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Welcome to Youth Fall, I have been writing this story by hand since around early May and typing it out piece by piece, the story is still being written and I am about to begin the rest of the story either by hand as before or typing it out.

This story came to me in a dream and has been refined and touched up from the original draft while typing with additional scenes.

When dreams are not dreams, then who are you if you are not who you thought you were?

*Update, prologue remade, additional detail added and the past and present scenes now labeled correctly and italics for the past scenes changed*

*Second Update, final edits made, some words adjusted, some added, a little more detail added*

*Third Update, all final edits made across all five parts.  Adjustments made for errors, errors removed, small changes to structure to improve continuity and story balance.  Story is now 100% complete*

Part 2 - 

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Part 3 - 

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Part 4 - 

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Part 5 - 

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Epilogue - 

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In the bar scene, where shed like to test on a dart board, the word 'buy' is missing. So it looks like

"Through there, need to something though”  Quickly scanning the menu, Lenia picks something cheap enough and non-alcoholic."