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Crepuscule sig 5 by Reinohikari Crepuscule sig 5 by Reinohikari

Crepuscule is a really good webtoon that can be read here: [link]

Lark: [link]
Setz: [link]
Seere: [link]
Sia: [link]
Neal: [link]
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AyameEcho Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2012  Student General Artist
I actually really dislike Karne. She's so weak, pitiful, "Oh, I've went through so much bad stuff and I'm a freak" like, naive, and obsessed with Setz that I think it's impossible to like her!
... but if you like her... sorry... I tent to rant about character that I don't like...
Reinohikari Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2012
We're quite different xD, but everyone's different. I guess I like Karne(exept for her name, which means meat in spanish if writen with a C) because I can relate to her, being treated like a freak because one's different, happily has I not been treated as badly as she is, but I can somehow relate. But where is the therapists!? So she'll be able to talk more freely about her feelings and move on, not just hate herself and make others angry at her because they only think she's a replacement for themselves(Setz' adoptive father seems to have brought her for a replacement of him because Setz' not strong enough) or somethin'... I dislike Setz' father... he cares only about himself... doesn't care to make a mentally unstable girl stable...
AyameEcho Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2012  Student General Artist
Well, we don't really know much about Karne right now... but from what I can tell is she has some weird power and a painful transformation...
THe thing is, I don't think Karne has been treated as a freak... maybe more as an inconvenience and a bother. She seems to have to much power with to little control. SOmething should be done to help her, but it seems that she doesn't want to do anything to help herself but stropngly depends on others to be her friends and stay by her side even when she was naive enough to believe that they were her friends. (Mostly Neal...)
Reinohikari Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2012
It is understandable that she wants friends and someone she can trust thinking of how she was treated by her mother. Sadly it seems like:

Setz' father takes his anger out on Neal, Neal takes his anger out on Karne who also was the "punching bag" of her mother, but instead of trying to drag everyone down with her, she tries to help everyone and be kind, but this builds up her pain and anger which hurts her even more. Wouldn't surprise me if something horrible happens to her again... like the school is set on fire, she decides to run to the human world with Neal, sets it on fire or something...
AyameEcho Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2012  Student General Artist
Ah... well, I understand your point, but my opinion is still unchanged. I think it's because i'm a super suportor of Setz/Lark, and Karne being so dependent(or maybe it's better to say that's she's obsessively tries to please Setz) and possibly in love with Setz makes her a possible enemy of any Setz/Lark too be romance.
I'm slightly confused though... When did they introduce Karne's backstory or her mother?
Reinohikari Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2012
Sorry but I only think of Lark and Setz as friends, and I see no romance between them. But it seems like Setz had something for Karne until he got jealous of her being his father's favorite, Karne has something for Setz, Lark has a slight crush on Karne, Seere has a growing crush on Lark, and poor Sia... has a huge crush on Seere...

Maybe you should read many chapters again, from the beginning, it's in there somewhere... and... I just saw on naver ( [link] ) I can't wait for next chapter and translations O__O too exciting..!
AyameEcho Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2012  Student General Artist
Yeah... well, like you said, everyone has different tastes.
I don't remember everything because I've been following Crepscule since the 3rd chapter came out and at the same time I read a lot of manga and fanfiction. I also watch a lot of anime and random youtube videos so It's really hard for me to remember EVERYTHING that happens.
Oh, by the way, did you know that they have a side story that's kinda like a prequel to Crepscule on Mangafox. YOu should check it out.
Reinohikari Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2012
Understood /(-_-)*salute*

where is it? or what's the title? ^^
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