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Kangra, practice piece

Practice piece showing Kangra, half-sister of Kel from Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan. I've got one or two ideas for a storyline involving the faeries in my head and one of them involves a sort of family reunion. The problem with that is that Kangra and her sister Norla are hard to tell apart (you can tell Kel apart from both by her ears, which are always covered by her hair), so I thought of doing some sketches to give Kangra some more distinctive body decorations, and eventually settled on the Stripes of Power. Then I thought I'd finish it digitaly. This piece has digital inks over a scan that is cut off above the feet and just above the top of the head. I painted in the colours without using my usual stack of colour layers and without relying on the bucket fill or Edit:Fill for base colours, just to force myself to focus on the brushes and get a feel for working with them. As a result, there are about two hours of work that don't show up in this picture at all, but they were worth it for the learning experience.

Of course, the storyline I was going to do has a YAFGC-style time budget of no more than one hour for a multi-panel episode, because that's all the time I could spare, at the most, on top of doing the more elaborate production in ROCR. So doing this level of colouring, or any colouring at all, would be out of the question. But this is fun to do.
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love the freckles