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“Tae?”  A quiet voice answers, so quiet, almost a whisper.

“Yes?”  A voice as soft as a light breeze was Tae's, Tabitha was her real name but ever since she was a young child she had referred to herself as Tae and it had stuck.

“How are you feeling?”  An unusual question perhaps since Tae was sitting close by and she looked well, lost in her own little world as she was wrought to do but fine otherwise.

“I'm fine, just thinking”  She doesn't turn to look at her mother from where she is sitting, she just looks out of the window she is sat at, watching life outside go by on it's merry way.
She was always a quiet child, well a young woman really but in her mother's eyes and heart she was still a child.  She liked to look out at the world outside even if she couldn't be part of it due to her health.

“What are you thinking about?  I'm happy to listen”  Outside the weather is mild for a change, the rain has stopped and the wind is calm.  The sun is still hiding behind clouds and the light is not as good as it could be.
She can hear birds outside and the sounds of life, vehicles going to and fro, people walking to wherever their destination is at the time.

“Just things, mum, it's all I can do”  That was true, Tae's health made it hard for her to be outside for very long without assistance.  Her legs didn't work all that well, her body betrayed her far too often for her liking.  She had so few friends and they were at school at this time, Tae had to remain at home because the school board was unwilling to put forward the expense of making the school accessible for her wheelchair.
They felt it was an unnecessary expense for a single handicapped student.  They had, however, paid to have the railings painted a royal blue instead of the baby blue they had used to be.

“You could do one of your hobbies if you prefer”  Tae was a keen artist and reader, she was looking into new hobbies to pursue to help relieve her boredom when her home schooling was done for the day.

“Maybe later, mum.  I just want to look at the world for now and be lost in my imagination”  Silence returns to the living room, well almost silence if not for the sound of the clock on the mantle. Tae wasn't much for the TV so it was hardly ever on, her mum worked from home as part of her job on some days and didn't care for TV much either.
Too much of a distraction.

The room darkens as the weak light of the winter's day moves gradually towards another cold winter night, the bird song quietens until it's stopped completely.  Tae continues to look out on the world outside.

“Mum, do you miss me?”  Tae asked that a lot these days, ever since her death from heart failure before Christmas past when her health had taken a sharp down turn after a barely survived bout of pneumonia the month before.

“Yes, dear, every day”  She looks to where Tae is sitting, sees only an empty wheelchair.  Outside she can hear soft laughter of a happy child, Tae is playing at last in a way she never could when she was alive.
“I'm sorry I couldn't keep you alive”
A very, very short story that popped into my thoughts about half an hour ago, it wanted to be written this way and at this exact length.

I needed to write something.

Life's too short.
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Ladnavar Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2018  Student General Artist
i liked the length, and that most of it was written with Tae in focus. It really puts you into the mother's perspective.

Too much of a distraction.

in particular, is a great line! it seems like the mother is the one that wants to get lost in her imagination, thinking of her daughter who she misses so much, and in a weird way (though mentally unhealthy in reason) that sounds like a better choice than being distracted by the TV!
Life is too short for us to just drift from one distraction to the next, without missing things and indulging in imagination, in whatever way we can do that.. £:>
ReinaHW Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2018   Writer
Thank you, the idea was sudden and was intended to be as short as it was.  Another possible idea in the same vein appeared an hour later, not sure if I'll write it or not at this time.
Areat Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2018
Well, not the happiest story I've read this week.     

Are you okay, Reina? 
ReinaHW Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2018   Writer
Fed up, haven't been keeping busy due to severe burn out and it's getting harder and harder to focus as my depression gets stronger.
Areat Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2018
When there's wind that blow and sigh, and clouds that seem to stay forever looming in the sky, to quell the brightiest day.

I close the door against the rain, against the dark and more. And wait for it to pass again.
Just like it did before.
ReinaHW Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2018   Writer
In this country such weather is the norm, anything warmer is end of the world stuff
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