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Estelle and Yuri in Norway by Reinohikari Estelle and Yuri in Norway by Reinohikari

From the prompt I made for :iconestelle-x-yuri:

If they where a Norwegian couple I think that Yuri would have been form the eastern part of Oslo and Estelle would been from the vestern part(they(who are living there) say that they're different classes). Yuri would problably had worked part-time as an rock guitarrist and worked to gain money at Krishnas Cusine(a good restaurant), and been a motorbike guy with dog. Estelle, a rich girl, most likely the child of some of the ambassodors and Yuri's fan. The jacket on her shoulders is Yuri's. His bandana is a palestine scarf, because he would surely do everything he could to help Palestine too. And yes even though it's cold are many norwegian girls dressed like Estelle at the WINTER. Her polo sweater is to remind us of her orignal dress, many girls does not even wear that! The bike is not drawn by me, I found a picture and used it it was this [link] so it's (c) to who ever owns/made/designed it. I hope it's okay, and it's more or less a commerical for them, so be happy! They actually look really japanese or korean :XD: oh well ^^;. If she was norwegian her hair would be blonde. And Yuri's would be brown or black. Well... please comment! Sorry for writing too much...

Og til alle norske som er uenige, jeg bryr meg ikke en drit om du mener det er feil gjengitt! Siden, dette er hva JEG tror de hadde vært. Bli medelem i :iconestelle-x-yuri: og send in din versjon isteden for å si at jeg tar feil. Takk.
Suki-kitty Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2010
That's fun! :) I like Yuri's outfit.

Still not sure if I can do this prompt. Maybe I'll just watch people at college and take outfits from that. :lol:
Reinohikari Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2010
Thanks a lot ^^. He's style is kinda a mix of old norwegian and modern actually ^^

good idea, good luck Kitty-chan ^^
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October 8, 2010
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