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Kel and Atra outfits

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Two more: One of Kel, based on Live History VI [link] by ~Brahdelt. I liked the cut of the dress and the creator/model's attitude while in it. It's a good deal simpler than Krakatoa's outfit; as a shapeshifter, Kel needs clothes that she can get in and out of easily. She has fewer acessories and less bling than Krakatoa, but she has some. In this picture, she goes barefoot as she used to do in the older stories. Most of her scenes in the next story are set in a town, and towns are dirty, so she will wear shoes in the story. The embroidered leaves, a common symbol for faeries in the Gnomian Republic, is a subtle advertisement of her heritage and the magical abilities that brings.
I'm not sure that yellow is her colour - she used to wear blue and green a lot. On the other hand, it's beginning to look like those light colours are the fashion of whatever year the story is set in, probably 1003 or 1004. I should decide on a year before starting work on the story; it affects some of the visual factors such as Kel's daughter's age, as well as some of the in-story historical factors such as the political climate in Clwyd-Rhan. None of these matter much to the thrust of the story, but they need to be done correctly for it to fit in the larger context of Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan.

Atra, on the other hand, does not dress fashionably. She dresses like an old woman, so her dress is darker and looser and covers more. She is still under strict orders from the Witch Queen not to reveal that she has been rejuvenated, which frustrates her to no end. On the inside, she wants to live the wild life again, going out each night getting drunk and shagging anything that moves. Her outward demeanour and her cosmetic appearance, however, have to be those of an elderly lady, or else. The giant drinking horn, both a phallic symbol and a great big horn to drink out of, may be the expression of that frustration. Her dress style is based on the Saxon dresses found at Regia Anglorum: [link] .
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