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TDA Satou Sasara One Piece ver1.00

By Reinbuu-sama
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I just love Sasara's voice.


Please credit me, or at least don't claim this edit as your own.
*Redistributing is fine.
*Editing is fine.
**Redistributing an edit is fine.

*As long as I'm credited
**Please don't take her head and put it on an Append body.

Download to the right.

Pose by ~Aisuchuu
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Dl'd! Cute :3
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I edited it and made a download, I made sure to put a link to you and say to credit you for the model and me for at least the edit in the middle, that ones my baby that's the first time I edited clothes to a model and not had it come out a hot mess.
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The one-piece one seems to be a recolor, which I wouldn't normally prefer, but what you said in the description was nice so carry on ^^
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I decided to keep that in case someone just wanted the models exactly how I recolored, but I only really want credit for the one in red since it's my first good edit and it took me forever to do, i could've just had a different folders for textures I recolored but i didn't think of that since this is my first download, but I guess I could say one thing is i split the eyes from the mouth so that it's bet for objectluminous, but that's about all I can say Is different for the one piece one's.
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I CAN EDIT THIS? Oh my god thank you so much this is what I've been looking for it's so hard to find edit friendly models.
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Downloaded~She is cuteIA GIF 
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Amazing! Downloaded~!tarddance
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It's so cute! •u• Downloaded!
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She is very adorable~ you did such a wonderful job. :iconsnugplz:
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:icondesucraiplz: You're too kind~
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This model is absolutely beautiful. Thanks for the download.
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>///< Your kind words mean a lot to me~
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Beautiful~ Downloaded~
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Aaaa thank you ;u;
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omfg thats so cute!! 
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