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Fat Zombie by Reinohikari Fat Zombie by Reinohikari
He ate too many burgers, and died from high blood pressure. But he wanted to play basketball before he died, and became a zoombie :D. My 2nd time with wacom and 1st with muro.

I and my friends was up late and decided to draw, one of the admins(an anti-japanese because he doesn't understand it, but he's actually a nice guy who seems to want to learn japanese but doesn't know how. He's kinda tsundere, yeah.) said we could draw an overweight american. But before that another admin(he's cool, he sees possebilities, is kinda anti-religious but isn't rude. he's really fun to talk too.) said we could draw bush, and I asked if we coud draw him dead, then he said no cuz' it could be taken as a treat. So the tsundere-admin said that with the overweight and that it could be dead or alive(refference to DoA(for the 3DS) which he loves(which got loads of japanese people xD) he and many other forum members imported it from the UK cuz' it has not come here to Norway cuz' it's banned in Sweden. Why is it banned in Sweden you say? Because of child porn, yeah us in the cold faraway north has become worse than US to censor stuff. What'll be next? Hannah Montana because she might be seen in a bikini? Seriously....) so I chose both. I based it on [link] and I've seen a little too much Jigoku Shoujo lately.

This drawing was not made to offend americans, but rather to say, get in good health before it's too late! And to those in good health without any surgeries and botox and such, I'm so happy for you! The most natural people are the most beautiful. (I don't think Paris Hilton, Sarah Palin and this thing: [link] is beautiful)

Made with deviantART muro
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June 12, 2011
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