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It's been another bad start to the year for regular comics updates, but this is about to change! Across my many Comicfury comics, I plan to have 30 updates in June. 12 of these will be covered by Chronicles of the Witch Queen which involves an absolutely minimal amount of work on my part because the art and story are all handled by Daniel and Greg - all I do anymore is web prep. These will update every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
That leaves me with 18 other update slots to fill. Unlike with previous Daily Update months, I won't try to distribute things evenly across multiple titles; instead, I will simply put out what I've got done, in the order in which I finish it (more or less - I often create pages out of order, so that means sometimes finishing four new ones will make 7 others available for publication). This means we'll kick things off with new pages for The Lives of X!Gloop on June 1, 2, 4 and 6, if I finish the last one of these on time, and then if all things go well, I will run a block of the comic I worked on during last year's NanoMango, which I've recently done some more work on. 
If (again) all goes according to plan, that will give me another 11 updates, leaving me with three slots to fill. These will probably be Abúi's Travels, but you never know.
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For the first time ever, I'm opening commissions! Get yours now, because they will never again be this cheap! No more than 10 slots, opening 5 at a time to keep the queue short.

Base prices:
Line art: $ 20 + $ 5 for each additional character
Flat colors: $ 35 + $ 8 for each additional character
Fully shaded: $ 50 + $ 10 for each additional character, OR join the $ 40 tier on my Patreon for monthly commissions with up to three characters. Full details on the $40 tier.
Basic backgrounds free; contact me to arrange a price for a more complex background.
Payment in advance, in full upon acceptance of the commission, through PayPal (or Patreon if using the $ 40 tier)

Send me a note here on DA or use, or message me on Patreon.

I will draw:
Nudes, light erotica, adult humor; male, female, other; furries accepted but I may not be the best artist to do them for you.

I will not draw:
Underage nudes or sexualized depictions of underage characters. Vore. I am open to fetish art but if your fetish makes me go "ew" or laugh uproariously, I won't be the right artist for you and it's probably best for everyone if I turned down your request.
No overly-complex scenes - max. three characters and a simple background.… is about as complex as I can do in a decent amount of time right now, and it's going to cost you. No comics or serialized art as part of this commission drive; however, if this drive is successful, I may start a separate drive for three-panel strips or comics pages.
Other than that, I reserve the right to refuse commissions that make me uncomfortable.

Progress updates:
For line-art, I will send a sketch and ask you to comment; this is the opportunity for full overhauls. After this stage is improved, full overhauls will only be done at extra cost.
For color and shaded art. I will also send the inks and a first attempt at color.

You get flattened digital files in JPEG or PNG format, at the original resolution.

I think that covers everything. I'll repeat that this will be the only time prices will be this low; depending on the success of this round, I will either raise prices after the first ten slots, or not do commissions again. However, the special Patreon tier will stay at the same price for a full year after the last slot is filled, so if you need multiple commissions made, it's your best choice.
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With our travel delayed by three whole days, I've been spending some time on art challenges, got a Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan page to the stage where I hand it over to skycladstrega for shading, and gone back to some partly finished sketches for the comic I was working on last Nanomango. If I can get these scanned before we finally leave, I will be able to do the digital inks during vacation.

Er, I'm working backwards in that project, having left off at page 5 before getting to pages 4 and three. The reason for that was that during Nanomango whenever I wasn't sure about how I'd do something, I'd just skip it, and the pages started becoming easier to do for me around page 10. It may be a while before a decent batch of pages turns up outside of my Patreon, but I'm hoping to have something to show to the wider world by the May edition of Nanomango. If the event still exists by then. There'll be some cameos by other people's comics characters in the first set of pages.
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A new Chronicles of the Witch Queen story, Castle of the Gods, started on Wednesday at the slightly more relaxed schedule of three per week. Read it, starting at this page: Start of Castle of the Gods

My involvement in new Chronicles of the Witch Queen is minimal. I'm pretty much only the webmaster for this webcomic at this point, but I love it for how surreal it's gotten. This one is also going to be a trip.
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TheCosmicBeholder wrote, drew and colored these two pages of Abúi's Travels that would fit right into Abúi's Grand Tour except there's actual thought put into the art and the pages are in color:

Mature Content

Abui Travels To The Bleeding Rose P1 by TheCosmicBeholder

Mature Content

Abui Travels To The Bleeding Rose P2 by TheCosmicBeholder

How cool is that? Beholder is one of my favorite artists on DA and his is one of the few webcomics I follow religiously no matter how busy I am. 
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  • I have Taken Back Control of my online presence by upgrading my weblog to an untested new release of WordPress which I utterly lack the skills or patience to troubleshoot or maintain, and had a panic attack when the entire site went offline within moments of publishing the announcement that I was reviving my blog. However, the site is back online so it was just a temporary glitch at the hosting level, and I can now start moving non-ephemeral posts from the various platforms that I'm on to the blog.…
  • My wife and collaborator skycladstrega has been rebuilding her webcomic American Gothic Daily with redrawn art. She is very close to the point where the original pages are good enough to make reworking them a lot easier.
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Now on my Patreon: two separate posts of Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan art that skycladstrega and I colored over the last week of November: 

First batch: SFW pages:…
Second batch: NSFW pages:…

The SFW pages become Public, meaning free for everyone, on Saturday. The NSFW pages will never be shown as Public content on Patreon, because the rules of Patreon disallow that. However, all pages will be published on the regular webcomics websites, so you don't have to pay to see them. But if you are a paying Patron, you get first dibs and support the creation of more comics by me!
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Tomorrow, I'll have a massive comics-finishing session in which I correct the errors in the pages from the NaNoMango comic (Cultish Manners) I posted earlier, and letter and prep the Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan pages that Aggie Janicot and I have been coloring over the past week. The pages will be posted first on my Patreon  as patron exclusives, though they will, over time, also appear elsewhere as free content, including here on DeviantArt. On Patreon, they will stay behind the paywall because many of the pages contain nudity and I'd be breaking Patreon's terms if I released them as Public posts.

It was really fun to be back on Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan for a bit! There's a lot of work being done to bring the website back up to date and one thing that will come out of the big finishing session is a batch of multi-format comic images: 700 pixels wide like the latest iteration on the Comicfury site, 900 pixels wide for use on a future redesigned version of the main website and 1280 pixels wide for potential use on mobile. There is a lot of work to be done but thanks to some recent changes in my lifestyle and schedule, I'm in a better place to do the work than I've been in years.

Also starting tomorrow, I'll be doing another drawing challenge for December. I'll keep you posted on that - the results will be posted here as free updates, but possibly with a message encouraging people to support this Patreon under each one. Because while it's wonderful that I'm finding more time and energy to work on comics again, I have a long way to go before I can do all the things that are swirling around in my head. If you like the things that are swirling around in my head and you want to see more of them be made into actual illustrations you can look at and comics you can read, please consider supporting my Patreon - you'll get exclusive content, early releases and looks behind the scenes of my comics and drawing projects, and when there are enough of you, I'll be able to cut down my hours at my day job so I have more time to make the ideas that you love happen.
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Well, I went into NaNoMango with the intention of finishing one of my projects before starting another. I announced it as being all about "an ending, a middle and a beginning": I would spend a third of the month finishing up Abúi's Grand Tour so I could wrap up Abúi's Travels after 6 1/2 years, then I would spend a third drawing Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan pages to get that comic moving again, then I would spend the final third on a new project from my files, probably Greyfriar's Isle, a comic about a naturist resort on a fictional Dutch island where people have odd traditions. 

Then my Inktober drawing for October 31 happened. That band inspired me to do a new NaNoMango comic from scratch and the results of that have inspired me to think about a superteam comic for the first time in my life. I don't have time for that but what the hell, it's NaNoMango and I might as well spend part of the month developing concepts.
So, the superteam is forming fast. Who do we have?

First off, we have Tess, Zig and Tag, who don't have superpowers but are the viewpoint character and a support network for the supers, respectively. The three of them will live in a squat in an unnamed large city in an unnamed country. It could be New York, or it could be Amsterdam - I can use my incompetence at drawing backgrounds strategically to create a city that could be either or both. The squat is the base, because the team operates outside of conventional society and does not cooperate with the authorities.

Next up, I'm thinking of having a magical girl in there who can transform from a more or less normal person into a fighter. In the first story, I enjoyed having cyberkitten01's Liath on board, but I wouldn't want to use her for the long term because I want the creation to be mine. So at some point early on after the first story, Aideen/Liath will abruptly ghost Tess and someone very much like that will take her place. That will also allow me to learn from the experience of borrowing Aideen, a character who has many moving parts, too many for me. After six years of drawing a tattooed nude faerie with a horned hat, wings, pointy ears and a shit-ton of fiddly bits, I don't want to do that again. (This is not intended as a slight against Cyberkitten who seems to be able to work well with the moving parts, as does TheCosmicBeholder when he draws Liath/Aideen. It's just not something I want right now)

Also joining early on (I'm thinking of giving each character a separate joining-up story that sketches their origins briefly and gives them a chance to show their skill and personality) is Absolute Unit, a stockbroker who has gone on the rocks after a failed genetic treatment turned him into a facially disfigured cube of muscle. He will bring brute strength to the team, but he is no dumb brute - when he was wealthy, he enjoyed the finer things in life and he resents being separated from them now. 

Joining immediately after that is Abby, who is best described as Abúi without the extra moving parts. She is human and has the gift of shifting between places unaided, sort of like Jenny Everywhere. She can take the team places fast, which they are going to need. Though she is human, she is not from our earth, but from a place that you may as well think of as being Earth-N.

With Abby on board, the team will be ready to travel and their first trip will take them to post-Brexit London to help the starving masses there rise up against their new feudal warlords, sorry, to look at a recently discovered crypt. In the crypt, supported by a room full of functioning Babbage machines and some really odd electrical systems, they find 
Mary Shelley, the novelist and philosopher, kept in stasis for over 150 years. Instead of having died of a suspected brain tumor aged 53 as her official history states, she had faked her death using the scientific principles laid out in Frankenstein: a Modern Prometheus and developed in secret correspondence with Ada Lovelace, and put herself in stasis. In 2018, her illness is perfectly curable and with the right treatment, her formidable intellect is restored. She is ready and willing to become the team's scientist. However, as smart as Shelley is, will she be able to bring her thinking up to date to the 21st Century?

With that, the team will be almost complete: there's room for one more. Will Phil the Milkman introduce the secret of longevity (it's staying active and a diet of Stilton) and his wisdom imparted through 80 years of talking to people on his daily round? Will Aggie return from other comics to help the team build things? Do we need a speedster, a dude with x-ray vision, Stay tuned!  

If you like this idea and want it to come to fruition with me as the showrunner, please join my Patreon! You get immediate access to the Patrons-only and early-release comics I post there, and you will be helping me solve the problem of how I'm going to find time for all this! At 500 bucks a month, I can cut my hours at my job so I have more time to work on comics; at multiple thousands a month, I can pay other artists to work with me on this. Er, right now I'm making $6 a month, which is less than what I spend on other people's Patreons. So I have a way to go.
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I’m still not sure if there is anything to this ‘DeviantArt purge’ other than sheer incompetence on the part of some admins, but it won’t hurt to create and post a master list of my social media accounts for people to follow in case one of them goes down. Unfortunately there’s a bit of a problem here: my main art account is on Tumblr, which has been going through the exact same thing right now, and I’m keeping Facebook/Instagram and Twitter at arm’s length because of their promotion of the far right, surveillance capitalism and complicity in getting the Tangerine Tantrum elected. So I will recommend following me on one or more of the federated social media sites I use as a first resort:



Other social media
Patreon: (currently infrequently updated but new SFW content goes up as free updates)
Twitter: (Currently inactive but will reactivate if needed)
Facebook:… (personal)… (webcomic page)… (webcomic page)

On all of these, including the federated ones that I trust more than the corporate ones, users are at the whim of admin who may or may not be honest and competent, and of policies that may change with no notice. So everybody, self-host if you can, as much as possible. I have the following websites:
Main webcomic site (Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan):  - this site is self-hosted but dormant as the CMS has been broken for over two years. It will get revamped eventually, and until it is, the content isn't going anywhere.
Comicfury alias for Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan:
Spun Off:
Abúi's Travels:…
Chronicles of the Witch Queen:
The Lives of X!Gloop:
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There's a new Abúi's Travels comic up on the website:…
Fflewaelin the half-goblin causes some new issues with the Gnomian transporter.

For paying patrons only on Patreon, I have posted five pages in progress that are part of my NaNoMango project: this will be your only chance to see the inks without balloons, and without the separate layer on which I draw all the mesh fabrics that the characters wear, because I have no shame:…
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For NaNoMango, instead of creating 30 pages of one comic, I plan to divide the month into three sub-projects: an ending, a middle and a beginning, in that order.
For the ending, I plan to draw as many pages as I need of Abúi's Grand Tour  so I can 'unlock'  the last two pages, which are already drawn. I have a schedule for the remainder of the tour, which will be a rapid-fire sequence of BR-ZOTs.
For the middle, I plan to draw several redrawn pages of Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan. These are difficult to do and depending on the length of the first part of the project, I may do more or fewer pages. If I have good momentum, it may be up to ten.
For the beginning, I want to take a project that exists in the form of notes, raw script or thumbnails, and draw the first 8 to 10 pages of it. I don't know which of my embryonic comics I will work on, but there are multiple candidates including some that have been dormant for years.

The schedule for Abúi's Grand tour is as follows:
1. Beholderverse (TheCosmicBeholder)
2. Shane-Emeraldwing-verse
3. The Lives of X!Gloop (one of my own ongoing comics)
4. Spun Off (another one of my own ongoing comics)
5. Greyfriar's Isle (one of my embryonic comics and a candidate for development over the rest of the month).
6. Fury of the Plains (a quick nod to the project I worked on and then cancelled last year)
7. Another new comic that I have plans for
8. Bare Squadron. The characters will spend a little bit of time there. 

I have cut one other comic out of the schedule as I couldn't think of anything for the characters to do in Demoniac Verse. And because of the nature of the NaNoManGo project, I have added more of my own comics into the schedule.     
In the next few days, I'll be drawing my own character references for the comic, starting with some recently-introduced village characters and then on to the Misfits of Mischief, because I can never remember who had which tattoos while in faerie form, followed by the New Odds and Myn. I thought that that was going to add up to several dozen characters but now that I look at the overview, it's not so bad. All characters that appear from this point will be nude, no exceptions.
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I've made it through three whole weeks of Inktober! Through a busy general schedule and also a touch of sickness, and while sticking to the official prompts. If it takes six weeks to build a good habit, I'm halfway there. The next milestone for me is in five days, when I will have done a full month's worth over two Inktobers. 
My Inktober gallery is turning out nice and varied as well. There's a bit of color work, several different techniques, and now even some hand lettering. The one thing I haven't accomplished is an Indian ink drawing without smudges and smears, that I could post straight from the scanned page without further processing. I have another ten days to get there.

After that, it'll be time for NaNoManGo. I should be planning for that but it's been all I can do to keep up with Inktober. I know what I want to do, but I'd be more confident about it with some advance prep.
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I've kicked off Inktober with something simple and obvious. The first week, at the very least, will all be like this until I get settled in. The emphasis will be on doing it in the time I have available rather than impressing others with my originality or quality.

I have actually committed myself to four months of back-to-back art challenges: Inktober, then NaNoManGo, then Fatvent Calendar (replacing Decemboobs, which I’m getting a bit tired of) and finally my annual January Portrait Challenge. Of course, I may not finish any of them, but if I do drop out of one challenge, there will be another one waiting for me in the next month.
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I'm back working on Abúi's Travels trying to wrap up Abúi's Grand Tour of other comics before wrapping up the story and the series for good. The final pages of the story are already done and skycladstrega is adding her color touches to them as we speak. This means that pretty soon, Abúi and Adrienne will leave the world of the Misfits of Mischief and do one last burst of teleports into other people's comics, one or two panels per comic.

But which comics? At some point, I had made a list, but it's been over a year and I've forgotten which ones I was planning to do (except for one, which isn't really a comic, but more of a collaborative RPG with prose and comics as part of the project). So I'm putting the call out again. If you have a comic that:

* is active;
* is set in a world in which nudity is normalized so that it is safe for two nude ladies to drop in,

Please let me know if Abúi and Adrienne can vist it! And if you know of such a comic, let me know so I can see if I want to contact the author.

I would like to get this wrapped up soon, so this is the final call.
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This week, there have been new updates on Spun Off and The Lives of X!Gloop. There's more to come on Spun Off

Remember, paying Patrons of my Patreon get to see the comics early! I have more in the works so keep checking there if you're donating $1 or more a month.

I have not been at my computer as much this week and so I've not communicated much about these new updates. This is likely to continue as it's how I find the time to create the updates in the first place. Eventually, comics that are within the DA rules will end up here, though, and I do find the time every once in a while to mention the others.
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Courtly2-16 by Reinder
Starting today, patrons of my Patreon on will get early access to the revised version of the Chronicles of the Witch Queen story Courtly Manners 2: The Unicorn Race. It'll update daily with large versions of the images added as attachments, because I haven't figured out how to make it possible to embiggen them with one click. The free run of this new version won't start until July 14 and will have images that are a mere 900 pixels wide - the Patreon version is 1280 pixels.
The Unicorn Race, of course, can be found elsewhere on the web today, but that version is exactly as it was when I created it in 2005. Here's what I've done for this round of publication:
  1. Redone the lettering for all files. I had originally lettered the images at the size of final publication, which is far too small for the modern web. So to make larger versions, I had to redo all of this.
  2. Cleaned up all images and corrected coloring mistakes. This is still ongoing! When making this promo image, I found a coloring error that had been present since 2005 and that I hadn't spotted before. So now that's fixed. If I find more as a result of posting this stuff on Patreon, I will fix that too.
  3. Recolored the last 8 pages from scratch, because the color master files could not be found. skycladstrega colored the very last one to help me make deadline. 
I hadn't expected to have to do this much work for it, but it's done and the comic is much improved as a result. Please support my ongoing efforts through my Patreon at Every pledge helps me get back to more regular updates and while Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan, Chronicles of the Witch Queen, Spun Off, Abúi's Travels and The Lives of X!Gloop will always be available for free online, I will create more bonus material for paying Patrons in the near future. 
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A bit of weirdness. Today I pondered how I could rewrite the Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan story "Invasion" ( ) as a non-crossover, by removing third-party characters and focusing on Alcydia and the Valkyries that she cooperates with. I mentioned this to LPHogan and he told me I had sent him a version of that idea before. I found it and not only was I five chapters into it, having made the same basic decisions as I did today, but I had been writing it as a novella or something like that! I have no idea why I did that. The only real difference other than format was that the last time, I approached it as an Abúi's Travels story and now I'm thinking of it as being a Chronicles of the Witch Queen story. In other words, the role of Abúi and the Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan characters will be severely downplayed. That is, if I choose to continue writing it, which I may not. 
Updates about Spun Off and Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan included at the end.

Tomorrow, on Monday, June 4, Chronicles of the Witch Queen will start running a new storyline, the first completely new material in about fifteen years apart from a handful of one-pagers that were published last year. Kidnapped Princesses by Geir Strøm and Daniel Østvold is the long-in-the-making story of Countess Alcydia's business venture kidnapping princesses on an industrial scale.  When she targets Princess Jernia von Fieffelfalsfaffel, Alcydia raises the ire of the entire Fieffelfalsfaffel clan, who select the clan's stupidest scion to recover their relative.

Chronicles of the Witch Queen is a group project started by Geir and Daniel in the mid-1990s, with me coming on board later. There are 9 stories already in the website's archives; Kidnapped Princesses will be the tenth and there are more coming. Because most of the art is not mine, only a few items from it have been posted here on DeviantArt. However, Chronicles of the Witch Queen crossed over with Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan several times and the character of Krakatoa is originally from one of those stories. As a result, the comic is as dear to me as if it was one of my own. 

Kidnapped Princesses will run daily until July 7 and be followed up by another shorter story that will also be updated daily. Read it on the Chronicles of the Witch Queen website.

While I've drawn several Chronicles of the Witch Queen storylines in the past and have had a big influence on how the other stories from Geir and Daniel were translated and lettered, I've decided not to do that now. My editing was limited to a few text suggestions and preparation of the image files for the web; so you get the comic as written by Geir and hand-lettered by Daniel. This fits an overall more brutalist approach to web publishing that I've been pursuing lately, and also allows us to get the comics out to the public quickly. Otherwise, we'd be waiting a long time for updates and they would not be daily. 

Which brings me to those updates about Spun Off and Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan. My aim for the rest of the year is to update with something every day. That means that while Chronicles of the Witch Queen is updating, no other comics in my network of webcomics site will, but after that, I will be doing the same thing I did in July of last year: I'll update daily on one of the following webcomics Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan, Spun Off, Abúi's Travels, The Lives of X!Gloop or White House in Orbit. Or indeed Chronicles of the Witch Queen as Daniel has promised yet more comics work in the future and there is one story by me that has not been uploaded to the website. So no one site will have regular updates, but there will be new material from me trickling in until at least the end of July and possibly much longer. This will help me bring as many comics as possible into the world, which seems to be the best way for me to be productive right now.
The good news: I'm on vacation and I'm doing a project!
The bad news: the project is improving my physical fitness. Art is taking a back seat for the time being. In fact, it's taking a back seat to the thing that's really in the back seat which is practicing the guitar. In between gym sessions, runs and bike rides, I'm trying to build the callouses on my fingertips back up, re-learn some songs and make my both hands obey my brain again doing things that they haven't really done in a while. When that is done, I may take a bit of time to draw, but honestly, the art I'm producing is not great and is coming together at a snail's pace.

The potentially good news: when I started on Project Get Fit(ish) on Sunday, I was working against overwhelming fatigue as a result of my day job situation and some stuff that happened within the family and household over the past few weeks. I am already finding that with more and better sleep, I am less fatigued and more motivated and productive every day. So more and better art may start turning up as my energy returns. The potentially bad news: at this point "less fatigue" simply means I don't want to sleep constantly. I'm still doing jack shit for much of the day after coming back from a fitness activity. 

At the moment, I'm more encouraged to play guitar and a bit of synth than to draw; my art feels very stagnant, whereas while I can't claim I'm becoming a good guitarist, the stuff my body and brain have forgotten over the years is coming back in fits and starts and that's very interesting and exciting for me.