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Can you picture the scene?

It is the 1980s, 1986 to be exact, a seven year old girl is sitting in the back garden of the council flat she lives in with her baby brother, her mum, her dad and maybe one day a baby sister who is currently in her mum's womb.
This little girl has brown hair, brown eyes and is wearing a light pink pair of play overalls with a t-shirt underneath that says 'Cheeky Princess' since all of the 'Smart Princess' ones were sold out.  She has baby blue socks on her feet and a pair of child sized trainers that are a little dirty from her playing.

She is quite safe and her beloved pet dog is watching over her close by as he watches her play, her mum is inside making supper while her dad is just back from work.  Her baby brother is having a nap and likely due to wake up for his supper soon.
She is alone as she plays in regards of other children, her only friend is away and none of the other children like to play with her, they prefer to bully her instead because her family doesn't have as much money as their parents do.  They also don't like how quiet she is and how much she already knows due to learning to read from an early age when she was a toddler, she is at a much higher reading level than any of the other kids so she tends to stand out with how many words she knows and can speak even though larger words are still tricky for her.

She is learning however and it is very likely that she'll master them eventually.

She was reading a book earlier that she enjoyed and once she was done she ran outside to play before her supper, she isn't all that interested in watching TV all that much.
With her are her few toys, a well played with Transformer she saved up for and managed to get on her birthday over two months past and there are a couple of dolls that she was given by neighbours, just second hand but still perfectly playable and a little red robot that isn't a Transformer but from another toy line, she is fond of this red robot although she doesn't recall it's name nor the toy line it comes from.  In later years she will come to learn that the toy is called Sparks, a female Go-bot.

She doesn't have much but what she has is enough for her, she has her family, a home and she knows she is loved which is good enough for her.  She may not have the newest of clothes or toys, she may not have any new gadgets but she has what she needs at least.

As she plays she natters away in a playful nature, she isn't bothered by the light breeze ruffling her hair and the slight nip from that breeze on her skin, she's too engrossed in her playing.

“You ate all the biscuits?”  She says to a doll, so she aims a toy missile launcher at the doll, sadly the toy it once belonged to is long since gone after a Baby Brother encounter.  “Then missile to the face!”  A toy missile pops out and smacks the doll in question on the face, bouncing off and stopping close to the child who picks it up and pops it back into the launcher.
“So greedy of you, let that be a lesson.  Anyone else who's been greedy will get a missile to the face, so behave”  Now you may think she's violent but this is part of how she plays, some would say she's tom boyish in nature and maybe she is despite the fact that she is female in body and mind and happily so.
In another reality this little girl was assigned as male at birth because of a birth defect, here however she was able to fully be the girl she was always meant to be instead of being pushed along another path by a society that places more value on body parts than the person within.

“Now if you have all learned from that lesson, I'll get more biscuits.  Keep an eye on them, Prime, Cassie there is a sneaky one”  She sets her Optimus Prime toy that she had saved up for in front of the dolls while she plays getting new biscuits and setting them down on the plate that is also in front of them.
As she plays she can smell the supper her mum is making, smells like maybe fish fingers or something else, she is hungry so she hopes it will be ready soon.  Her stomach growls as a reminder that she needs food soon and she rubs it, whispering to it.

“Supper time soon, okay?  Please wait”  She plays like this for another ten to twelve minutes with the occasional stomach rub when it growls.  She didn't understand why her stomach couldn't be patient, she was learning how to be patient so why couldn't her stomach?
She can hear her brother waking up from his nap, he's hungry as well.  She wonders if her maybe baby sister is also hungry.

“Supper time!”  Her mum calls out and the child quickly picks up all of her toys and takes them inside, placing them down on the living room table and heading back into the kitchen she had passed through to get to the living room.
She didn't like to make a mess and wasn't fond of leaving any toys outside.

Clambering up into a chair, her brother being helped into his chair since he was shorter than her and had trouble managing to get up onto it without some help, she waits for her food which soon arrives.

“Thank you!”  She says before digging in, she knew from Sunday school that some families said grace before supper but her family wasn't religious so they didn't really bother unless it was requested.  She was too hungry to make that request though.
As she eats she is conscious that the table is a little big and her arms quite short, sometimes she likes to stand in her chair but doesn't want to do that today.  She wonders how big she'll get when she's bigger, would she be as tall as her mum or taller?  A little voice in her tells her to not be so eager to grow up, to enjoy being little for now.  That little voice did seem to be getting louder the older she got, like it was a part of her that was looking out for her.

She had read in a book about something called a conscience, she didn't fully understand it yet but she understand some of the basics, that it was a part of herself that tried to keep her from making any serious mistakes.
She wondered if her conscience was becoming louder as she got older, maybe it was.  As long as she still got to play then she didn't mind.

After her supper she tidies away her toys and heads back to the living room to read, the TV is on but she isn't interested in it.  It was noisy, she preferred the quiet of her reading.  Well if the images in her mind as she read could be considered quiet, she always had so many images of the things she read and many more after she was finished reading.
Imagination her mum called it, she was told that she seemed to have a very active imagination which she didn't get to exercise much due to the other children not liking her.  She hoped her one friend would be back soon so that she could play and let more of her imagination out.

She cuddles close to her mum as she reads, her brother already looking close to falling asleep himself.  She has some hazy memories of being as young as he was, a part of her wished she could be that little again while another part says she's a big girl now and shouldn't want to be little like that again.
She wonders if she will be able to be that little again some day though, even if just for a little while.

Soon she is yawning and rubbing her eyes, she was so sleepy.  Her brother is already on the verge of sleep as she yawns.

“Bed time”  She doesn't argue this, she's too tired to argue so after her mum picks her brother up, she reaches up for her mum's available hand and goes through with her to the bedroom she shares with her brother.
She gets ready for bed while her brother is tucked in and given a kiss on the forehead, he gives a sleepy mummer and falls asleep.  Once dressed she slips into bed, her mum tucking her in and giving her a kiss on the forehead.

“Sweet dreams”  She smiles at her mum and whispers:

“Love you mum”  Before cuddling with her soft toy elephant that's as big as she is and which she's had since she was a baby, closing her eyes and falling asleep.

A happy, content little girl and her dreams filled with her playing and the book she had read.

Scene pictured?  Good.
A short piece from me which is a little personal for me since it's about the little girl I would have been very likely had my body been born differently than it was.

I was taught to read from an early age so I was always at a higher reading level than other kids which wasn't exactly well received by those who found me to be too different from them, also my family was always on the poverty line but they did their best to provide for me, my brother and my sister.  It wasn't easy but they did their best.
I saved up for a G1 Optimus Prime, the original, and managed to get him when I was seven.  I loved that toy.  Sadly he didn't survive the childhood years and I managed to get a reissue of him years later which I still have in the collection close to twenty years since I bought him.

I do tend to wonder how different things might have been had I been born fully myself instead of how things turned out, what kind of child I would have been and what kind of person I would have become as I matured into an adult.  Would I still be the same person or would I be someone else very different?  It's hard to know.

I do hope I would have had a happy childhood and grew into a happy, able bodied adult had things gone differently.  Maybe in another reality I did.
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