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Test page for a project I wanted to do for the Webcomic Hurrican Relief Telethon. At this point, I don't believe the project is going to be doable. Drawing this page took me 2 hours 45 minutes from the moment I first put pencil to paper to final upload to DeviantArt (but not including scripting and character design). That is about half as much time as I usually spend, but the difference shows in the quality.
The story itself would be about 16 pages, with some of them being more challenging than this one, so I'd be lucky to end up with each page costing me three hours. That's 48 hours. The contribution is due next week, so it would be a full working week on top of my other deadline (a page for Hello You! which is likely to take me another full working week), plus training appointments that are non-movable.
Given all this, I would still have a shot at doing it, if there weren't consequences to failure. Neither of those two deadlines can be moved. I don't want to let down the telethon, and I don't want to be late for Hello You after having had so much time to work on the page earlier. So it's too risky - even if I managed to skip not one, but several nights' sleep, a technical problem may still cause me to be late.

This was the third idea I had for a contribution to the telethon and the one that was closest to being workable. I'm getting a bit desperate.

The style of the drawing is pretty interesting though. I should do more along those lines.
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