sign: ) Complains
The 2nd. Emil and Kyle(haha, Emil's taller but Kyle's hair is taller than him again!): "Yuri-san?! What's wrong?!"
The 3rd: Yuri(who's on fire): "I AM NOT ALLOWED TO USE MAJIN KEN!!!" under the bubble: "rage"
The 4th: "EEEEEEEH?!" Emil"What do you use then?!" Kyle: "Isn't he a hero?"(Yeah I know I should have written "Aren't you a hero?!" but my first language isn't english, and I was really tried)
The 5th(more or less): Yuri: "I'm from the lower quarter and used to not get the things I want, but... not (forgot "being"^^;) allowed to use majin-ken is the WORST!"

Inspired by this [link] and I brought the DVD where Kōsuke Toriumi(Yuri's seiyuu) and Hiro Shimono(Emil's seiyuu) are talking together. And Kōsuke-san is complainig that Yuri can't use Majin-ken. Hiro-san's voice is so cute! It's the same as the normal Emil, while he's talking he almost looks like a kid.... because of his voice ^^;. And Kyle is there because of this: [link] . The reason why Emil's and Kyle's hair is not colored with pencils is because my yellow pencil was gone... and when I scanned in suddenly Emil's eyes became golden... Thinking about making a new version someday.

If you(who are reading this) can Japanese and is a dA member, please tell me if you know any good online Japanese courses! I have lots of books, but I'm not good at studying with books! So please tell me!
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April 2, 2010
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