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I think the text in the image covers everything.
Let me know if you have any other questions?

VY2 model by Jjinomu
Pose (that's been edited) by innaaleksui
Stage by Torisu

PowerDOF by HariganeP…
(It's on Page 2)
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how do you use powerdof if there were multiple models? this tutorial is really helpful, thank you!

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Look for #define FOCUS_AREA and make it bigger (like in the bottom of the tutorial). That should help, but you'll have to play around with it. The hard way is to move PowerDOF.x to different models' heads as the camera moves.

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You are an ANGEL for this

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glad it was helpful <3
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Hey man... do you know how to fix Invisible model, I have a model that have invisible slider on skirt because I want to use Pants on my model, but it's having problem with DOF, because Skirt DOF effect still attach on it...
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try going to the PowerDOF tab in MME and unchecking the skirt. If you're also using an effect like HgSAO you'll want to remove the effects from those tabs too. Also, try removing the subset of the skirt in the Main tab.
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Thanks figure it out by my self...
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Thanks for this I have a lot of issues using effects, especially ikeno effects... even the simpliest ones are mysteries to me 
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I love you for making this, I've been struggling with making PowerDOF behave for SO long.

Now I just need to figure out how to use it without it crashing the entire render and corrupting the .pmd save file.
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thank god for this tutorial because MAN ive been struggling with keyframing HGdof's autofocus to focus on models when camera is fast and its so much effort afkdsldfh this seems lik a much better alternative so thank you
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and with 2 or more models?
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The very last block of text (before the effect code) addresses exactly that
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sorry i didn't read till the end, my apologize : ( ... thank you : )
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Thank you so much for this tutorial, because I always had some troubles with PowerDOF and now I know how to fix that! (o´▽`o)
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