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Hello, i am Reinhold Hoffmann, Gamer, Nerd. Someone who cares about art and tries to build up something big since June 2011

Short Hobby Info:
Music: Mostly Gothic %& Metal.
Movies: Almost everything but especially Horror Movies
Books: Sometimes something to learn through, sometimes a bit Fantasy, sometimes Thrillers.
Games: Mostly fighting games like Mortal Kombat, Tekken & SoulCalibur but also a bit of almost everything.

I upload only some photos here that are nothing special, these groups however might be more interesting for you:

:iconfighting-games-elite: Over 8400 Members since March 2011, one of the biggest and most active groups related to fan art on deviantart. Related to fighting games like Street Fighter and Beatèm ups like Final Fight.
There are art contests and art projects like Tributes to Mortal Kombat organized there on a regular base. Alone in 2012 around 1000! artworks were created for contests and projects for FGE.

:icongame-art-hq: the dA group for my website
Around 7500 Members since September 2011. Dedicated to extraordinary drawn fan art of videogames, home of multiple art projects and contests. The big art projects like Link's Blacklist were written about on multiple international websites from ZeldaDungeon to Kotaku, Destructoid. Euro Gamer, Capcom and many more.

:icondraw-this-again-meme: The group dedicated to the famous meme which helps artists to see and show their improvements trough time

In Summer 2011 i created the website Game Art, a site about official artworks created and published by the game companies and also for extraordinary fan art and cosplays by deviants and also people from other communities.

More than 1400 artists are featured on now including popular talents like Artgerm, Genzoman, Esau13, Francisco Rico Torres and many more.

Around 20 fan art projects /tributes have been done or are in the works for the website, hundreds of artists joined my contests and art projects. over 2500 artworks were created for the art contests and projects (May 2018)

I am on a good way to reach my goal to create a platform for visual art similar how djpretzel archieved it with overclocked.remix. it will take years however to make fan art and game art hq something which can be compared with his site. I do my best!

Favourite Visual Artist
A lot, i am featuring the most of them on my website
Favourite Movies
Human Centipede 1 and 2 of course, best movies ever made.
Favourite TV Shows
I did not watch tv since 2009
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Many, lately i like Dubstep
Favourite Books
All from Michael Moorcock, and of course the fucking Bible..holy shit that was one bizzare crap..i ve read both chapters..after that i stopped believing in anything but reality.
Favourite Writers
Michael Moorcock
Favourite Games
Many. Mortal Kombat, Dynasty Warriors, Tekken, Sengoku Basara, Ridge Racer
Favourite Gaming Platform
Playstation 1+2+3 PC. If it can be emulated..i am using them instead of the old hardware.
Other Interests
World Domination. ..i am German so thats normal.
Ecclipse..and now the AI Tech crap. My groups are barely getting as many submissions as in the past, searching is harder than ever, reaching people via Group Journals is almost impossible. I tried to get a new Mortal Kombat art collaboration together via Game-Art-HQ..and barely anyone saw the journal. deviantART is kinda dead when it comes to the community aspects. MEH. for anyone who still sees, reads this and likes to be in touch with me and the around 30 other GA-HQ people that hang out is an invitation link to our discord channel.
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Well, a lot of the parts of DeviantART still SUCK due to Eclipse but the recent Notifications are like a blessing. Its easy now to see Group related stuff again, and as someone who built up one of the - once - most active groups here on dA I see it as something very good. Who knows..maybe dA can be good again and Game-Art-HQ gets revived a bit more as well. Speaking about it, we have a collaboration ongoing with the great OverClockedRemix Community for their first Final Fantasy VIII Album. Maybe check out our Discord Chat:
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To get submissions accepted .or dismissed, starting tomorrow. Deviantart and eclipse still suck but the group here is still way too cool to let it totally down. Greets, Reinhold
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Weird, DA said I wasn't watching you. Pretty sure I've been following you for about ten years or so, LOL.

Possibly like the bug on YT where it randomly unsubscribes people.

Reinhold-Hoffmann left you a dm, are you fb or something? I used to do fanart for the group long back :)

Heya, somehow the DM did not appear at all, yes I am on FB as well under my real name

can you add your fb url here?

Thanks for the fav!

Thank you for the watch! ^^

Thanks for the +fave, and for your hard work! 🥰