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Hi there, Rein here. This is going to be an essay!


As many of you know I recently held a MYO Event for my closed species Eliore. The turnout was much bigger than expected by any of us! Thank you SO MUCH to those of you who were interested in my species from the very start. This MYO Event was, as many of you know, unexpected with its success. It has reached over 600 people and our small mod team of 3 people at the time didn't anticipate how large our member-count would grow! We've gotten some new people on board and we are excited to show you guys all the new things coming along!

But on a more serious note, I have made this journal as an apology to you guys. I'd like to apologize, personally, for all the mistakes that any of us made that harmed you guys. We were unprepared. We panicked. We had no idea what it meant to create and run a closed species that completely boomed in popularity. I'm here to tell you that I take full-responsibility for all my actions that were in poor taste. Out of haste and out of panic, I rushed journals, trying to keep up with the sudden influx of people. I answered questions in a quick manner, not even taking time to take a step back and perhaps proof read my responses. I grew frustrated over entries being placed in the wrong place and instead of patiently redirecting people, I snapped. I imposed a rude and honestly cruel 'quality of art' clause, which made users feel as though I believed that their artistic quality was not high enough to be approved for participation in my CS. I did not take my time to better flesh out the rules and journals as to make sure that things were concise and coherent. I lost my patience with repeated questions, not knowing that there are people who genuinely want to do things right and have taken the time to ask questions so they COULD do things right. I should have taken a step back and calculated myself first before I responded to some of you. All of this was hurtful, and I apologize. 

My lack of knowledge in the CS world showed brightly during those two days. I had no idea how to run and curate an event of that had reached so many people. The wordings of some journals were ill-advised and I understand that they were hurtful to many. 

I do not mean to say this in order to ask for forgiveness. I respect and honor your own opinons and I am not, by any means, trying to tell you guys to think one way or another. I hope you all know that for each and every one of you who I have offended, I am truly truly TRULY sorry. And that I wish wish wish that I could talk to all of you one-by-one to listen to what you have to say and to hear you guys out. If it wasn’t for my school tearing me apart slowly (and those nursing boards creeping in on me in the next few months) I would LOVE to speak to you all individually. 

Third, I apologize so deeply for my busy schedule. I know that being a CS Creator (especially in the early stages) requires lots of work, time, and dedication. I should have anticipated the possibility of gaining this many members in such a short period of time. That way I could have planned accordingly and perhaps decided not to run the MYO Event so close to such an important turning-point in my life. My mind is going 150 miles an hour trying to balance my real life and Eliore. I should’ve planned better and for that, I apologize and I completely admit my fault. Right now, my time online will be limited to finishing prior art-agreements (art-trades/commissions/etc), cleaning up the background stuff for Eliore with my mods, and putting out adoptables in order to raise money for my graduation and study material to pass the boards. I’ll try my best to better create and further this species as well as be successful in my real life as well!!


Fourth, I’d like to talk about some improvements that we HAVE been working on in the past few weeks since our MYO Event.

1. A brand-new server! We've paid close attention to the things that worked and didn't work in our past server and in our attempt to make the system clearer and easier on the eyes for many, we've created a new server. More info on that can be found in our group which you may browse through in your free time. 

2. Updated Masterlist: Our new mods are currently hard at work going through and entering every single note in order to stay organized for each and every member and their eliore.

3. Re-Writing the Journals: We want to make things as clear and painless for you guys should you want to purchase MYO’s, send in your design for approval and everything else in between. We’ve gotten heaps of suggestions from many of you guys on our discord and we’ve written them all down in order to refer back to them later!

4. An Updated FAQ: From the tons of questions we’ve gotten on our discord, we have curated a list of the most frequently asked questions so as to make things easier for you guys to refer back to! This is in the works and we’re looking forward to sharing it with you guys!

5. Celebration Eliore: A celebration Eliore raffle is underway and we cannot wait to release them.

6. MYO Purchases Soon: MYO slots will be available for purchase soon! Hang tight~ 

7. A clearer, more developed Lore: We are happily surprised to find out that a good chunk of our members are so EXCITED over Eliore lore!!! All your questions in our help server have helped us flesh out and craft Eliore so that their lore makes more sense for you guys! 

8. Events: We’ve got a whole array of events coming up for you guys! Please look forward to these announcements! 

9. General Improvements: We know that our group was founded just about a month or so ago, but we are ALL incredibly incredibly excited for the future of this species!!! Please bare with us as we try to do things well our second try and we look forward to all of your participation!!


Fifth... as many of you know…. I really am just not very well-versed in running a closed species and I would love love love to know and listen to other closed species creators who have constructive criticism, ideas, or suggestions in regards to running such a large group of people. (Or even those who don’t run a large closed species group. Any closed species creator, I really am willing to discuss!!) I want to learn. I would love to listen to your experiences so I may learn from someone who is more well-versed in this area than I am. I find that learning from your those who have walked a similar road is very important and that this is something I should've done much earlier before I even curated that event.

My notes are open for CS Creators who would not mind discussing me their methods that worked for them!!

I’d love advice in anything from things that I could’ve done better, dealing with myo’s, adoptable terms of conditions, public relations, journal organization, ANYTHING!!! I want to know what works for you guys and maybe, if you don’t mind, implement some of those full-proof things in my own group! I would love to message some of you personally and ask for your advice, but I’m not sure if that is ill-advised either ;-; I want to learn and improve and I value you guys for your knowledge in dealing with all types of systems. Any help would be amazing.


Lastly, I’d like to thank those who have given their time and energy to give me faith that this group will succeed. I do not know if this is a slow downhill to becoming a "one-hit-wonder" or something that's in it for the long-haul but I will do my best to continue on with all the ideas we have in store. I will strive for the latter. While my school is my priority, I have made the crafting and molding of this species one of my priorities as well so I will try my BEST to do better and strive for improvement!

Thank you to those of you who have kicked my booty on all the things I’ve done wrong and have personally messaged me to talk me through the things that I can do RIGHT. I owe SO MUCH to you guys and you have helped my mental health and confidence that I can succeed. 

And lastly thank you to our members who have stayed by us no matter the circumstances! I’m excited to speak to you all personally and cannot wait to have more fun times together. 


Just a side-note! If I take a while to respond, it's because I am going through some crazy busy-spell with school lately since it's the last two months before graduation. I appreciate you guys' support and hope to be better in the future!