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Decemboobs 2017, Entry #25: Post-millennial pals

By Reinder
This is not porn! Please respect the artist and especially the individual portrayed by not putting this in a porn collection.
Entry #25 in 2017's Decemboobs, the annual, month-long, daily exploration of the subject of breasts by cartoonists, who notoriously need to constantly be reminded what those things actually look like. For a whole long, dark winter month, we draw from photographs, or if we can afford the expense and the time in our schedules, from life. But realism alone is not enough! Breasts are attached to a person and the whole exercise is pointless if all we do is draw sacks of flesh. This image from The Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society's Year In Review (… ) shows a young woman oozing with personality and joy. She's on her phone, as is at least one other person in the referenced picture. She's also clearly enjoying the outdoors - her phone use seems integrated in the experience as, I imagine, they swap selfies and invite more friends over. 
Digital: AutoDesk Sketchbook on MacBook with a Wacom Mobile Studio Pro connected using Wacom Link, using mostly the Pencil tool with a little bit of blur in places.
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good morning my friend, nice drawing, she's really pretty ;).