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Decemboobs 2017, Entry #28: Cheers!

By Reinder
This is not porn! Please respect the person portrayed, and the artist, by not putting this in a porn collection.
Entry #28 in 2017's Decemboobs, the annyal, month-long, daily challenge in which cartoonists, being historically mammographically-challenged as a group even though we are doing better in this respect than 20 years ago, practice drawing breasts accurately by drawing breasts! From some sort of observational reference: photos or life. In this case, this is from Year in Review at The Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society from which I've picked reference photos before. It seemed like an appropriate drawing to ring in the new year with.

Not that I'm drinking myself, mind. I've been having some stomach issues lately and it doesn't seem wise under the circumstances to add to those with alcohol, overeating or even too much coffee. What with me and my wife being very sleepy right now, it is unlikely that we'll have Drunk Wife Theater like last year. Instead, this is the final Decemboobs image for me this year. It was difficult enough as I had a lot of trouble with the arm position. As happens very often, I'm not that happy with the face either - but faces will be tackled starting tomorrow in Portrait January!
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my friend, she's really hot :).