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Decemboobs 2017, entry #22: Literal Decemboob

By Reinder
Merry Christmas all! I found this article:Christmas Boob Is The New Craze Sweeping Manchester and decided to draw it. For the first time this Decemboobs season (in case you are just tuning in: Decemboobs is the annual, month-long daily drawing challenge in which cartoonists, who as a group are notorious for Getting Boobs Wrong, try to do something about this by drawing boobs of all kinds, clothed and unclothed, from photo reference or from life if at all possible). 
I've been away for a few days, due to the pre-Christmas rush at work and also due to having to deal with the mother of all headaches over the weekend. I thought I was over it by Saturday evening but it simply came back on Sunday morning. These headaches leave me cognitively impaired as well when they happen, and even after I started feeling better, I knew I wasn't up to the task of drawing or writing anything. So forgive me if once again, this isn't the most accurate or good drawing of the month; it's simply great to be back and I'll pick up steam again over the next few days. 
This one, for the first time, has had some digital adjustments - some faults fixed and some dirt from the scanner removed. It's still mostly pencil on paper, though.
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my friend, nice Christmas art, what a cute boob!.