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I am the creator of worlds, the creator of entire universes.  Lives spring from my fingers with relative ease and they come and go throughout the course of their lives.
Names, faces, voices, all blend into a symphony of images and words.

I am not a God by any means, I do not claim to be such a thing.  To believe oneself to be such a thing is folly and arrogance, I just create because my heart and soul strive to create.
It is a soothing balm for me at times to create, to give life even if only for a short time.  For although the lives may be short in the telling they may live on in memory of those who experience those lives.

I am not a parent although at times my creations can sometimes feel like they are my children, I do nurture them after all as they develop and grow from the faintest spark to a full life.
I do not ask worship of them, they don't know that I even exist although one does but they are content with the knowledge of being a creation that has been given the freedom to grow of their own accord.

I give life and I take that life away as and when that time has arrived, I build the foundation and let it grow from there piece by piece even if it takes a while to be built.
Many can do this in their own way, there are those who struggle and there are those who it comes naturally to.  It is part and package of being an artist.

My art is the written word, I am a writer.  I create with words, it is not an easy thing to do.

I am a writer, nothing more, nothing less.
Just something small that popped into my thoughts while struggling to write Youth Fall part 3.

I create because I can, because it is a gift I was born with.
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