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Pokemon Black: Return Of The Truth

I've wanted to do something of this kind for AGES! Finally, my Pokemon hype met with the skill and art block didn't happen at the same time so I could do Hilda&LightStone&Reshiram art! YAY.

I've tried something new again, this time it's a bit more painty. Actually, it's my first time doing lineartless picture (I mean that kind of clean lineart you color afterwards). Few people I follow on tumblr use this interesting method when you color UNDER not so clean sketch and then cover/remove the sketch and finish the colors. Add some border lines where neccessary and so.

Anyway, this is officially my celebration of ONE YEAR WITH TABLET! I actually couldn't wish for a better one, I've outdone myself <3. Now, when you look at my first tablet picture... Victini by Reina-Kitsune  I think I improved xD

(I might make N&DarkStone&Zekrom at the top of Dragonspiral Tower to complement this.)
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Magnifique =)
Y a-t-il la même avec zekrom?
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Umm, I'm sorry, I can't speak French. Google translate helped me to read your comment but I don't dare to use it to translate the reply back :( It sometimes creates a complete mess.

Anyway, I'd like to do N and Zekrom on Dragonspiral tower one day. But it doesn't exist yet :)
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WOW it looks fantastic!!
Reina-Kitsune's avatar
Aww, thank you very much! :aww:
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:iconreshiramplz:: The true path is one where humans and Pokemon alike walk together in harmony. You, and the great king that came before you, are paragons of such a belief. Prove the strength of your heart to me and I shall aid you in your fight against the misguided one.
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Amazing job, and great moment you have captured.
Reina-Kitsune's avatar
Awww, thanks a lot! :aww:
ZaneusNova's avatar
Wow, nice job.
Reina-Kitsune's avatar
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You're welcome. :)
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I ADORE the shading on this picture, and just how majestic Reshiram looks! Aaaaaaa this picture is so wonderful I can't find words!! QWQ
Reina-Kitsune's avatar
Aww, thank you, Emi! I'm glad you like it so much! This picture is kinda personal for me so I'm happy that others enjoy it, too =D
TacticianofFlight's avatar
X33 I'm glad it got so much recognition! It really is a wonderful piece QWQ
LeyAsakura's avatar
Incredible awesome! :heart:
LeyAsakura's avatar
You're welcome :) :heart:
Man, is she in for a shock when she looks up.
Reina-Kitsune's avatar
Yeah, that could be a pretty funny sight xD
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May I please reference to this picture in stories? IT'S SO GOOD DANGIT! Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-03 (Squee) [V1] 
Reina-Kitsune's avatar
Well, yeah, sure, why not :)
thecuttestpuppy's avatar
Super průsvitný efekt! O.O Udělala jsi obrovský pokrok.
EgyptianTrinity's avatar
This pictures tells a really neat story!
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