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30 Days of Chars #28,29,30: The Rustinova Sisters

Tess Durban

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Greyfriar's Isle

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Traditional coloring practice

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Spun Off

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Ready For Fall Remake

NTC Drawing Challenges

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Abui's Travels

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Character art

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The Lives of XGloop

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15. Coots Of Magic


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White House In Orbit

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Fury of the Plains

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Beholderverse stuff

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Feral page 53-2 now on Patreon


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Bare Squadron stuff

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Portrait January 2018, Entry #4: Happy Rhodes


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24-hour comic page 1

24-hour comics

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Fatvent Calendar Day 10: Reading.

Fatvent Calendar

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Eiwisk on Homunculi

Curious creatures found in the Wodeskog From Bork and Mafalda Eiwisk's Return to the Wodeskog published after the trip Sir Bork Eiwisk took on the occasion of the hundredth anniversary of his first journey through the faerie tribal lands: The clan had gained several beehives and a Gnomian Transporter that eliminated the need to crack open eggs and weave string out of faerie hairs for each transport like they used to do in Thrashbarg's day.  I must admit, and this may just be because I am now so very old, I found it disappointing to see yet another clan having become so civilized. The descendants of Thrashbarg were undeniably thriv


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King Groy, batch 3

King Groy was not an outgoing monarch. As a child, he had never enjoyed good health and as crown prince of the country he had had to endure endless jokes about his size and appearance, not the worst of which was the suggestion that Queen Godghifa must have been off cavorting with the Gnomian envoy some nine months before he was born. So while his predecessors had been fond of hunting, boozing and exercising their droit de seigneur, he much preferred to spend his evenings alone at home with a good book. He was currently about halfway through Report on Tax Evasion Strategies Among the Mudslope Peasantry and Moneys Recovered by the Auditors, whi

King Groy Novel in Progress

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American Gothic page 197

American Gothic Daily

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Rite of Serfdom

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The Corby Tribe page 2, possible colouring

Corby Tribe

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Sauna Opera Coloured 1

Sauna Opera

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Framed Great Escape closer

Dolphins and Dragons

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Eye of the Underworld page 1

Eye of the Underworld

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People of the Sewer page 16

People of the Sewer

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Alchemists Coloured 7b


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Aaaaancient history

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