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Unlock the Premium Gallery now and make it better for everyone! For every new person to unlock the Premium Gallery this week, I will add one preview panel for the page that is scheduled for May 3, so the one after the one that goes live on Monday. When I run out of preview panels (I don't want to give away the punch line and there are several panels that haven't been drawn yet), I will find something else in my archives to post that I haven't shared yet.

Also, because I want to keep the Patreon and the Premium Gallery in sync (so that no one feels they have to pay for both), all those images will benefit the $1 Tier on my Patreon as well. And vice versa, so if you sign up to the Patreon, that will also result in an extra image being posted on the new Premium Gallery.

The Premium Galley is here:

and the Patreon is here:

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There is now a premium gallery for people who want to support me financially! The content will be more or less the same as that of the lowest tier of my Patreon, but it'll be a one-time payment of 10 dollars instead of a monthly subscription. There's only one post in there now but that will change at a steady pace as I update Greyfriar's Isle, Tess Durban and other comics.

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I expect that in the next few weeks, there'll be either a Watchers-only or a Premium gallery added on here. This won't be a case of "Oooh, guess I'll just make people pony up for uncensored art and only leave the censored art up on the free/unrestricted galleries"; there will still be some new uncensored art in the free galleries no matter what. But there's definitely some art that I no longer want any rando to look at, comment on, or place in Collections full of heavily sexualized art. Also the next step for me to get out of a multi-year productivity impasse is to add some revenue streams so I can afford to either cut my work hours further, or pay someone else to draw the stuff I don't have time to draw.

So if I choose to go for a Premium gallery, would be more like an alternative to the Patreon, a way for people on DA to support me and get early releases of new comics and some extra behind-the-scene stuff. It may even allow me to post stuff that I cannot schedule yet, like pages drawn out of order or art for projects that are on the long-term back burner.

The advantage of Premium galleries over Patreon is that Premium galleries are, as far as I understand it, a one-time payment instead of a subscription. It's nice and simple and while there are limits to how much you can earn that way (if you have 300 followers and charge $10 for your Premium gallery, $3000 is pretty much the hard limit and you're likely to earn much, much less), it's an easy decision for people to make.

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The fourth and final page of the short Tess Durban story Clothing-Optional Rooftop Party, with art by @ShinobuThePixie, is available to paying patrons on my Patreon:

By joining my Patreon at the lowest tier, you can help me pay for future commissioned comics so that more of my comics ideas actually get made! Though I have plans to work on ensuring more of them get made anyway.

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Check out "It's Cranberry Juice":

It's Cranberry Juice

by @ShinobuThePixie! This is the first Greyfriar's Isle-related art by another person and it's outstanding!

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