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DISCLAIMER: This story is an AU or remake. It’s not going to flow with the original story and there will be major changes to the original storyline. It’s just a short.


       The former world was taken from you; your friends, family, lovers and enemies. Titans were destroyed alongside humans and as a result everybody and everything you were and knew perished like dust. You were placed into another world where your memories were still intact but you had lost the words and names of everything and everybody. Twenty years you had lived in this world, born into it from your parents whom you cherished dearly. But, where were your friends, the ones whom you fought alongside in the titan war? Your enemies, the ones whom you fought against and despised? That one enemy whom you loathed so much you attempted to kill him but you couldn’t because why, he was your lover? All that was lost and left behind in the storm of shifting and transcending of worlds.

       “(Name),” a voice cooed out to you.

       Raising your body drearily from your bed you anticipated another day of painful reminiscence. For three hundred and sixty five days times twenty years you were tormented by the past memories which you couldn’t comprehend. The old world laid rotten in your mind as it conflicted with the fresh new life you were granted. Life wasn’t normal for you. None of it was. And because of this you were emotionally unstable. Every night you would see dreams of your friends. You couldn’t remember their names though, only their faces. Then you would see nightmares of your enemies whom you loved as best friends, one in particular who vowed to wed you. Afterwards you would forcibly have amnesia so as to forget the dreads which you presumed as fake memories when really, they were clinging to you like reality.

       “Ughh…” you wiped your eyes off of fresh tears.

       Every morning you would wake up in a pool of sweat, snot and gruesome tears. This bane was now taking a toll on your mentality. Why? Why you? Bringing up the past wouldn’t help anyways. It would make it sound like you were having self-pity. But this past was killing you. Time and time again you would cause yourself to think it was all rubbish, that these memories that were haunting you were just farces.

       “Not again,” you mumbled, eyes blood shot red from the excess crying.

       This time you had a dream of your enemy, the one whom in your dream loved you but betrayed you, asking you to take his life and blood for forgiveness and revenge in exchange for his sins. His short blonde hair and dying gold but blood tainted eyes ejected tears which stabbed you to the heart. Something about titans kept on your mind and it gave you a mild headache thinking about it. So, you replenished your soul mildly by taking a warm shower to ease off the ordeal. You had to rush though because you were going on some sort of excursion for your university hospitality and nursing course.

       “Alright,” the course convenor announced as everybody assumed their seats. “Today you will be assisting the elderly in certain areas which I will assign you. Some live in hospice housings, flat units or retirement homes. Remember though, that the point of this assignment is to bond with the elderly and treat them with their due respect, assisting them in any ways possible because they’re old and may throw harsh stuff at you.”

       Your mind was adrift with your dream last night. The mood wasn’t there. You were never there in the first place. However the course convenor looked familiar. Her glasses with distraught hair tied in convoluted knots looked all too familiar. Her name too, ‘Hanji Zoe’ rung a small but still unrecognisable bell. You felt as though you had met somewhere, but where? Pondering excessively on it caused you to stare at her as the students filed out of the class room to their respective locations.

       “(Name)?” Hanji’s voice snapped.

       “Uh!” you jerked your head with surprise. “S-Sorry Hanji I was just thinking.”

       “You think too much,” she scolded. “You need to relax and take the time to think, not think in situations that may deem dire. Well, here’s your file.”

       “Okay,” you nodded before receiving your assignment. “Thank you.”

       Removing the slip inside you read the name of the elderly you were to assist from today.

       “Reiner Braun,” you said with a pause before reading on, “Age: 57; Height: 185cm; Weight: 95kg; Other Facts: Smokes, and drinks alcohol to some extent due to some unknown depression. Is very physically fit. Needs some special psychological attention.”

       Looking up at Hanji you gave her an odd blank look.

       “Something the matter?” she asked.

       “N-Nothing,” you shook your head before leaving.

       “Reiner Braun…”

       That name sounded extremely familiar. Granted there was no profile picture you couldn’t make daring guesses. Perhaps it was just another misconception; a delusion. Continuing to read the file you caught the bus to the location. It was a tiny flat unit on one of the high rise buildings.

       “Um,” you walked up to the counter. “I’m here for Mr Reiner Braun?”

       “Oh yes,” the assistant responded promptly. “Mr Braun was expecting a visitor today. You’re on an assignment I see?”

       “Yes,” you answered.

       “Okay, won’t be long,” she nodded before adding, “let me just quickly inform him for you.”

       At that she picked up the phone and dialled in to his unit number. After a couple of dials you heard a pick up followed by a brusque but gruff voice answer. The assistant had informed him and all you heard were mumbles and then a sudden hang up.

       “I’m sorry but he’s too down at the moment to accept any visitors,” she apologised sincerely.

       “But I need this for my assignment,” you sighed.

       “Well okay, you can try but I highly doubt he’ll respond.”

       After your brief conversation you took to the lifts that raised you to the level he was on. Exiting and finding his door you knocked a couple of times and heard a terse cough.

       “Go away,” he said. “I told you no visitors!”

       “Mr Braun,” you called. “My name is (Name) and I’m on an assignment to--”

       Suddenly the door flung open and you saw the 185cm stocky old man appear in front of you. He was wearing a white shirt that was unbuttoned and boxers. His figure could be seen in detail and for a 57 year old you thought he was good looking. His blonde hair was rather long and he had stubbles all over his square toned face. His arms were well defined and you reasoned that this was the ‘very physically fit’ part of the file. Although, he did look as if he was carrying a form of ‘depression’ as the file stated. You looked into his golden but baggy eyes and saw nothing but sadness whirling in it. You also felt somewhat miserable just by looking at his state.

       “May I come in?” you requested.

       “Ah…” was all he said.

       As you entered you could’ve sworn his eyes were swooning over you helplessly. It wasn’t the flirtatious look though, it was more of the nostalgic look like he had seen you from somewhere but couldn’t get his mind around to pin point it. You too saw him to be somewhat familiar. Prior to your actual face to face confrontment just reading his name brought back something inside of you. But what was it you couldn’t apprehend. This unreachable understanding was what drove you into emotional wreck and depression. So you were like this man.

       “Cigarette?” Reiner asked as he took a seat.

       “I don’t smoke,” you declined. “And you shouldn’t be smoking Mr Braun. It’s deterioration to your health and you know it.”

       “Tch,” he gritted his teeth as he lit the fresh butt.

       Scanning his unit it was rather disordered as clothes were racked up in corners and cigarette butts tossed onto the floor with empty bottles of liquor rolling around. You took a seat opposite of him and pulled out your equipment.

       “I will be needing to take your blood pressure along with your sugar levels,” you informed him.

       “What for?” he shrugged. “Doesn’t your stupid report say that I’m fit? What’s the point of this exercise if all you’re doing is playing doctor?”

       At that he took the cigarette out and puffed the smoke in your direction, causing you to choke mildly and that popped your bubble. So, you pinched the cigarette out from in between his lips and discarded it.

       “What the heck was that for?!” he yelled. “You know cigarettes are expensive these days?!”

       “My job is to check on you and your health,” you glared up at him.

       You both paused for a moment as something had struck the both of you. The death glare you gave to Reiner felt familiar. Had you done this before? Reiner too felt something come back to him, like he was glared at before by someone before.

       “And,” you continued, injecting the needle into his arm, “to make sure you improve on your good habits and reduce the bad ones to near zero as much as possible.”

       Reiner winced in pain upon receiving the thin sharp insertion but he steeled himself and tensed to supress the pain. After a few readings you had completed your analysis and recommended him some antibiotics to relieve him of his depression and suggested some changes in his lifestyle.

       “So much for bonding and treating them with respect,” you thought to yourself as you pulled open the door. “How am I supposed to treat them with their ‘due’ respect when they don’t even respect me--?”

       The door was held half open and you tried to pry it to force open but you realised someone was holding it in place. Looking at the strong arm pressing on the door you glanced back at Reiner.

       “Wanna drink?” he asked.

       “No thank you,” you declined. “Since it’s mostly alcohol you have I’d rath--”

       “I have juice,” he smiled warmly down at you.

       Again something hit you. His smile looked all too familiar. This familiarity was driving you crazy and being unable to decipher the tricky memories just added to the insanity. Hence you decided to stay for a bit longer. You weren’t on a deadline you just needed to have some form of starting information to show Hanji tomorrow. This assignment was going to go on for a couple of months anyways.

       “So,” Reiner started as he poured you your passionfruit drink, “where about are you from?”

       “I live around this area as well,” you answered. “But away from the flats and units.”

       Receiving your drink and offering gratitude you took a sip before gulping the whole thing down.

       “Mm,” you licked your lips. “I love passionfruit.”

       “Really?” Reiner chuckled. “Same here.”

       You giggled lightly and once again something had struck you at that moment. Laughing like this made you feel odd. Looking at Reiner you saw his stare towards you.

       “S-Something,” he started. “Something about you is making me remember weird things.”

       “Are you sure it’s not your mentality growing old?” you asked.

       As much as you wanted to deny it you couldn’t. You too were going through this unknown psychological phase. Memories plagued you and took a toll on everything you knew.

       “I dunno,” he replied, snapping you out of your trance. Scratching his head he continued, “It’s just, you remind me of something, someone. Ah fuck it…”

       Before long you had finished your overstay and bid farewell before telling him when you were to come next time.

       “Please make sure you look after yourself Mr Braun,” you bowed.

       “Reiner,” he said which sounded more like a correction.

       “Eh?” you blinked up at him stoically.

       “Reiner, just call me Reiner, (Name),” he patted your head with a wide eyed grin. “I look forward to your next call.”

       You felt his calloused hands meet your head softly and the reminiscence of someone patting you gently rushed back and forth in your mind. Therefore, in order to try and forget about it you returned home and took your warm shower before resting. That night however you had another dream involving that person with the short blonde hair and golden eyes. He looked like Reiner. But why? Why was he crying? What was he saying? Who was he calling out to? His final smiles, a pendant! A ring. They looked--

       “Forgive me, (Nam--)--…!”

       “Kyaa!” you squealed as you shot your body upright in bed.

       The lights flicked on and in came your mother.

       “(Name)!” she yelled. “What happened?”

       “N-Nothing mum,” you responded before lying back down. “Just, who are you?”

       Days and regular appointed check-ups with Reiner passed and you grew attached to him. He had given up the habit of smoking and that improved his health generously. In addition to that, he had stopped visiting the bottle for his depression but got out more. He was rather anticipative over the phone when the assistant announced your every arrival.

       “Your blood pressure has gone down significantly,” you nodded with impressment. “Good job Reiner. Have you been eating those vegetables I listed for you?”

       Getting up from his seat you looked on and followed his gaze as he opened his refrigerator.

       “Yep,” he laughed. “And many more!”

       “Haha,” you tittered.

       Reiner’s flat unit also looked clean. He was making a change because you were around. After a couple of hours you both exchange commonalities and whatnot before settling for some personal talk.

       “(Name),” he pulled on your shirt.

       “Yes?” you turned to him.

       “Sit,” he ordered with a soft gesture.

       Taking your seat you paid ear to what he was going to say.

       “You know?” he began. “Ever since you visited, I’ve been feeling more alive and, well, myself.”

       “That’s great!” you cheered.

       “But,” he paused and you stopped to continue on listening. “I’ve been having these weird memories, of you.”

       “M-Me?” you pointed at yourself.

       “Yeah,” he said before scooting through some of his belongings. Sifting out a beautiful pendant with a silver ring attached to it he went on, “This was my fiancée’s.”

       Clicking it open he showed you the image of himself when he was younger and the girl besides him.

       “See?” he pointed at the beautiful woman. “She looks like you (Name).”

       “She’s so pretty,” you commented. “And she does look so much like me! What’s her name?”

       “That’s the thing,” he deflated. “I don’t know. I was given this when I was 17 by my parents. They said it was found along with some of my clothes and interrogated me about having a girlfriend which I didn’t at the time. But this picture, it looks all too familiar.”

       “Where is she now?” you continued probing.

       “I…I don’t know…neither do I know who she is…” he drifted off. “I always have dreams of her in another world. She calls out to me but, I don’t know who she is. That’s why I’m always depressed. Nothing good is coming out of these dreams. My memories, they feel like they’ve been feigned or created beforehand, before I was even born. Like, I was in a different parallel world but died and came here. 57 years if my life I’ve been in this hell and I don’t know what to do about it.”

       In that instant you realised something but your mind was conflicted it couldn’t get the words out. You had the exact same dream but you were so frozen with petrification your tongue was numb. You wanted to tell him you were similar. But, instead,

       “Well,” you patted his back, “you looked very handsome, and you still are.”

       “Bahaha!” he chuckled. “Thanks (Name)!”

       “Anyhow I have to get going now,” you stood up.

       “Alright,” Reiner said as he escorted you to his door. Before you were fully out he pulled you into a hug.

       “R-Reiner!” you gawked.

       Releasing you he patted your head before finally letting you go. That night while you were in the shower you felt some sort of connection towards him. Some sort of affection. But then again he was old and you wereyoung so that sort of thing couldn’t work out. But still, something was jabbing you and urging you to find out the answers. Reiner did look and sound all too familiar.


       “(Name)!” the deep voice called out to you.

       “No no!” you screamed. “I don’t want to die! Don’t leave me!”

       “No (NAME)!” the voice bellowed in tears.

       Looking down you were being consumed alive by the beasts you called titans. The male opposite of you was your enemy whom you knew as the Armoured Titan possessor but he was your lover as well. He held a pendant with a ring in his hand as he too gave in his soul to the titans. All hell broke out as the walls fell and humans and titans alike fell into the abyss.

       “Forgive me (Name)!” he cried. “I love you! And I promise you that we’ll meet in another world!”

       Glancing at his golden but red blood shot eyes filled to the brim with tears you yelled out his name one final time.



       “Hyaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” you yelled hysterically in bed, flailing in all sorts of directions as your father had to pacify you. “Reiner!!!! REINER!!!! REINEEEEEEEEERRRR!!”

       “(Name)!” your father slapped you haphazardly.

       “GUH!” you shot open your eyes.

       Hovering your eyes around your room you saw your distraught parents worry over you.

       “I have to!” you got out of bed.

       “Have to what?!” your mother tried to stop you. “(Name) speak to us! You’ve been acting strange ever since you developed these ‘memories’ you’ve been relating to us. You need help--”

       “Reiner!” you shrieked. “Oh God Reiner!”

       Everything flowed back into you. From the beginning those pictures that played in your mind, wordless. They were pictures of Reiner. The enemy whom you despised greatly but loved more in your dreams. Reiner. The dream you had of your enemy, the one who loved but betrayed you, asking you to take his life and blood for forgiveness and revenge in exchange for his sins. Reiner. His short blonde hair and dying gold but blood tainted eyes ejecting tears. It was Reiner! Reiner’s depression, his liking to passionfruit like you. Reiner! His dreams, they were of a certain girl. That was you! The pendant, the picture, it was of you, and Reiner!






       You repeated his name in your head as you made it to his apartment. It was midnight hence quite early. This wasn’t foul play, a forging or forfeiting of memories. It wasn’t a delusion, a breaching. It was real. Reaching his flat unit you immediately tried to open his door forcibly but it was already unlocked.

       “Reiner!” you shouted, tears flowing from your (e/c) orbs. “Reiner!”

       You looked ahead of you and saw him sitting with his head casted down, wet droplets falling to meet the ground. You approached.

       “R-Reiner,” you sobbed. “I-Is it r-really, you?”

       Reaching a hand over so as to caress his hair he lifted his face to smile at you. His wide grin with tears pouring from his shut eyes confirmed everything. Reiner stood and held a ring in his hand.

       “(Name)…” he sniffled. “I’m sorr--”

       A loud slap resounded throughout his room. He held your hand which was still met with his red stinging cheek.

       “Y-You!” you gritted your teeth as ugly snot and tears bucketed down from your face. “W-Why?! Wh-Why’d you leave me like this?! Reiner?!”

       Pulling you into his arms he vice gripped you into a firm lock as you both exchanged tears of grief and relief.

       “I’m sorry (Name)…” he wept on top of you.

       “We’ve found each other,” you hiccupped in his chest.


       “It’s been a while…”

Read some sad mountain trio stuff...

I hope you cry.




Reiner :iconreinerbraunplz: (and all other characters) are © to Hajime Isayama

You; Reader © to yourself, and me


Word Count: 3287
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Skysune Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2018  Student Digital Artist
So did she and him die in Attack on titan, and then be reborn...? Amazing story by the way! It almost had me crying. Litterally..
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Great job
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Ahh, I loved that there was the conflicting age gap. I loved this.
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Thank you! It makes the romance emotionally harder.
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20 years old, so 37 years younger than Reiner.
Erindevlin4u Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Reiner-X-Atashi Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2014  Student General Artist's sad.
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Oh my gosh that was me when writing. Was like, "Yeah fuck the world I need this in my life right now..."
KapitanSam Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I just ughhh. You wrote this SOOOOOOO fucking well I was like "shit i wish i could think of things like this" like i just ugh i cant. /bows like a lowly peasant/
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Oh nooo!!! But you are good girl dayyyyyyum! You have the wildest and sexiest imagination ever what're you saying? Just shut up, you are too cool! I love your lemons so much hah.
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Soakkfksksa you're very bery welcome<3 super talented ladyfriend love you~
mst88 Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2014
Crap I am choking back sobs, while tears are coursing down my face. Excellent job, excellent story [EXO] Chanyeol Emoticon 
Reiner-X-Atashi Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2014  Student General Artist
I'm sorry for making you teary, but thank you!
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This literally broke my heart, like literally im sitting here while my eyes are full of tears. And the fact I'm listening to a depressing song doesn't help my feels man

Good job Atashi-san~
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Aww I'm here for free hugs and punches. Thank you though!
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But yeah I love destroying emotions.Haha Jokes ILY
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