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Do... not... buy... a dog with an unknown history, whom you've never met, from a person you've never met. 

It is a risk I took as I had been in contact with the person for at least 2 years prior and actually helped her pick pups from her litters and educated her a bit on what I had learned in my conformation and structural studies.

What came to me when I purchased him was an overreacting, "red zone" case, an intact adult "high drive, dominant" male Cane Corso, again, with an unknown history (secondhand info told me he may have been abused, key word secondhand) who grew up in a kennel with poor socialization, very bad trust toward people, dislike of small dogs and pretty much every living thing, zero behavioral shaping or training, not a city dog whatsoever (I live in the city albeit a smallish one). I basically bought a dog that didn't even remotely fit with my lifestyle, training experience, or dog owning experience. (Who's fault it was really doesn't matter. At this point it's hard to say, anyway. Communication is a HUGE DEAL and it obviously wasn't a huge deal at the time of my inquiry about him.)

But, because I'm an animal lover, I've loved dogs all my life (my whole family knows me as a passionate dog person) although my owning experience is limited, I CARE (about people and animals, not just about animals), and I'm a hardheaded, strong minded, steadfast person, I bent my life around this dog to help him, which I did. 

I took him back to his breeder because my mom has brain cancer and I am her caregiver. 

The breeder has always bullied me privately, has always been mean and rude to me, and I have never reciprocated her treatment of me. I would be happy for anyone to look through our messages, as I have always (save for maybe 2 or 3 times where I voiced my extreme frustration with her not being honest with me) stayed professional and tried to come across unemotional in our messages. 

The sad thing is she has never met me. I stopped talking to her because every time I would she would make me feel like crap. 

I was duped. I got a beautiful dog, yes, but his temperament overshadowed his beautiful appearance so much that at this point I'd so rather have the ugliest mutt on the planet if he could actually be approached by strangers.

It was my belief before getting the dog and STILL IS after this incredibly difficult experience with a "purebred dog" and "breeder", that the Cane Corso should still be approachable. It should not lash out in sudden fear or anger: that is as a result of bad nerves and/or poor socialization -- it is NOT a natural temperament trait of the breed, and anyone who makes excuses for that I do not want to be associated with.

So, obviously, as hard as it was parting with the animal I poured my heart, life, and tears into since March 2016, I could not even tell you how much I have learned. He gave me so much including an incredible understanding about canine temperament and how it should truly be at the PINNACLE of importance in a breeding program, especially such a strong and serious breed such as the Cane Corso. 

Nothing freaks me out more than to know that, yes, I complied with my contract and took the dog back to the breeder, but now he is out of my control. A GOOD, specialized trainer needs to take a serious look at him (and not be swayed by his outward appearance) and in my opinion the breeder needs to be honest with herself and ask if this dog in the world is the best thing right now. It was not my place nor my right to decide such a thing. I was just a co-owner, so in that I got myself into a serious bind with few options, considering I bought a dog I had ZERO understanding of how to deal with at the time. Through help with trainers and biting the bullet every single day and eventually bonding with the dog after about a year, by the time I took him back, I felt like he was part of me and I COULD handle him (regardless of whether the breeder said I could or not. Again, she's never met me or seen me with him, ever) better than anyone could at that time. 

I told the breeder I couldn't get him to stop lunging at strangers on neutral grounds when he was given treats. She said I have to correct a dog immediately (duh). May I also say (not exactly proud of it) that when he lunged to attack people I threw his ass on the ground and he would lay there for a few minutes until I told him to get up. What other lady is going to throw a 110 pound intact male on the ground from an in-air position except one who is trying to "correct" the dog lmao. I didn't do it for fun. Obviously old-school training for sure but in a split moment there's really nothing else one can do to make the dog wonder if doing that is worth it again.

Truthfully though I think when he lunged at people, it was not pre-thought and just a split second reaction. A nervous reaction can't really be corrected. I really don't think the dog "decided" to lunge at people. Ugh though. 

If I was ever a breeder, you wouldn't catch me dead selling this dog to anybody other than a very obviously proven handler, IF THAT. 

The crazy thing is I would have bent my life even more to keep him if glioblastoma multiforme didn't start taking up space in my mother's brain. Still those who do not know me or my situation resort to judgment and cruel words. It's because they didn't have to spend a day in my shoes, and somehow or another they gained experience without ever being an inexperience newbie at first. 

This may be rant-like but I just want to say if you are even remotely considering a breed like this...

2. Meet the dogs. See them at home. See them in public. See how they welcome or do not welcome strangers onto their property or in their home.
3. Get references (people who have purchased from the breeder and people who have family of the dogs that the breeder uses). 
4. Do research on the breeder specifically. Don't guess that because a breeder is small it has no secrets. 

Lastly... don't do what I did.

I would even go so far as to say look for a breeder who has a group of accountability partners within and outside of the breed. A breeder doing it on their own (and/or among other small-ish breeder friends) that has no accountability to other people, such as a well-known breeder whose name is out there with a good reputation, has just that: no accountability, no one keeping an eye on them, no one to report to, no one to see how they're doing or if what they're doing is ethical or responsible. 
My computer is broken to some degree. I have to reinstall the pen driver pretty much every time I want to use my tablet. Now PS has started freezing on a regular basis and sometimes I can't even open it. I do have Corel Paint Shop Pro X which I can still make graphics on but it does not recognize pen pressure... 

So, I guess I'm going back to traditional or traditional/digital combination like it was in the beginning. Just a little different this time, hopefully. I tried getting pencil crayons -- NOPE! Being used to coloring digitally and then going trad is just weird!

Also the fact that I am paying the consequences from having not drawn more than 10 times in the last 2 years makes continuing my darpg kennel a little difficult, though not impossible. Where there's a will... 

I have a breeding planned and a couple background histories on some foundation dogs and breedings, and I'd like to accompany these descriptions with images so hopefully in the near future you will see some sort of attempt at trad/dig art again!

Been on such a long hiatus, I'm not even sure who is still hanging on to darpg anymore... 

:) Happy Sunday
new awesome breeding to be posted soooooooooooon!
Any not listed here are inactive and not considered part of my breeding program at this time.

Sire :pointr: EMILIO
Color :pointr: Formentino
Ht/Wt :pointr: 100lbs/26"
DOB :pointr: September 2011
Children :pointr: Zaccaro, Adora
Siblings :pointr: F SSide Emilie, Lazario dell'Emilio

Sire :pointr: QADIR DA QAMAR
Dam :pointr: SSIDE. F. EMILIE
Color :pointr: Black
Ht/Wt :pointr: 110lbs/26"
DOB :pointr: June 2013
Children :pointr: No
Siblings :pointr: Olwyn

Sire :pointr: QADIR DA QAMAR
Color :pointr: Black
Ht/Wt :pointr: 25"/105 lbs
DOB :pointr: August 2012
Children :pointr: No
Siblings :pointr: Rivera

Sire :pointr: SHAMAR
Dam :pointr: FRANCESCA
Color :pointr: Formentino
Ht/Wt :pointr: 26"/115lbs
DOB :pointr: June 2013
Children :pointr: Azulekha, Arrigo
Siblings :pointr: Zaccaro

Sire :pointr: AZIKIEL
Dam :pointr: OLWYN
Color :pointr: Fawn
Ht/Wt :pointr: 25.5"/105 lbs
DOB :pointr: May 2015
Children :pointr: No
Siblings :pointr: No

Dam :pointr: KATAKLYSM
Color :pointr: Fawn
Ht/Wt :pointr: Not measured
DOB :pointr: April 2015
Children :pointr: No
Siblings :pointr: Santuzza

Dam :pointr: KATAKLYSM
Color :pointr: Black
Ht/Wt :pointr: 25.3"/115lbs
DOB :pointr: April 2015
Children :pointr: No
Siblings :pointr: Serafina

Sire :pointr: NIKOLAI
Dam :pointr: F DHS ANGEL TEARS
Color :pointr: Black
Ht/Wt :pointr: 25"/100 lbs
DOB :pointr: October 2014
Children :pointr: No
Siblings :pointr: Nikon, Nero

Sire :pointr: NAZARETH
Dam :pointr:  RED HOT AND BLUE
Color :pointr: Black
Ht/Wt :pointr: 25"/105 lbs
DOB :pointr: April 2014
Children :pointr: No
Siblings :pointr: Frankincense

Sire :pointr: ZEYARA
Dam :pointr: RED HOT AND BLUE
Color :pointr: Fawn
Ht/Wt :pointr: 26"/120 lbs
DOB :pointr: April 2014
Children :pointr: No
Siblings :pointr: Zephyra, Zoran

Sire :pointr: NIKARO
Dam :pointr: RAZIYAH
Color :pointr: Fawn
Ht/Wt :pointr: 26"/115 lbs
DOB :pointr: September 2014
Children :pointr: No
Siblings :pointr: Reza

Sire :pointr: AZIKIEL
Color :pointr: Formentino
Ht/Wt :pointr: Not measured
DOB :pointr: October 2014
Children :pointr: No
Siblings :pointr: Arrigo

Sire :pointr: Import (Russian/Italian)
Dam :pointr: Import (Russian/Italian)
Color :pointr: Black
Ht/Wt :pointr: 25"/100 lbs
DOB :pointr: December 2014
Children :pointr: No
Siblings :pointr: No

Sire :pointr: ARSHAVIR
Dam :pointr: F DHS ANGEL TEARS
Color :pointr: Black
Ht/Wt :pointr: 26"/110 lbs
DOB :pointr: October 2014
Children :pointr: No
Siblings :pointr: Nero

Sire :pointr: ZEYARA
Dam :pointr: RED HOT AND BLUE
Color :pointr: Black
Ht/Wt :pointr: Not measured
DOB :pointr: April 2014
Children :pointr: No
Siblings :pointr: Zoran

Zeyara - Fay Progeny by reinafawn

Any not listed here are inactive and not considered part of my breeding program at this time.

Sire :pointr: ZEYARA
Dam :pointr: RED HOT AND BLUE
Color :pointr: Formentino
Ht/Wt :pointr: 27"/140 lbs
DOB :pointr: April 2014
Children :pointr: No
Siblings :pointr: Zephyra

Sire :pointr: SHAMAR
Color :pointr: Grey
Ht/Wt :pointr: 27"/135 lbs
DOB :pointr: June 2013
Children :pointr: Serafina, Santuzza
Siblings :pointr: Adora

Sire :pointr: ARSHAVIR
Dam :pointr: LAZNIKA
Color :pointr: Grey Brindle
Ht/Wt :pointr: 26"/128 lbs
DOB :pointr: March 2015
Children :pointr: No
Siblings :pointr: No

Sire :pointr: ARSHAVIR
Dam :pointr: F DHS ANGEL TEARS
Color :pointr: Black
Ht/Wt :pointr: Not measured
DOB :pointr: October 2014
Children :pointr: No
Siblings :pointr: Ashira

Sire :pointr: NIKARO
Dam :pointr: RAZIYAH
Color :pointr: Black
Ht/Wt :pointr: 26"/130 lbs
DOB :pointr: September 2014
Children :pointr: No
Siblings :pointr: NIKASIA
What I Have Learned
- Breeding best to best doesn't usually produce anything worthy of breeding.
- Inbreeding is a tool that will show you what faults you have while bringing dozens less dogs into the world to do so.
- "Best" is truly subjective, which means that almost everything with regard to the purebred dog fancy is based on opinion. Even Standards of Breed Type often aren't detailed enough to avoid disaccordance.
- Showing is not what it used to be. It no longer proves the quality of your entire breeding program.
- Breeding is not that fun. It's difficult, time consuming, often not rewarding, scary, and often sad. But, I keep doing it for the purpose for which I started. As long as I have the resources and am continuing to make progress, I will continue to do it.

What I Have Been Able to Accomplish
- Improvement upon the previous generation in most cases.
- Consistency in size and general shape and temperament.
- Six generations since 2010.
- A kept-back pup from almost every breeding. Breeding up has served me well.

What I Have Improved Upon
- Strength of temperament and mind. My dogs are generally strong minded, but smart.
- The extreme type with which I started in my main foundation dog, I have cooled off through selective breeding. While I have been able to keep the typiness, the hypertype rarely comes through anymore.
- Personally, I have improved in my way of thinking about breeding, the understanding that nothing is as easy as it seems (yet, it is), and through experience, being able to estimate the result of something that has not yet been done.

What I Have Lost
- The short, stiff coats. Most of my dogs are a slightly longer coat type now.
- The short wideness of Zakhar's parents, though I feel it is tucked somewhere in Zaccaro and Adora.
- Super friendly temperament. My dogs are calm, collected, kind, but reserved. This temperament of Nikolai is rarely seen in Fortezza CC.
- Possibly my sanity.

Major Future Plans
- Cease and desist the Raziel lineage:
>> Start interbreeding Raziel dogs with something else, possibly more import blood.

- Begin the planning for generation 7 with the addition of some new blood never seen before.
>> This will include Kresimira Gulistanskiy (Amira)

- Start isolating Gabriella in future breedings. (Going back to old dogs. Have to do this soon.)
>> Lazario, Fay, Azika, Francesca, Amadeo

Minor Future Plans
- Focus on good art amd writing more so than TKC points and "shows" and the like.

Overall, which generation is your best and why?
So far, I want to say my fifth generation is my best (even more so than my sixth). Many of my favorites are in this generation.

1. Kataklysm - Shamar x Torrent
2. Adora - Shamar x Francesca
3. Zaccaro - Shamar x Francesca
4.  Rivera - Qadir x Croc
5. Zoran - Zeyara x Fay
6. Qetsiyah - Qadir x Emilie

Among many more. I consider this my best generation so far simply because of the quality of the individuals that makes it up. Strong bitches, good minds, good health, and lovely conformation.

Overall, which generation was your worst and why?
I'm not going to say it was my "worst" but my third generation really wasn't all that special, for a few reasons:

1. Inconsistent size. Not that I was expecting consistency at this time, especially considering it's the next generation out from my outcross foundation litter (second gen), but wow. Bitch weights ranged from 105 to 130 lbs, and males from 115 to 130.

2. Qamar was another odd one that I only bred once, mostly because his sire's side was relatively unknown/unstudied. I knew his dam's side, so I bred toward that side. I bred Qamar to Nikolani (an old fav), producing Qadir who would later go on to produce some nice puppers I'm proud of.

3. Aella herself was one of those somewhat nondescript showy Corsos: big head, big muzzle, fawn, full black mask, playful, affectionate, big bone, etc. Nothing about her screamed WOW but nothing was obviously incorrect. She produced my boy Shamar who will always be one of my top 5.

4. Amadeo was a nice boy, son of Gabriella, really the best I think I could have gotten out of Magnum directly. Magnum was trained in IPO but retired at 4 due to an injury (secondary to a physical trait I bred out, I think) and I decided to neuter him and send him to a loving family.

I feel like Gen 3 was an "in between" generation that had to happen for "better stuff" to come along, which it did.

Which male dog in all of your breeding program is, in your opinion, the best/worst?
Best: Zaccaro / Worst: Zaccarias

1. I call Zaccaro my super Zakhar. Bigger, taller, and grey, but very similar temperament and producing ability.
2. Zaccarias was my boxer type Zakhar son who was nervy and had a problematic low ceiling for stress.

Which female dog in all of your breeding program is, in your opinion, the best/worst?
Best: Ashira / Worst: Nicoletta

1. Physically, Ashira is very close to what I feel is "correct" to the standard. Very close, not perfect, but wow.
2. Physically, Nicoletta isn't very typey, and had a few musculoskeletal problems early on. Never bred.

If you could go to the beginning, what would you definitely do different?
On one hand, I think I would have bred Zakhar to a different female and used their offspring to found my program. What Zakhar and Emilia gave me was a variation that was difficult to know which direction to go afterward. Gabriella (daughter of the two) was my preferred female from the couple and often wish she was a male. In that instance, I would have bred Gabriella to several of my females and selected a pups that looked most like her to base my line upon. However, I am not unhappy with the direction I went, using Emilio to a Gabriella x Magnum daughter (Arabela). That lineage sort of half fizzled away into my unsuccessful attempt at bringing in a more farmy type with Raziel by breeding his son Azikiel to Olwyn (down the line from Emilio maternally and Nikolai paternally).

However, breeding Emilio then to a strong import bitch, Svjetlana, producing Aella, and then breeding Aella back to Zakhar which produced Shamar who was one of my favorite all-time CC out of Fortezza. This was a much better decision in my view of what I have done in the past, as this directly produced Adora and Zaccaro (breeding Fran [Emilio x Arabela]) to Shamar, a 2-4-3-4 inbreeding on Zakhar. This was my last heavily inbred-on-Zak breeding I will do in probably a few generations. I didn't foresee myself doing this in the past years, but with the information I had collected on past Zakhar-related breedings, I took a chance, and so far it has worked well for my breeding program.

2. I would have not used Raziel  (USA) to Azika (Spanish import). This didn't produce anything bad per se but the female I kept back (Raziyah) was very out of fashion for Fortezza. I decided to breed her once, to see whether she was worth breeding again. I bred her to an old male, Nikaro (Lazario x Nikolani), keeping back Reza (male) and Nikasia (bitch). These two are co-owned within the province and are so far "great pets" physically. I had hoped that Nikaro would cover Raziyah's lack of substance. He did, but he did not cover her near-parallel head planes and several un-Corso traits. I would consider Nikasia an improvement upon Raziyah, but Raziyah needed to be improved upon anyway that Nikasia isn't particularly exceptional. She is just better than her mom. So, overall, the Raziel x Azika lineage just sort of "ended" and didn't go to where I wanted it. Raziel x Azika also produced Azikiel, who was bred to Olwyn, another substance-lacking bitch, producing Annwyn who is just plain ugly-type Corso. This isn't to say I wouldn't try again. Azikiel is a nice dude but he has so much heterozygosity that he'd be great for someone just wanting to crossbreed all the time and never reach a consistent type. Azikiel did produce Azulekha and Arrigo with Adora, which was a Raziel/Zakhar cross that needed to happen. Azu/Arrigo are 50% not Zakhar.

3. I would have bred Dragana earlier. I think I underestimated her quality and what she could have brought to my breeding program. She is getting older now and is still a maiden. Overall I like breeding females younger and I have wondered if I should even try breeding her. In some ways I feel that it would be a large loss not to breed her, but as a 5 year old, I'm not sure I really want to for her sake. I'm consulting with breeding friends and mentors, and while we are leaning toward "yes, breed her", in many ways I regret not doing so a few years ago. (She is my lovely black bitch bred by the late Bournetwyn Kennel, by Qadir and out of Crocodile Tears.)

Where can readers go to learn more about the history and future of your kennel?

My DARPG Kennel Journal
Picture of Emilia, Gabriella, Arabela, Francesca, Adora, and Azulekha, the latter not mentioned above, who is Azikiel x Adora (50% not Zakhar).
Building Blocks of Fortezza - Important dogs of Fortezza
Zeyara x Fay Progeny - Zoran, Zephyra, and Zeyhra
Current Cane Corso Prospects - Breeding prospects remain prospects until proven otherwise.


The Succession - Description of Azora x Azikiel, Raziyah x Nikaro, Rivera x Nikolai, and Rivera x Arshavir
To Breed or Not To Breed


Do be advised this is entirely fictional. I write and draw in my spare time, and dog breeding is one of my interests. I have never bred a dog in my life.

copyright reinafawn
PLEASE do not copy or reference to make your own story.
Be creative. Be you.
Reina Fawn Graphix is on hiatus.
As is Fortezza, though I've unstored my dogs as it messed everything up.

I still come on every so often, if you need to reach me please note me.

Below is a list of dogs bred at Fortezza,
or dogs kept back for breeding at Fortezza.

B = Bitch
D = Dog
Br = Brindle
Bu = Blue
Fo = Formentino
Fa = Fawn
Bk = Black
* = Dogs that were never bred before retirement, or neutered before reproduction.
(#) = Year of first DA reference.

. . . . . . . .


Bu D - Magnum, 132 lbs/26-1/2"
Br D - Zakhar, 132 lbs/25" (Nov 2009)
Fo B - Emilia, 120 lbs/26" (Jul 2010)
Bk D - Nikolai, 109 lbs/25.2"
Fa B - Svjetlana, 127 lbs/28"
Fo B - Azika, 117 lbs/25.6" (Feb 2012)
Br B - Torrent, 115 lbs/26"
BuBr D - Arshavir, 125 lbs/26" (June 2013)
Fa D - Zeyara, 140 lbs/27" (Nov 2013)
Bk B - Kresimira, 110 lbs/25" (Dec 2014)

* BuBr D - Zaccarias, 103 lbs/25.5"  (Ap. 2011)
* Bk D - Kazimir, 29"/127 lbs (Ap. 2011)
BuBr B- Gabriella, 125 lbs/26.5" (Aug 2010)
Fo D - Emilio, 126 lbs/27" (Aug 2010)
Bk B - Koralei, 105 lbs/25.8" (Apr 2011)
Bk B - Nikolani, 105 lbs/25.2" (July 2011)
Fa D - Azikiel, 125 lbs/27" (Oct 2012)
Bk B - Raziyah, 100 lbs/25-1/2" (Nov 2012)

Fa B- Aella, 128 lbs/26.3" (May 2011)
Bu D - Amadeo, 132 lbs/26.6"
Fo B - Zerah, 107 lbs/25.4" (July 2011)
Bu B - Arabela, 120 lbs/27" (Apr 2011)
Fa D - Qamar, 117 lbs/26" (July 2011)

Fo B - Francesca, 110 lbs/26" (Sept 2011)
BuBr D - Lazario, 132 lbs/27" (July 2012)
Fo D - Shamar, 134 lbs/27.6" (Oct 2011)
Bu B - Fay, 110 lbs/27" (Dec 2011)
Bk D - Qadir, 115 lbs/25" (Apr 2012)
Bk D - Nazareth, 115 lbs/26" (Feb 2012)
* Bk B - Nicoletta, 91 lbs/24" (Feb 2012)

Fa B - Olwyn, 115 lbs/26" (Dec 2012)
Br B - Kat, 118 lbs/26" (Aug 2013)
Fo B - Adora, 115 lbs/26" (July 2013)
Bu D - Zaccaro, 133 lbs/27" (July 2013)
Bk B - Rivera, 110 lbs/25.6" (May 2012)
Fo D - Zoran, 138 lbs/27" (Oct 2014)
Bk B - Zephyra, 115 lbs/26" (Apr 2014)
Fa B - Zeyhra, 120 lbs/26.2" (July 2014)
Bk B - Jerusalem, 105 lbs/25.2" (July 2014)
BuBr B - Laznika, 110 lbs/26" (Sep 2012)
Fa D - Nikaro, 120 lbs/26" (Nov 2012)
Bk B - Qetsiyah, 110 lbs/26" (June 2013)
Bk B - Dragana, 105 lbs/25" (Aug 2012)

Bk B - Nikita, 100 lbs/25" (Feb 2015)
Bk B - Ashira, 110 lbs/26" (Dec 2014)
BuBr D - Ardeshiir, 120 lbs/26" (March 2015)
Bk D - Reza, 27"/130 lbs (Oct 2014)
Fo B - Nikasia, 26.2"/125 lbs (Oct 2014)
Fo B - Azulekha, 110 lbs/25.6" (Oct 2014)
Fa D - Arrigo, 120 lbs/26" (Dec 2014)
Fa B - Annwyn, 110 lbs/26" (May 2014)
Bk B - Santuzza, 115 lbs/25.4" (June 2015)
Fa B - Serafina, 115 lbs/26" (June 2015)

Read more about the Fortezza Cane Corso story here on DeviantART! Fortezza is a fictional breeding kennel specializing in the Cane Corso breed. It started in 2009 and has grown to multiple dogs and generations built upon the best. It exists in multiple lines including the most well-known "Zakhar" line, which produces a type that exemplifies the power, intelligence, and working temperament of a correct Cane Corso.

History of the Fortezza Cane Corso Bloodline, written March 2014 by reinafawn
The Succession, written September 2014 by reinafawn
Point Proven, written February 2015 by reinafawn

Fortezza prides itself on breeding to the standard, understanding that type is not just physical but mental. Breeding stock is not measured by beauty solely, but internal and external health, the health of the entire family, mental and conformational soundness, breed type including temperament, desire and ability to work are just a few of the aspects against which bloodstock is measured.

Fortezza, as stated, is fictional, and is created and continued by reinafawn, (Reina Fawn), who is passionate about reputable canine breeding, theriogenetics, heredity, biomechanics, temperament, and training.

Thank you for reading my story!
If I hear another don't inbreed, it's unhealthy I am going to slap someone.

This is based on what I have learned and seen. You don't have to agree; however, this is a somewhat persuasive piece. Please do not read if you're going to get really mad.

Why is it unhealthy? Why does it cause illness? Why do you think that? I wish I could say I have received one educated answer to these, but I have not.

What is inbreeding?

"The mating of closely-related individuals, as cousins, sire-daughter, brother-sister, or self-fertilized plants, which tends to increase the number of individuals that are homozygous for a trait and therefore increases the appearance of recessive traits." -Definition by

Rules of Inbreeding

:bulletblack: It increases homozygosity.
:bulletblack: It intensifies.
:bulletblack: It brings out what already exists that may be hidden in prior individuals.
:bulletblack: It does not create anything.

Inbred Offspring

- They all look the same or extremely similar to their parents as infants.
- They all have the same or similar temperaments.
- There is very little variation in the litter.

As said before, inbreeding only brings out what is already there. People assume that because this new thing as "popped up" all of a sudden in their linebred Rottweiler litter, something they haven't seen before, i.e. closed nostrils or yellow eyes, that it is a mutation caused by inbreeding. That probably isn't the case. These recessive genes have doubled up and were caused to "express" (physically show on the dog) rather than lie beneath the surface.

If all you do is outcross, the chances of expressing yellow eyes in a litter of Rottweilers is very low. However, if one family carries yellow eyes and you only breed within that family, the chances of yellow eyes expressing rises significantly.

Take This for Example...

Quote from Lloyd Brackett "Planned Breeding" Article

"Quite some years ago, a daughter of the bull Saturn and the cow Rhea was mated to her full brother, and the resulting heifer was mated to her sire; the daughter of this mating was mated to her full brother and, again, the resulting heifer was mated to the same bull; their calf was put to the same bull and their calf yet again to the same sire.

The result of this intensive and exaggerated inbreeding, by which the last calf had nine crosses of the same original parents (Saturn and Rhea) and no other blood, was Purest, a cow of exceptional vigor and robustness, and an amazing milk producer."


In my mind, you don't need to exaggerate anything in breeding as in the Jersey cow example, unless you want to cut the amount of time you spend on developing your breeding program in half or more and don't mind the risk involved. This risk is bringing lethal traits out that are in your line.

How does one know if there are lethal traits in his/her line? By inbreeding. Otherwise, s/he could go generations and generations just outcrossing and never know the recessive genes that are being produced over and over again.

Every strain of dog is inbred to some degree. That's how you can tell one from the other. No breed was produced by outcrossing all of the time.

A bloodline is a strain within a strain. Every breed is practically a strain within its own subspecies. That's why you can breed a Rottweiler to a Dalmatian and get fertile offspring. Bloodlines, i.e. Corvino (APBT), Dyrium (Cane Corso), DDR (German Shepherd Dog), etc., are all developed over time by planned family breeding.

It's not incest!
Incest is literally a cultural taboo in humans. With dogs, put a son and a mother in the backyard, both intact, and they WILL breed. They are not put off by similar ancestry. They don't ask what's your pedigree. This even happens in the wild, but there are usually natural rituals that prevent inbreeding.


Brother x sister is not the same as sire x daughter, for example.

Sire x daughter isolates sire's line. The amount of the mother's line in the daughter x sire offspring is decreased.

Brother x sister isolates both sire and dam. This breeding occurs when the mixing of sire and dam is desired in one dog. This, in my opinion, is tricky, especially if the sire and dam are not related. There are millions of genes and offspring possibilities in a brother x sister litter if their parents are unrelated.

The more common forms of inbreeding are cousin x cousin (isolating a grandparent), uncle x niece, etc. These are what are recommended to new breeders wishing to develop their own line.


An outcross litter (unrelated parents) has the same genetic variation as a first-generation mix! You will get a litter of dogs that look like the breed you have, probably, but you won't be able to control anything about what they look like. You may or may not be fortunate enough to get a good quality dog in this litter. This good quality dog, as an adult, is a wildcard in breeding. The reason for this is his genetic variety. He may be a good producer (producing better than himself) but produce multiple "types."

A "linebred" litter, i.e., half brother to half sister (isolating the dam, who was a typical female in all aspects, good producer, good hips and overall health, correct coat) will produce a lot of similarities to this dam and her line. There will still be a bit of variation because the other dogs in the pedigree still have some genetic bearing on the puppies, but the most of it is coming from this typical dam.

The pick from this linebred litter is more likely to pass his traits than an outcross male who has such genetic heterozygosity. This is called being "prepotent", where his genetics would overcome his mate's genetics at least somewhat. In saying so, not all dogs/people who are prepotent are inbred at any point. Some genes are just dominant.



:bulletblack: Inbreeding depression: The reduced population biological fitness as a result of successive inbreeding. Examples could be the high uric acid Dalmatian, the high amount of dysplastic German Shepherd Dogs, two-puppy litters in some of the smaller terriers, etc.

The way to fix the inbreeding depression is to outcross (mix with another strain) or outbreed (mix with another population of the species, i.e. Canis familiaris to Canis lupus).

However, outcrossing or outbreeding will produce varied polygenic traits and the consistency of the offspring will be very low. To one wishing to develop a line and rid it of health problems, understanding of how to manage carriers and recessives without only outcrossing all of the time is necessary. (Use multiple tools of breeding, not just one.)

Many breeders will inbreed in one generation, outcross or near outcross the next, then "breed back into the line" (inbreed) a couple times and then outcross again. This actually helps the gene pool and creates more variety overall because genes from Family A are coming together with Family Z that were never put together before.

:bulletblack: Hybrid vigor: The theory that hybrid offspring have increased biological fitness in a given population. For example, a Dalmatian bred to a Rottweiler is healthier than a Rottweiler bred to another Rottweiler. There is some truth in this, depending on the dogs used. The chances of both parents of different breeds having the same recessives, however, are lower, than the chances of parents parents of the same breed having the same recessives.

After a point, it no longer matters how heterozygous the parents are. If the parents are affected with an illness, they are more than likely to pass this illness, if genetic, onto its offspring, whether they are purebred within their breed/strain or a mix. Remember, mix breeds and purebreds are all the same subspecies; mutts are just more heterozygous (usually) than purebreds, genetically.

I shall say it again: An outcross purebred breeding (the parents of which are not related except through the breed) has the same genetic variability as a first generation MIX. You read it right. An outcross purebred has the same theorized "hybrid vigor" as a mix breed.


The reason why there is depression in inbreeding is because how much it is done within the same line AND who the animals/plants are that are being combined.

Take the Jersey cow example. Saturn x Rhea (which may have been an outcross; I do not know) together produced strong, robust, and "vigorous" offspring together that produced lots of milk. The exaggerated inbreeding that was done on this resultant offspring produced nothing but what was already produced by Saturn x Rhea. If Saturn x Rhea produced alright animals with average milk production, there would be no reason to duplicate that through inbreeding. Whoever performed these matings knew the bloodline and knew what was going to be intensified. I am sure there were intensified negative traits, i.e. temperament or physical, but nothing that affected milk and reproduction.


Bottom Line

Inbreeding is not "bad". It CAN be, if done incorrectly or without knowledge, understanding, or without a proven line. Inbreeding upon a line that has consistently produced Fair hips or closed nostrils or predisposition to illness would be "bad." Inbreeding over successive generations without any fresh blood added in for variety could be "bad" as all the negative traits (and the positive traits, which is subjective) will be intensified.

Inbreeding does not CREATE, it only INTENSIFIES what already exists.

Inbreeding should be done by professionals or those who know exactly what risk they are taking and know the bloodline very well.

The "best" route in breeding, well, it depends who you ask. You can outcross and produce a litter of below average purebreds. You can "linebreed" and produce a litter of average purebreds. You can inbreed and produce a litter of above average purebreds. You can do all of the three and get any of the three results, or outcross and get two excellent pups and the rest crappy, and then breed one of those excellent ones can get mostly average pups.


There is a LOT of reading you can do on this subject, if you care enough to learn. Don't just say anything is bad or good based on what you heard from others. :(

Quite frankly, one of my favorite lines was developed off of one bitch. One of the best dogs/producer I have ever seen was a result of dam's sire to herself breeding. This dam was the foundation of this line which is easily the largest running bloodline in the breed in the world that he accomplished in less than 10 years.


I have said what I need to say. I didn't post this to argue with anyone. I can see how people would arrive to the conclusion that inbreeding is bad, and understand why one chooses not to use it. It's fine. It's just a tool. If you outcrossed all the time and just inbred once, you could still build your own line I am sure. It just wouldn't be as consistent as it could be, and not as recognizable.

© reinafawn
I writed this. All of dis. Except what's in quotes.
Copy not.

1. SPK's Alpo II: 8 points
2. SPK's Mulan
3. T-Rex's Konigshaus War

1. SPK's Bishop Prince
2. SPK's Inhale

1. F. Zaccaro del Shamar
2. F. Zeyhra
3. Arshavir

1. Stormtime's Midnight in Paris: 8 points
2. Stormtime's Rough N Ready
3. Stormtime's Chasing Heartbeats

1. WBS Ready For My Treasure: 8 points
2. WBS Kackle Prince
3. WBS Music Fills My Empty Soul


1. Stormtime's Midnight in Paris: 20 points
2. WBS Ready For My Treasure: 10 points
3. F. Zaccaro del Shamar

1. SPK's Bishop Prince: 10 points
2. SPK's Alpo II 
^ prizes are as such because there is no 3rd breed. As said in the rules,
there must be at least 2 other dogs competing for the same prize.


BEST IN SHOW: Stormtime's Midnight in Paris: 30 points
RESERVE BEST IN SHOW: SPK's Bishop Prince: 20 points
THIRD IN SHOW: 15 points - There is no third in show because of only TWO groups entering.

Congratulations on your wins and please await your prize.

stormtime AvantGardeKennels AstroDoja

Best Breeder in Show

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 15, 2014, 3:07 PM
This journal has been a long time coming, as the results were posted a while ago, but wanted to extend my
deepest congratulations to Bethzatha and her Lockjaw brood, Rocket, Wraith, Arsenic, and Poppy.

This litter was a co-breeding between Konigshaus K9 International and Fortezza, combining an excellent
gamebred specimen and an important stud in the APBT, Prime's Lockjaw (RIP).

Stated in the Show Journal Results:

With a near perfect score of 98 points, Fortezza brought their A game and a wonderful line
of pure blooded red American Pit Bull Terriers to the show. We salute you for your dedication
to preserving the bloodlines of old and keeping Game in the now. As such, we hope
these rewards and titles will put other Game breeders to shame:

Best Breeder In Show
Breed Champion

Bully Show Breeders Stakes xx LOKI x BETH by reinafawn

The entry included a Eukanuba-style background, as that was one of the sponsors, and a 
1750-word story that outlined my stay at the show grounds and experiences with my dogs!

This entry took at least 10 hours to complete, making it one of my "big" deviations,
where usually I spend 2-3 hours maximum on a deviation.

is the one in the middle with the most white spotting. He is a large male, big chest, and 
appears the most UKC from the front. From the side, he looks like a larger, thicker version
of his dam. He is the largest of his siblings, but not by a longshot.

is the one furthest left. She looks just like Bethzatha, just a bit bigger in head and overall
substance. They have similar personalities as well! She is the bitch I kept back.

is the most delicious, handsome male, with a beautiful headtype and really a wonderful
individual in the breed. He reminds me most of Lockjaw, with gamebred influence. 
He is seen here furthest right with the strange chest marking.

is in between Arsenic and Rocket. She is basically a bitchy version of Lockjaw, but has
a very unique face and kind eyes. She is muscular but streamlined, and it's quite 
obvious she is related to Arsenic by way of her proportions and coloring.

Lastly, Bethzatha,
the dam of all four, is a rich, brighter liver than her offspring and noticeably slimmer 
with less bone and substance. She is, however, very well muscled and rightfully so;
she is extremely versatile in every sport I train her in and excels in everything, 
including bear hunting, large game hunting, coursing, agility, advanced obedience,
and more! She is the foundation APBT bitch at Fortezza. Her shoes can only be filled
by top grade dogs, and that is our intent with the Bethzatha bloodline!

Mumma by reinafawn


Fortezza RNG Show II

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 30, 2014, 10:51 PM
The second RNG show by Fortezza. Please read rules before submitting your entries!

Beginning Date: July 1 || Ending Date: August 1


turquoise heart bullet

All real life breeds acceptable, including non-kennel club breeds. Type variations of one breed,
i.e., Pit Bull (XXL, XL, APBT, etc.) or GSD (Working/Show) or anything similar will be placed in
the same group. It will be up to you if you want your XXL competing with a gamebred Pit Bull.

A dog with a disqualifying trait cannot be entered into this show. Faults, yes, DQs, no.

Full body images are required. Shading is not required. It is up to you how much
effort to put into these drawings; however, please don't submit crap since there are prizes.

Premade lineart may not be used; however, new lineart made strictly for this show is acceptable
within a sheet with the same breed on it. Please no more than 6 dogs on one sheet. Any more 
past 6 dogs on one sheet will be disqualified.

You may submit an unlimited amount of dogs.

Pre-registration is not required.

Use the below form to submit your entries:



turquoise heart bullet 

First, breeds will be judged. Then winner of breed will go to groups. Groups will be judged, then
winner of Groups will go to Show placement. There will be 1st, 2nd, 3rd for each
placement, i.e., there will be a BIS, RBIS, and 3rd in Show; Group 1, Group 2, Group 3, etc.

Since this is an RNG show, effort, drawing style or technique or level are not important.

Placements in this show can go towards kennel club point systems.

Screenshots plus a witness for proof.

I will be entering; however, if my dogs win a prize, it will roll off to the runner up.
For example, if my dog wins Best in Group, the Best in Group prize will go to the 2nd in Group winner,
and the 2nd in Group prize will go to the 3rd in Group winner.


turquoise heart bullet 

BEST IN SHOW: 30 points
THIRD IN SHOW: 15 points

BEST IN GROUP: 20 points
SECOND IN GROUP: 10 points

BEST IN BREED: 8 points

Best in Show winner will have a custom ribbon made for him/her that can be placed in the dog's ref.

In order to win best of breed prize, a dog must be competing against at least 2 other dogs of that breed.

Any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

because everyone's doing it

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 22, 2014, 10:02 PM
not that i use that reason often... but... ok i just needed an excuse to waste time.

. . . . . . . 

1. What is your kennel name?


2. What does the name mean?

It means "fortress" in Italian. 

3. What was another name you almost used for your kennel?

I think I was pretty stuck on this one, but I liked "Adorazione" (pronounced adore-aht-zee-oh-nay) and didn't
go with it because it would have been hard to pronounce and/or spell.

4. Do you have another account?

Not anymore. I used to have Jahzara Horses but just brought them over here.

5. What are your focus breeds?

Cane Corso, Great Dane are the two but I also commonly draw my Staffs/APBTs and now Rotts.

6. Where is your kennel "located?"

Canada! In an igloo. No. Four hours north of the Washington border and four hours east of the ocean.

7. Who was your first dog?

"Zakhar" the Cane Corso! *cringes at old drawing* "Imported" in 2009.

Founding Male at Fortezza by reinafawn

8. Three (3) of your favorite dogs?

Adora (F. Adora del Francesca CGC) & Zaccaro (BIS F. Zaccaro del Shamar) which are my littermates heavy on 
Zakhar, my founding male. They are the culmination of my Zakhar bloodline which has reached its zenith. It will
now be used to mix in other Corso bloodlines, developed by myself, along with imports, 
to make some changes and continue to improve it.

Adora >  Little sister... by reinafawn Zaccaro Adult by reinafawn < Zaccaro

Cosmo (Int'l F. Wyld and Styled CGC) is my other favorite because he's got the conformation I love, that regality
of the Great Dane like it is supposed to have, with the musculature and showstopping substance. He also has a 
good temperament and is the sort of Great Dane I would like to own if I were to get one IRL.

F. Wyld and Styled by reinafawn

9. Biggest thing you learned after joining DARPG?

That so long as I keep drawing, I learn something for the next drawing. Each drawing is practice for the next one.
Also that if you keep using your bad habits, the speed at which you are learning to draw better will be very slow. keep studying and practicing. That's basically the largest reason why I am on DARPG anyway.

10. DARPG friends and idols?

Numerous people on DARPG inspire me to draw better! Some for conformation purely, some for painting technique,
some for depth of writing, and some just general amazingness. These include but are not limited to:

swagstag TrueGameKennel ShockTherapyStables Stiir Red-Solace 
CanisPitbull LaelaMcPitty stormtime 

11. Who inspired you to join DARPG?

I honestly started before DARPG was a "thing." I saw HARPG which inspired me to do the same sort of thing, 
except with dogs. The main people who inspired me to practice drawing/painting were 
Jakkdaw and Hazel-rah

12. What group do you register your dog with?

Many of my dogs remain unregistered but the ones I want to actively title are in TheDog-House or the Kennel Club.
I never used to do this but thought might as well now that it is sorta expected. However, my lines go way back
before any darpg kennel club and they were just as legit then as they are now with being registered.

13. What is one of your favorite DARPG-related picture of yours?

Cosmo x Hypoxia by reinafawn

14. Which dog refs would you like to redo?

Zakhar, Emilia, Gabriella, Emilio, and Zaccarias the eunuch

15.  Who is the most: aggressive dog?  Kindest dog?  Oldest dog?  Funniest dog?

I don't keep legitimately aggressive dogs in my kennel, but the quote unquote toughest, hottest, 
most spirited dog is probably my foundation gamebred APBT bitch.

Mumma by reinafawn

Kindest: Probably Dréa the Am Staff, very sweet, confident, calm dog, good for calming down
other dogs or first meeting when introducing a dog to the kennel. 

Nat'l F. NI4NI by reinafawn

Oldest: Nikolai is my oldest boy, founding father to the Nikolai line which is not as official as
a line as the Zakhar line, but still specific in its own way. Nikolai is now 13 years of age!

F. Nikolai by reinafawn

Funniest dog: Shamar the Cane Corso has gotta be my funniest dog. Shamar is silly just the
way he moves, runs, plays, jumps; he is sanguine and would be the type of person to crack
jokes or make fun of everything that happens, and laugh at himself for making a mistake.

Shamar by reinafawn

16. Have you ever hosted a show?  If yes, how many?  If not, would you?

Yes, an RNG. I may host an Effort show eventually but not sure.

17. Do you title your dogs?

I have started to title some dogs. I pick some select few, ones that I want to practice drawing, 
and choose a sport I want to practice drawing and studying as well, so I can write about the test.
Again, I thought might as well because it is an even better medium to practice drawing within
than just drawing dogs standing all the time! Movement changes things.

18. Who do you tag?


Judged 7:00 a.m. PST time with 1 witness through
Because I couldn't get another witness, I have screenshot everything for proof of unbiased judging.

:pointr: Breed Placements:
:pointr: Show and Group Placements:
:pointr: Facebook conversation between witness and myself:

Each dog was given a number from 1 to 40, and the random number generator was set at
minimum 1 and maximum 40. Since there were only 22 entries, many numbers were skipped.
I did this because I feel that when the min/max range is low,'s RNG often repeats
numbers consecutively and changes the possibility. (Maybe not, but better safe than sorry.)

Breeds were judged first, from lowest placement to highest placement.

Then Groups were judged, from lowest placement to highest placement.

Then Show was judged, from lowest placement to highest placement.

As stated in the rules, Best of Breed winners do not get a point prize, and Groups must have
at least 2 entries for that Group winner to get the 10-point prize.

Breed Results

American Bully
BEST OF BREED:  Now You've F*cked Up v. Konigshaus

American Pit Bull Terrier
BEST OF BREED:  Konigshaus' Wraith
2ND IN BREED:  MixTM Ice Queen
3RD IN BREED:  SYDKs Sorry for Party Rocking V. Konigshaus

German Shepherd Dog
BEST OF BREED:  Russian Vodka v. Konigshaus
2ND IN BREED:  DR's Kat Von D v. Konigshaus
3RD IN BREED:  DRK Beautiful Justice

Great Dane
BEST OF BREED:  F. Anthrax

Sarloos Wolfhound

BEST OF BREED:  Isengards A Thing Called Jazz
2ND IN BREED:  Isengards Count of Monte Cristo di Eurico

Labrador Retriever
BEST OF BREED:  SFK Radiant Phantom at Finesse
2ND IN BREED:  SFK After Midnight at Finesse

Group Results

Herding Group:  Russian Vodka v. Konigshaus  

Working Group:  F. Anthrax

Terrier Group:  Konigshaus' Wraith

Miscellaneous Group:  Now You've F*cked Up v. Konigshaus  

Nonsporting Group:  Isengards A Thing Called Jazz    

Sporting Group:  SFK Radiant Phantom at Finesse

Show Results

BEST IN SHOW:  F. Anthrax
RESERVE BEST IN SHOW:  SFK Radiant Phantom at Finesse
3RD IN SHOW:  Now You've F*cked Up v. Konigshaus  
4TH IN SHOW:  Isengards A Thing Called Jazz

Points Awarded
30 points to Best in Show:  F. Anthrax
10 points to Group Winners:  Russian Vodka v. Konigshaus, Konigshaus' Wraith,
Isengards A Thing Called Jazz, and SFK Radiant Phantom at Finesse

Congratulations to all and thank you for entering your dogs.

Even to those who did not win a prize, many kennel clubs on DeviantART have a
point system. These placements are eligible for this use, i.e., with Kennel-Club,
Best of Breed here is 7xp, 2nd place is 6xp, 3rd place 5xp. 

ExpiredCanMayhem Akmu LaelaMcPitty swagstag


Journal Entry: Mon Apr 21, 2014, 10:10 PM
do not reference any of my submissions!!! : (

RNG Show I - Results Up

Thu Apr 3, 2014, 11:21 PM

Registered Name:

. . . 

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions.

This show will not have an extended date, unless there are less than 10 entries.

There must be at least 2 entries in a group for a Group winner to get the prize.

I am probably 1/8th of the way through, but my next project is a pretty big image I would like to get printed for my bedroom, possibly.

It is a lineup of 10 of my favorite Corso/Dane characters that I would like to remember. Each dog will be drawn, colored individually and they will all be combined together, rather than doing them all at once. This is a hefty project and will take several days if not weeks to complete, but I can't wait to see the final image!

Azikiel, Adora, Qetsiyah, Fay, Zaccaro, Shamar, Zakhar

Daemon (adult), Dahlia (adult), Hypoxia

I'm pretty stoked about this! I have the lines of 4 of these down, two Corsi and two Danes.

Zakhar is my founding male and this print will show his son, Shamar, and Shamar's son and daughter, Zaccaro and Adora, which are 5th generation Fortezza since 2009!

I won't upload anything of this until it is put together! 
I would like to hear your thoughts on breeding pictures depicting the dogs actually copulating (either mounted or turned around on the ground), either full body or cropped from mid body and up. I don't do this and never will but would like to hear what you all think of this. Is it against DA rules, even if there are no "special" body parts showing? If you got contacted to take it down by admin, would you agree? 

Thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts. 
:icon ccopyplz:


I like it because it goes with the color of DA, it's bold but not in your face, and kinda 
fades in with the rest of the text but you can still plainly and obviously see it.

Anyone may use it also. I will start using it on my deviations when I remember.

My created breed (copyright reina fawn 2011), the Mazandaran War Dog, needs a bit of updating and slight conformation changes. It is still going to have the same appearance, more or less, but a bit more realism of structure. 

Of my three created breeds (Mazandaran, Ordog Vadasz, and Schwerenhund), the MWD is the most fun to draw and create the designs for, because there is a huge range of colors and markings that it can come in, plus the War type and Guard type have their differences. I looove their temperament but are probably too much to handle in reality unless you live on a farm somewhere in the Middle East and don't WANT anyone to come to your door. I would have one anyways haha. But I do love dogs of similar disposition to them, as well as conformation and powerful, formidable looks.

I am also updating the group (did I delete it? I think I deleted it) and creating a breed-specific test for them, that all have to complete before they can be bred! The breed has been closed for this whole time and never got popular but I don't mind. They are so close to me and I would actually feel sorta weird if peeps were breeding them without me knowing, you know? I will keep the breed closed but allow people to have them so long as I approve the design and any breedings, and the dogs, if used for reproduction, cannot be bred without the MWD title. Crossbreeding will not be allowed, save for maybe one male import that can be used for bitches for working, on an extremely limited and strict basis.

So, over the next few weeks I will be working on this and beginning to market it more. If you are interested in an import, please note me and I will either approve for disprove your desired design. Then after the standard has been updated, you can get a start on the drawing! :)