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Digimon02 OC Anna Novak by Reinohikari Digimon02 OC Anna Novak by Reinohikari
Just an original character I felt like making. Thinking of joining this: [link]
Might, just might, write a fanfic story about her or even less chance, make a fancomic.

Name: Anna Novak
Alias: Vampire
Age: 11
Gender: female
Alignment: Unresolved
Birth Date: 11/10
Birth Place: Somewhere in eastern Europe, has traveled around ever since she was very small.
Western Horoscope: Scorpio
Skills/Talents: Survival
Partner: Vamdemon ( [link] )

Personality: She's cold torwards others and only trusts Vamdemon. She has a dislike for humans in general and. She is quite a tsundere around people she likes, saying that she doesn't need them. She has a dark sense of humor which only she and Vamdemon understand.
Appearance: is an albino with deformed ears and sharp canine teeth making her look like a vampire.
Personal History: Her mother tried to burn of both ears and eyes to make her look "normal", but was stopped by police when she was done with left ear and eye. She was taken to an orphanage but after much bullying she ran away. She didn't like Vamdemon much at first but after a while she began to see him as an older brother.

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August 5, 2012
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