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Can you picture the scene?
It is the 1980s, 1986 to be exact, a seven year old girl is sitting in the back garden of the council flat she lives in with her baby brother, her mum, her dad and maybe one day a baby sister who is currently in her mum's womb.
This little girl has brown hair, brown eyes and is wearing a light pink pair of play overalls with a t-shirt underneath that says 'Cheeky Princess' since all of the 'Smart Princess' ones were sold out.  She has baby blue socks on her feet and a pair of child sized trainers that are a little dirty from her playing.
She is quite safe and her beloved pet dog is watching over her close by as he watches her play, her mum is inside making supper while her dad is just back from work.  Her baby brother is having a nap and likely due to wake up for his supper soon.
She is alone as she plays in regards of other children, her only friend is away and none of the other children like to play with her, they prefer to bully her instead becau
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I Am A Creator
I am the creator of worlds, the creator of entire universes.  Lives spring from my fingers with relative ease and they come and go throughout the course of their lives.
Names, faces, voices, all blend into a symphony of images and words.
I am not a God by any means, I do not claim to be such a thing.  To believe oneself to be such a thing is folly and arrogance, I just create because my heart and soul strive to create.
It is a soothing balm for me at times to create, to give life even if only for a short time.  For although the lives may be short in the telling they may live on in memory of those who experience those lives.
I am not a parent although at times my creations can sometimes feel like they are my children, I do nurture them after all as they develop and grow from the faintest spark to a full life.
I do not ask worship of them, they don't know that I even exist although one does but they are content with the knowledge of being a creation that has been given the
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Youth Fall is finished, not sure what I'll do next 

7 deviants said Any more AR or ABDL works in the future? - Don't know, honestly hoping not since I would prefer to write other genres for the time being, but if ideas appear then maybe
2 deviants said Burned out? - Somewhat, Youth Fall took a lot out of me
1 deviant said Any more non-Ar/ABDL stories one day? - I hope so, I've got a short story idea in my mind at this time, might write it
1 deviant said Any more gaming submissions? - Not sure yet, maybe, depends on the game and if I feel there's something worth posting
No deviants said It's finished? - Aye, completed it recently in full, been doing the usual edits and proof reads to make sure everything is just right
No deviants said Anything more from the Transformers collection? - Perhaps, I do have bots I haven't taken any photos of that joined the collection in the past couple of months



Power Of The Primes Dinobots
It took a little time but I finally managed to get the full Power Of The Primes Dinobot team, the final two being Snarl and Sludge who arrived almost two weeks ago.

They're not half bad, not perfect but better than expected.
Reina Watt - Baby Double
This was why I took a recent photo, Evian are doing their baby double thing where you submit a photo of yourself and they attempt to do a baby double.

She looks pretty cute.
“Hello, how are you?”

I freeze in fear, no words to say.  Oh I could be polite and try to answer you but the words stick in my throat.  Such a simple sentence to others, perhaps, but to me it is like being asked to name every country in the world and it's regions in a reverse language.
The sheer thought of speaking to anyone terrifies me, the very notion of being around people is enough to cause a cold sweat and hyperventilation.  How do I answer?  What do I say?  Should I just scream in fear and run for my life, likely running into a door or a wall without any thought of why it was done other than the desire to be away from being spoken to?

I know you are merely being polite, neighbourly, but my deep fear of being around people and social situations has me trembling in fear within and maybe that fear is showing on the outside.  Why do I have to be so fearful of being spoken to, of anyone seeing me?  Why?

Breathe, just breathe, be calm, you've faced this many times before.  Oh yes, and almost ran away screaming.  Coward.
Not a coward, just...socially inept.  Okay, yes, I'm terrified and probably going to wet myself in pure, utter terror at being spoken to, but I am no coward.

I am no coward.  Breathe, answer, run back instead and curl up in a ball and eat chocolate.  Yes, sounds like a plan.  A good plan.

How long as it is been since I was spoken to?  Feels like hours but I think it's been less than a second.  Less than a second of multiple scenarios of fearful reactions coming to mind.
Introverted, uncomfortable, awkward around people, I've heard many words used to describe my unease in social situations and when around others.  Either works.  I am not a people person, in no way a social butterfly.  My own company is enough for me, silence is my music, solitude is my haven.

There are so many important words I could say, I know that, so many people I could meet and so many places I could go to but something in me for as long as I have lived makes it hard for me to feel comfortable amid people.
The larger the crowd of people, the more paralysed from fear I feel.  Being around anyone makes me so tired and I feel like I'm going to pass out there and then, while when I am on my own I am more energetic and content.

Being this way tends to be looked down on by a largely extroverted society that thinks that people like me are freaks.  We are not freaks, we are just wired differently.

Not even a second has passed since you spoke to me, I need to answer.  I can do this, breathe.

“Hello, I'm okay”  I manage to squeak without any scream of fear.  You smile, nod, and resume on your way.  That second felt like an eternity to me.

I need chocolate, badly need to calm down.  Before someone else speaks to me.
Hello, How Are You?
A short piece that was inspired from both my natural introverted nature and this song -…

I am deeply introverted, always have been ever since I was very young.  Social interaction is very hard for me and the thought of being around people, especially large crowds, takes a lot out of me.  I try my best but it is very draining.

Update:  New link since the old one is no longer active
Reina Watt 2018
New photo of me, I'm not very photogenic and look horrible and yes that is a very flowerly blouse I have on
Sorry for the lack of new stories and anything new, still burned out from writing Youth Fall and haven't been able to muster the will to do anything in regards of the Transformers folder or anything.



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Four years on HRT reached today, yay and such


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Reina Harriet Watt
Artist | Literature
United Kingdom
Thank you in advance for any favourites of my work and any watching of my galley, saves me cluttering your inbox with thank yous. Also thank you in advance for any favs of the stuff I share.

Please do try to leave comments when you read my work, the comments - good or bad or in-between - are a big help. Feedback is important for an artist of any art.

I have also submitted some of my work, mostly my Reality Of Fate series, on Wattpad -…

Much of my work is on the adult side of things due to strong language and situations within them. So bear that in mind.

1) I can't draw, I don't have that skill. I don't take requests much since I don't like to work with a deadline and I have a strict set of rules that I keep to so that my writing doesn't turn into smut.

2) I don't know much anime, so don't expect me to write any anime fan fics.

3) I write my own characters, I don't write pre-mades because I can't write someone else's creation without basics, a foundation and knowing the character well enough.
Also a fleshed out pre-made character is made by someone else and doesn't fit with my own writing method. I would hate to make a mess of someone else's work due to my writing limits.

4) Reina Beaumont and her family, as well as Trilena Roberts, and other non pre-made characters are my own creation, my own work.
The Reality Of Fate: Beaumont Series can be located here -…

5) I don't write male characters very well.

6) I write various genres, but I draw the line at porn - boring stuff, and I refuse to do some silly nonsense where everyone is too busy jumping one another's bones than in doing anything else.

7) I am blunt, direct and say things as they are. I don't care for sugar coating the truth, if that harms any feelings, so be it. Life happens. I'm also not very talkative, I'm more of a listener than a talker. I prefer to leave extensive talking to my writing.

8) I am as I am, difference is part of life. If you can't accept that then know I don't take ignorance and arrogance lightly.

9) I'm British, well Scottish, so the spelling and wording I use is British. I only use American wording and spelling if it's required, which is rarely.

10) I am my own worst critic so even if I were to write a masterpiece or whatever, I would still hate it just as I hate all of my work. I always strive to improve but I am never happy with what I create.

Current Residence: Scotland
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Extra large, it's comfortable that way
Print preference: No idea
Favourite genre of music: As long as it inspires, I like it
Favourite photographer: No idea
Favourite style of art: Anything that is actually art and not someone's horny desires
Operating System: Currently using Windows 8.1
MP3 player of choice: None, I don't have one
Shell of choice: None really, they're all nice
Wallpaper of choice: Star Trek - creative
Skin of choice: No idea, don't care
Favourite cartoon character: Would take too long to say
Personal Quote: 'Desire Nothing To Receive Only What You Need'




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