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Basic Sewing Tutorial 1

I've had recent requests for a tutorial on basic pleating and gathering, so here you go :) If anyone would like a tutorial on anything else (corset making, bone tipping, etc.) just let me know and I'd be happy to make one!
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Jokerine's avatar
This is useful, thank you :)
SuperSmore's avatar
Oh this is great! Thanks for putting it up!
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A full tutorial probably won't be necessary for this one but . . .

To add a rectangular piece of fabric to a jacket to make it look like a duster coat, how does one attatch it so that the hanging down edge still appears rectangular and looks even?
Reine-Haru's avatar
Well, you can attach it with a basic seam, press it open, and then hem the edges. Or you could double cross-stitch it on, then hem. Does that help?
Shade-Fox's avatar
yes and no, but thanks soo much for the help!
CrimsonOcean09's avatar
the reason i wanna learn how to sew cuz i got a load of tutorials on how to make teddies and stuff and mini plushie's but i dont kno how to sew so i cant make them =(
TigerCeleste's avatar
Ooh... my mom can use this, like, tomorrow morning. Definitely have to fav. ^^
Reine-Haru's avatar
I'm so glad it's useful! I'll be posting a corset tutorial shortly as well.
MayaTakamera's avatar
Very useful indeed :hug:
ksmith2696's avatar
thank you thank you thank you.....You are the best. I vote for corset..but I'm sure you saw that coming....ummm tudor/elizabethan style....then victorian/edwardian.
Reine-Haru's avatar
Hehe, I have a short day of school tomorrow, so I'll see if I can't make another tutorial on something^^ As for corset, I think I'll make a Victorian tutorial first since that's the next kind of corset I'll be making.

I'm thinking about making a tutorial for easy faerie skirts too...
ksmith2696's avatar
that would be great too. SPecially since I'll soon need to get cracking on my Daughters Ice Fairy Costume...she's mad enough that she can't wear it saturday. I need to take pics of the fabrics I'll be using it it.
Reine-Haru's avatar
Faerie skirts are surprisingly easy and fun to make. I make all of mine by making a short base out of opaque material, then doing the rest out of draped layers of organza. I usually burn holes in the organza first with an iron wrapped in aluminum foil (can get messy). Then I shred all the ends with a bread knife on carpet before decorating the skirt with silk leaves/flowers, etc.
ksmith2696's avatar
I'm using lots of silvers, blues and whites in her outfit...trying to actually design her bodice right now...when I'm sitting at the bus stop waiting for the school bus.
divine-breeze's avatar
OOHHHH THANK YOU SO MUCH!! XD I been winging it <----rookie doesn't know what she is doing sewer. :3
Reine-Haru's avatar
No problem ^_^ If you'd like me to make tutorials for anything else, just lemme know!
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dragonsamurai7's avatar
HHmmm... interesting I should practice this. nice little tutorial! well done ^^
Reine-Haru's avatar
It's quite easy, if you want me to make tutorials for other sewing things, just lemme know :)
dragonsamurai7's avatar
ah ok no prob! cant really think of anything though
VegetarianSquishy's avatar
This kind of tutorial is exactly what I need if I ever want to sew without getting impatient and stabbing myself in the hand with a needle.

And I second the corset~
Reine-Haru's avatar
Alrighty, I'll get a corset tutorial together in the next month, though I'll warn you, they're quite hard to make if you haven't been sewing a lot.
TheHarlequinRomance's avatar
now if i wan to pleat something i know
the corset making one woulod actually be awesome.
Im making a bodice for the So cal faire soon and Id like to eventually do a corset. Id like to see how you do it. lol
Reine-Haru's avatar
Okay, well I'll make a tutorial for corset making the next time I make one (which'll be soon). At So. Cal. faire, be sure to check out Single Tree hair spirals and flasks. It's run by my sister and her husband :heart:
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