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i will become the main character
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Blanc's Bantam Blues
The day started out like any other day; things were peaceful and Blanc was rather hard at work. Being the CPU of the nation of Lowee, she had the duty to oversee much of what went on in her nation. The goddess had been hard at work for quite some time, so she decided to take a small break and to go see how her younger sisters, Rom and Ram, were doing.
However, upon sitting up to go check on them, she heard a loud crash sound come from outside her door. She sighed, knowing what was coming, and went out to check what had occurred. Once again, Ram and Rom had knocked over one of her shelves during their playtime, spilling Blanc's precious books all over the place. While she had tried to mentally brace herself, her uncontrollable anger overtook her once again, causing a familiar shadow to become cast upon her face.
"What the hell are you two brats doing?!" She roared, stomping up to them. Ram and Rom quickly ran off, knowing they were in deep trouble once again.
"Blanc... looks like a mons
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