Body of Sexy Sweat (Bertolt x Reader)

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DISCLAIMER: This story is not an AU or remake. It’s going to flow with the original story but there will be some minor changes. It’s just a short.

Rating: Mild Coarse Language. Sexual References. Low FLUFFY Themes.

       Sultry. Sweat. Stinky.

       Those were the words that ran through your mind as you stood next to the six foot three colossal giant, Bertolt. Sure he gave you some more than needed shade, he also gave you his sweat. Feeling it tap on your hair you kept rustling it through so as to dry it. What you didn’t want was him to wipe his forehead with his hand because the sweat would slide off and splash on you.

       “Cadet (Name) and Cadet Hoover,” Shadis called out to the two of you.

       Bertolt pointed at himself and you just stood casually waiting for him to finish.

       “You two will be sparring partners,” he finalised.

       A bunch of coos were heard. You and Bertolt were completely incompatible. He was the sweaty giraffe who lacked initiative whereas you where the firm and unyielding bitch whom everyone feared. Plus you weren’t the sweater over everything unlike Bertolt next to you.

       Sighing with exasperation you got to work. Bertolt followed behind you as you led him to an unoccupied area so you could spar. The boys and girls too scattered at Shadis’s order but they were fearing for Bertolt because he had the worst sparring partner ever. You had kicked Reiner’s arse yesterday and today he had to sit out because of his sore back. Even the heaviest of all the cadets couldn’t stand a chance against you. Hence they called you the ‘boy basher.’

       “U-Uhm, (Name)?” Bertolt asked you.

       “What is it?” you replied immediately.

       “S-Since it’s sweltering hot today, would you mind if we sparred only for five m-minutes or so?” he requested.

       “I don’t care if it’s blistering or not,” you declined. “Now get ready.”

       “U-Uh!” he tried to persuade you but you had already begun your attack.

       Lunging morbidly at him you grabbed his wrist, twisted it so as to force him to release the wooden dagger.

       “G-Gyaa--!” he yelled.

       The boys and girls all turned their attention to Bertolt’s excruciating torture. Reiner wanted to intercept but he was bellowing in so much pain he had to sit and watch his best friend get pummelled by you.

       “Wimp,” you teased.

       Next you pulled on his hand so as to knee him in the stomach but something weird happened. You had pulled on his hand but couldn’t get a grip so it stuffed you over as you kneed his forearm instead. You didn’t even reach him because he was, well…super sweaty.

       “What the--?” you quirked a brow.

       Before you could comprehend you were in a lock in between Bertolt’s arms.

       “Mother f--!” you were going to curse but he had covered your mouth.

       “S-Sorry (N-Name),” he apologised. “I-I don’t want to hurt you--”

       Elbowing him in the stomach you pulled this time on his jacket so you could knee him in the gut but he slipped slickly out of it.

       “H-Huh?!” you gawked angrily. “How’re you?”

       You held Bertolt’s jacket and looked at his shirt. It was all drenched with his body fluids. His arms were all soaked with sweat. His face, was sweat drenched. You could see his body figure taking form through his dark blue shirt. He looked slim and well defined with a nice chest and body and you were distracted slightly by it but that wasn’t your focus right now. Your focus was--

       “Eeeeeeew!” you squealed as Bertolt wrapped his slender arms around you. “G-Get your arms off of me!”

       “B-But we’re supposed t-to be sparring?” he stuttered out.

       You could feel his sweat seeping through your jacket and onto your skin. Heck you even had some of it all over your mouth from his hands prior. Tasted salty.

       The others watched intently as you struggled not so much within his grasp. Slipping out easily you jumped him on his upper body but slid down off of him. It was so hard. No matter how many attempts you made to hurt him you couldn’t get a proper grip on him. He could capture you but you could slip out of his hold perfectly. This made the sparring useless. You also looked extremely stupid trying to attack him but slipping off like a child on a park slide.

       “Ughh!” you shook your head.

       “(N-Name), are you alri--?” Bertolt was going to inquire but you cut him off coarsely.

       “No I am not!” you shouted back and it made him flinch. “How much sweat do you excrete per day? It’s bloody insane and a hazard you know? It can be a danger for people around you and yourself! Plus it’s not normal! It's so bad!”

       You looked him in the eye and saw tears on the brim of them. Now you felt bad but instead of apologising you walked off and wiped the sweat off yourself, shaking and cringing as you did so.

       “(Name) where are you going?” some of the cadets asked.

       “To take a shower,” you answered. “I’ve had enough for today, I don’t want to be covered in somebody’s stink and sweat!”

       “(Name)!” Reiner shouted your way but you ignored him completely.

       Bertolt curled into a ball and shook. Reiner finally having enough strength to walk approached and comforted his best friend who was sobbing. Annie too sat next to the giant as he cried.

       “(Name)’s so mean,” Annie bluntly stated and this made Bertolt hiccup on his tears. “There’s no point in crying over what she says Bertolt. Don’t take it too personally.”

       “Besides, it’s just (Name),” Reiner added.

       “B-But--!” Bertolt hiccupped more on his snot and tears.

       “Don’t tell me…” Annie stood.

       “Y-You like (Name)?” Reiner asked.

       No reply but more tears.

       “Ahhhh,” you exhaled as you exited your icy shower.

       It felt exceptionally cold and that cooled your temperature down to a calm level. As you exited you heard the rest of the cadet girls enter with their gossip. Usually you zoned out when they came in but their talk today made you tune in.

       “(Name) was so mean to Bertolt today,” one of them started.

       “I know,” the other replied. “Poor boy.”

       “He’s like the gentlest giant, wouldn’t hurt a fly,” another stated. “If only she knew he liked her…”

       That made you feel really bad now. Knowing you had hurt him physically, you hurt him more emotionally. Plus you found out he had feelings for you. You didn’t have any for him though, really, because you rarely spoke with him. So you went to visit the boys’ dormitory but no one was in. Of course, everyone was in the showers. You had gotten out earlier because well you went in earlier. Heading over to wait outside the boys’ showers you stood waiting and eventually they all came out one by one, some half naked some dressed.

       “(Name),” Reiner caught your attention.

       “Reiner,” you replied. “Bertolt is?”

       He pointed into the showers and in you went without further realisation.

       “W-Wait (Name) are you fucking serious?!” Reiner gasped. “You’re a gi--!”

       He couldn’t grab you because he had his hands on his towel around his waist. The rest of the boys stared on as you entered the forbidden.

       “Bertolt,” you called out to him.

       You just wanted to apologise and get the hell out of the mess but you walked in on him.


       You sat in your room covering your eyes. The rest of the girls came in and saw you sitting and lying down with your hands on your eyes, cheeks flustered with amazement and at the same time utter embarrassment.

       “Oh my fucking goodness,” you kept repeating.

       “What’s up (Name)?” Mina asked worriedly having heard you swear to the point of crying.

       “Ahhhh,” was all you said.

       Images flashed back and forth like a slideshow and you were trying to get rid of them resulting in you rolling around in bed.

       “Ahhhhh!” you screamed.

       “What’s wrong with her?” Mikasa pressed further.

       The girls came up to your hysterical state and tapped onto your shoulder.

       “Kyaa--!” you squealed.

       Quickly you calmed yourself down before you were bombarded with questions. Brushing them off like it was no big deal you ended up walking out to the mess hall. Walking to the mess hall your mind was infested with images of what you had seen in the boy’s stall.

       “Something’s obviously not right,” Annie pointed out.

       In you came to the mess hall and you immediately felt eyes on you, particularly from the boys. Some were snickering, some were nodding their heads with sympathy. You quickly grabbed your tray and splatted whatever on it before quickly assuming your seat in the farthest corner. Looking around you didn’t see him around and you sighed with some relief knowing you can quickly eat and get out before he comes. Then again you were going to see him either way tomorrow.

       “Hey Bertolt!” Marco called out to him.

       Choking on your porridge soup you caused a commotion as all eyes turned to your desperate state. Not now, of all situations.

       “(N-Name)!” you heard Bertolt shout before hearing his footsteps accelerate towards you. “A-Are you alright?”

       Haphazardly patting your back you shot out the large chunk of disgusting soggy rice back into your bowl.

       “Ack--!” you coughed. “I-I’m fine!”

       Bertolt then walked off and you buried your face in your arms, neglecting your bowl of porridge. Well this was embarrassing. First what you saw in the showers now this. And you were the tough looking girl now you were a sweaty mess. That’s right, sweaty.

       “U-Uhm,” you heard his voice again before raising your head to confront his face.

       This was the worst. You didn’t want him to sit next to you because the awkwardness would just be overwhelming.

       “C-Can I sit next to you, (N-N-Name)?” Bertolt gestured to the vacant seat next to you.

       “U-Un,” you mumbled.

       “Yo!” Reiner greeted as he claimed the seat opposite of you. “That was some show there (Name)!”

       Taking a bite into his bread you wished he wasn’t here to embarrass you more. Reiner wasn’t the type to deliberately embarrass you he was the type to talk about embarrassing shit that embarrassed you. It was just him. He was extremely talkative and a lot of slip of the tongues happened.

       “First Bertolt in the shower and now choking bahahahaha!” he elaborated.

       “Oh God,” you dumped your head back into your arms.

       Reiner said it. And everyone heard.

       “Oh, shit,” Reiner realised but it was too late. “Fuck.”

       He looked around and saw everyone looking straight at you guys.

       “Oi this is none of your business get back to eating!” he roared and they all pretended it wasn’t heard but he had already rubbed it in.

       “Sorry guys I didn’t mean to say it that lou--”

       “Unless you want your back broken I’d suggest you shut up,” you shot your head up and glared him down.

       “So (Name),” Jean came up and spoke. “I heard that you saw Bertolt fully nude in the showers. How could you not know you entered a boy’s bathr--?”

       “Sh-Shut up Kirstein!” you exclaimed.

       Bertolt turned to you and noticed you were soaking yourself with your own sweat.

       “Th-This has nothing to do with you!” you stuttered continually. “I was just c-coming to apologise t-to B-B-Bertolt!”

       At that you got up and bolted out of the mess hall before anyone else could say anymore.

       “(N-Name)!” Bertolt held your wrist but you both were sweated down you slipped right out of his grip.

       “H-Hey watch it the floorboards are wet!” the janitor scolded as you exited.

       “How did I get myself into this?” you pondered as you looked up into the night’s sky. “Ughhh this is all that big idiot’s fault! If only he hadn’t oversweated--”

       Suddenly the images of Bertolt flooded your head again. Images of his back and butt lingered in your head endlessly. When he turned to look at you and covered his private part you saw his sweaty but sexy body. Being the tallest out of the cadets you expected him to be just skinny but no he was built to some extent. Toned body was all you kept thinking about.

       “Argh I can’t keep thinking of this!” you screamed at yourself.

       Rubbing your head as hard as you could so as to deplete the images, you hadn’t noticed Bertolt’s presence. He was always a discrete-like backdrop, always protracted in the background silently.

       “(N-Name)?” he called your name.

       “Gyaa!” you squealed and jumped and he jumped too.

       “I-I’m so sorry you had to s-see what you saw,” he apologised, sweating endlessly.

       “D-Don’t be,” you nodded. “I-It was my fault for entering a place I was never supposed to be in in the first place.”

       “N-No--,” he tried to convince you.

       “I-Idiot!” you yelled. “I-If only you hadn’t sweat excessively in the beginning I-I wouldn’t have needed to take a shower and b-be here in the first place!”

       “I-I’m so s-sorry (Name),” Bertolt walked up. “I c-couldn’t control myself. B-Being next to y-you made me sweat even m-more.”

       That was when you remembered the girls in the bathroom saying Bertolt had feelings for you.

       “W-Well you shouldn’t be concentrating on your feelings f-for me!” you blurted out.

       “I-I never mentioned a-anything about m-my feelings f-for you,” he stammered. “H-How did you?”

       “Isn’t it obvious?” you stumbled a bit.

       “B-But (N-Name) I always wanted t-to--”

       “Y-You don’t have to Bertolt,” you intercepted. “I--yaaaa!”


       “What was that loud thud?” Reiner looked around.

       “I dunno,” Connie shrugged.

       Getting up and out of the bench Reiner quickly went outside from the mess hall to investigate.

       “Yo, Bertolt, (Name)!” he called your names as he focused his eyes down the floorboard hallway in search for your standing bodies.

       Looking at the sign nearby it read ‘CAUTION! WET.’ Hence, taking care he walked down and saw no one standing.

       “Dammit it’s so dark!” he cursed. “O--!”

       Almost tripping on something he swiftly latched onto the wooden railing.

       “Bertolt? (Na--)?” he looked down.

       You felt something warm on your lips and assumed it was Bertolt’s chest or something rubbing against your mouth. It wasn’t salty like sweat though. It felt soft, and it moved.

       “Mmmph!” you muffled under his body.

       You had slipped on the wet floorboard and Bertolt had caught your fall by curling his elongated arms around your body and falling on top of you.

       “B-Bert--!” you tried breaking away but he was deep in your captivation.

       Slowly you felt his lips begin to move and you tried prying him off but the sweat that accumulated from both your bodies was enough to keep you slippery on the floor. Hands on his chest you felt his skin. Apparently his shirt had flipped up for no sad reason so his bare stomach was rubbing against yours. His body was rather taut with muscle but slippery with sweat.

       “Oh,” Reiner purred raunchily.

       You looked up at him pleadingly and he got the message. So, removing Bertolt from on top of you you gasped for air. Bertolt looked dazed like he had just lived a dream.

       “Uh!” you got up and patted yourself before realising that your whole body was covered in sweat, a bit from him but majority from yourself.

       “Hahaha looks like you’re the sweater yourself (Name)!” Reiner joked.

       “Sh-Shut it!” you threatened him.

       “You stutter too gahahaha!” he prodded.

       “I said--!” you were going to bash him.

       “(N-Name),” Bertolt stood straight getting his mind together after that wonderful reverie. “I-I’m so sorry. You m-must hate m-me now…”

       “N-No,” you flustered up and the two boys noticed. “I-I kinda l-liked i--”

       “Looks like you’ve broken down (Name)’s walls Bertl heh,” Reiner smirked, crossing his arms across his chest. “Good going champ.”

       “R-Reiner you--!” you pouted before Bertolt came up to you.

       “I-I’m so sor--,” he was going to apologise for the billionth time.

       You were fed up with his constant stupid apologising so you leaned up to smooch on his lips. They were both shocked at your initiative this time.

       “Stop apologising,” you scolded. “I should be the one apologising for being too overdramatic earlier today.”

       “O-Okay, s-sor--uhh I mean,” he trailed off.

       You giggled at his adorableness and held his giant sweaty hands in your petite sweaty hands before pulling him away from Reiner.

       “I need another shower,” you said.

       “M-Me too,” he agreed.

       “Let’s have a shower together,” you suggested. “I have to repay what you showed me.”

       Bertolt’s eyes widened as his face went beet red. Turning to his best friend as he was being dragged away Reiner just stuck his thumbs up with a wide grin. Perhaps being sweaty isn’t that bad???

Another stupid not so drabble..




Bertholdt :iconbertholdtplz: (and all other characters) are © to Hajime Isayama

You; Reader © to yourself, and me


Word Count: 2790

© 2015 - 2021 Reiner-X-Atashi
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im in the middle of math class and im blushing like no other from this fic

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great job author-sama, this was amazing !!

Junko Enoshima (Kawaii Blush) [V5]

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BOI wHy dO i ToRtUrE mYsElF wItH tHiNgS tHaT WiLl NeVeR hApPeN?! ;-;
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I love this so much!!!
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Damn you know were mean as hell when Annie calls us mean XD! 
Awesome story!
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oh baby!!!!!Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-04 (Heart Dance) [V1] Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-04 (Heart Dance) [V1] Bunny Emoji-13 (Love Spread Dance) [V1] Bunny Emoji-13 (Love Spread Dance) [V1] Bunny Emoji-80 (Pretty Please) [V4] Bunny Emoji-80 (Pretty Please) [V4] Divaplz Divaplz Divaplz Divaplz bunneh icon5 bunneh icon5 bunneh icon5 Bunny Emoji-10 (Loved) [V1] Bunny Emoji-10 (Loved) [V1] Bunny Emoji-18 (Shower Love) [V1] Bunny Emoji-18 (Shower Love) [V1] Bunny Emoji-18 (Shower Love) [V1] Bunny Emoji-18 (Shower Love) [V1] Bunny Emoji-77 (Melting) [V4] Bunny Emoji-77 (Melting) [V4] if he sweaty i can be that way too T^TMonkey love Monkey love Animated Love Monkey Animated Love Monkey 
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Omgawddddd i can't stop giggling like a mad woman >//< but I feel guilty about saying mean things to bertl ;-;
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Did you just say "break her walls"?! Ohoho no. I got the reference and the dirty reference. Damn the mental images are hurting and satisfying my brain. XP
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Welp, at least its better than horseback riding.
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~      ~
 >     >

*france in the background* honhonhon

wow i didn't know i had a mind like that~  

but poor bertie... i made him cry......
*sits in emo corner* "bad reader-chan!" 
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I felt gilty that i made him cry........even tho this is just a fan fic.
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It's okay I make people cry a lot with my fics.
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this is so good aaaa i made senpai cry i will not do that to him
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*cry's eyes out* OH GOD BERTIE I'M SO SORRY I  DIDN'T MEAN IT I LOVE YOU SO MUCH DON'T CRY PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!! but seriously when bert started crying my heart broke into little tiny peices and i started crying too
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i just can't stand the thought of him crying i mean just imagine that poor baby crying SO SAD!!!!!!
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Yeah it's very sad to see a big bby boy cry!
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This was so cute and spicy too!~ <img style="width: 26px; height: 17px;" alt="Love" src="…" data-embed-id="276" data-embed-type="emoticon">
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Your welcome!~ Welcome back!~
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Good to be back and catching up with all of you! :D
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