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A completely different interpretation of Aideen and one that I think has more potential than the previous one. This is how I plan to draw cyberkitten01's character Aideen O'Neill in a story I'm working on for NaNoMango, called "Cultish Manners". Here she is in underground club dress telling the world what she thinks of it. The drawing isn't intended as reference but as more of a style test.
This took me a while to draw. I spent about half an hour penciling and inking a version traditionally, but the result was awful and made me feel quite crestfallen about my ability to draw, just after the drawing of Frits Zunig, singer of Cult of XünÿX, also for this new story, made me feel like I was finally getting the hang of it. I decided to scan it anyway and then use the scan as a sketch on which to base a new version. I did that, painstakingly tracing and fixing the main faults of the original (not trivial errors but major lapses such as inconsistent angles, expressionless eyes and appalling symmetry problems) until I got something that was closer to the version that was in my head. While working on that, I got to try a number of combinations of mesh tops, gloves and a cross necklace before settling, on the advice of skycladstrega, on arm-length gloves and no mesh tops. For such a simple image (and I want it to be simpler still when I start work on the comic), it was an utter time sink to make.
TheCosmicBeholder Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2018  Professional Traditional Artist
Great attitude on her, and the outfits is very much her! I'm so excited for that comic!
bluewingfairy Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2018
Reinder, very good very goodNodNodNodNod.    
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November 3, 2018
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