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Happy Birthday Zan-chan!! by Reinohikari Happy Birthday Zan-chan!! by Reinohikari
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Happy birthday Zanreobirthday cakeHappy B-Day Caeser1993  ! You’re an awesome friend and weirdo! Keep on being yourself, because the world needs you! It’s you as a squid kid adventurer! Can you see all the references? The reason you are not having any Pokèmon out is that I think you’d be the kinda person who would let them rest until things got serious and not leave everything to them alone..! Go forth Zan-chan! Off to new adventures! And you can probably put loads of stuff into your backpack(not really seen) like 4 refrigerators, 6 dining tables, 10 toasters, but god forbid putting a fish into one of your letters when one of your friends far away is hungry! Might your adventure go on forever!

(The Pokèball strap is meant to be something alà this or that. And The aiming pose isn’t too ridiculous right?? Unlike this one??)

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Zanreo Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks, this looks great :D

Let's see... we got Naegi's hoodie, NES Zapper, ghost Sissel/Yomiel, Master Sword... probably some things I'm missing?
Reinohikari Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2015
I'm glad you like it :D

The rest are: Apollo's shirt and tie, Waluigi overalls(I tried to texture it to look more like jeans, also had to look closely one warious russe pictures to figure out how folded down overalls look ^^;) and cap (my screen has been broken lately so it looked really purple on my pc-screen, but we can say it's Luke's before sun dyeing or something), randomly the hair became Daisy'ish and the male cheerleaders from Osu's shoes..! The backpackstrap is sorta a refference to the gun hoister in Chrono Cruseade because of the color ^^;. Was thinking about pins/badges/buttons on the cap but wasn't sure if you'd like that and in case which fandoms to add there..!

Sissel leaves sometimes his new family to be your spiritual advisor by the way..!

So happy you liked it \(^o^)/
Zanreo Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, I see now!

And I'm sure he'll be an useful advisor :D thanks again!
Reinohikari Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2015
Yaaaa~y! (^∇^)

Right? And he can do some tricks if needed x3!

If it makes you happy, then, it's great :D
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July 18, 2015
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