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Green Knights Belt cover art

Version 1. I'm not quite convinced that this is as good as it should be, so please do critique any and all aspects. Eventually, this drawing will end up at the very start of the new Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan archives, so it has to be good.

As a concept, for example, I like the idea of pulling the colours towards the green end of the spectrum, because that's what the Green Knight and his surroundings should look like. But is it well-executed? I'm not yet sure.

There will be time to redo much of this drawing, so no aspect of it is sacred.
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Thanks all! Yes, I should do something about the head position, at the very least. Maybe simply indicating the neck more clearly (always a problem with this particular character) will do the trick...

Keep the comments coming!
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i might move the head, actually, because it kinda looks like there's a man crouching behind the guy being executed. just far enough away that none of it is behind anything else, to really show that its seperated
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Looks awesome. I love that legend. Might want to make the Green Knight's hair and beard actually green though. He was emerald green from head to toe. (Sorry, I have a weird memory for detail).