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Elomimi Reference by rein-adopts Elomimi Reference by rein-adopts

Clearer Reference:
ELOMIMI REF by rein-adopts

Here is a reference of the kemonomimi-version of Eliore! A subspecies that focuses on a hybrid of the star-tailed kitties that we know.
I understand that not everyone wants to design markings and would rather design clothes! Hence so Elomimi are born~ 

There will be a free MYO Event with a claiming window of only 48hrs and you will be able to choose between a regular anthro Eliore or an Elomimi like this one!

More Info on the species:
  {cs: e l i o r e} the gist~Eliore are fairy-like nighttime creatures who originate from the cores of the several moons that scatter the universe. Inside the hallow parts of the moons, the Eliore plant elaborate cosmic gardens that resemble rainforests of our own. These forests emit lunar energy that is necessary for them to survive. Eliore are free to roam the universe as they please as long as there is a moon orbiting nearby. With incredibly flexible inner-anatomy, these creatures can absorb and adapt to the atmospheres of several different ecosystems. They are curious creatures that inhabit other planets mainly for the sake of boredom and attempt to assimilate to the different types of species that reside there.
Eliore Trait List:

❖ An Eliore's tail is its lifeline and they are immensely protective of them. Their long tails are actually of a silk-like consistency that does not differ much from sp
{elomimi} eliore subspecies + visual reference❖ Elomimi are kemonomimi Eliore! Basically half-human half-eliore subspecies that exist when a human and an eliore have a child
❖ The only main difference is that elomimi have humanoid skin tons and no-to-minimal markings.
❖ If they do have markings, they resemble tattoos.
❖ They have regular human feet which differs from the dainty paws of the anthro Eliore
❖ Elomimi can levitate and absorb lunar energy likes any other Eliore but cannot assume transparency or shapeshift.
❖ Elomimi also have elongated lifespans but not to the extent of their anthro counterparts. 500yr old Elomimi would be considered middle-aged as opposed to a young adult like in anthro Eliore
❖ If you purchased an Elomimi MYO slot, you may not switch it into an Eliore slot or vice versa.
❖ When buying an Elomimi slot, all rules apply as to purchasing an Eliore slot
❖ The rarities of traits in Elomimi are identical to that of Eliore
❖ Design-changes

Eliore are a closed species, please do not make your OWN! Watch our group twinkle-tails for more info on free MYO events~

LuluLuvsAnime Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
I've already sketched out my elomimi boy and was wondering once I've finished him where i n the group do i post it?
rein-adopts Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2018
hi there! once you've finished sketching your design out, please send a note to our group twinkle-tails with a link to your design (in your and proof of your MYO claim!!!
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