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It all began after the adventures in The Digital World. Every time Kuoji looked at a girl in his class, everyone began to stare at him, because something unbelieved happens to him. His hair became shorter, it becomes blond and his eyes gets red as scarlet.  He looks like an vampire or a Kuruta... He uses to stay in this form in two ours. The teacher says he can go home. And Kouji does so. Kouji walks home, his dog welcomes him. He pats the dog and walks up to his room and locks the door. He has talked with Junpei in the mall, and Junpei says he gets bald and gets green eyes every time he looks at Izumi. "What is this!?" Kouji asks himself. His father comes home, and knocks on Kouji's door. "What's wrong Kouji!? You're home early(again)." his father says. "I am different from everyone! I feel strange every time I looks at Takaishi-san!" Kouji yells to his father. "You have just fallen in love! Takaishi-san is the new girl in your class right?" his father asks. "Yes, Takaishi-san is the new girl in my class, but..." Kouji says. "You have got a crush Kouji, thats all!" his father laughs. Kouji opens the door and yells "can that explain why I looks like this?!". His father stares at him. "N-no..." his father mumbles. The door bell rings, and his father walks down and opens the door. "Can we come in!? We must talk with Kouji!" says a group of 5 people stands outside the door. They sees Kouji and runs up to him.  One of them has long blond hair and blue eyes, one has blond spiky hair and red or brown eyes, one other has long purple hair and blue eyes, one has white hair and brown eyes and the last one is bald and has green eyes. "Guys!" Kouji says with a big smile. "Every time I looks at the Italian American transfer student Faela Mario I becomes like this!" Takuya says red as an tomato. "It's like we are evolving into digimon again, I became like this earlier today when I looked at the new girl in my class Yagami Yoshiko." Kouichi says calm. "I walked after Izumi today and I evolved!" Junpei says. "I walked to Takuyas school and evolved when I saw him evolved!" Izumi says. "I talked with the transfer student Destiny Underwood about summer, when I suddenly looked at the other transfer student Aquilia Mario, and I evolved IN FRONT OF HER!" Tomoki says. "Her, which of them?" Izumi asks. "You have began to understand!" a voice behind them says.

To be continued...
Like:icondigimon2-5club:, I am making a "what did happen later Digimon fanfic". Who are those girls? You'll later find out Takeru's, Hikari's, Jenrya's, Shiuchon's and Riku's fate is found out later...

Well the picture is of Kouji "Evolved".
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April 30, 2008
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