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Decemboobs 2017, Entry #19: Thanksgiving

By Reinder
This is not porn! Please respect the artist and the individual portrayed by not adding this to a porn collection.
Entry # 19 in 2017's Decemboobs, the annual month-long daily drawing channel in which cartoonists, who have a penchant for drawing spherical boobs that stick out from immediately under the character's nose, draw breasts from reference until they've put them in the right place and given them their proper shape. 
Today's drawing is based on a photo from Thanksgiving, a blog post from the Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society. I like how this photograph showed an average-sized and proportioned woman in a positions that caused her breasts to be lifted and stretched across her chest; I also liked how the tan lines managed to look like a top that pulled them upwards. I'll be drawing more from this entry later.
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I'm such a sucker for smiles, this one is great! :-)
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my friend, nice drawing, she's very beautiful ^^.