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Video Preview 6 by Reimu-and-Cirno Video Preview 6 :iconreimu-and-cirno:Reimu-and-Cirno 6 2 Alice and Shanghai Prop Set by Reimu-and-Cirno Alice and Shanghai Prop Set :iconreimu-and-cirno:Reimu-and-Cirno 20 3 Kourindo Set by Reimu-and-Cirno Kourindo Set :iconreimu-and-cirno:Reimu-and-Cirno 11 5 Toy Soldier Set by Reimu-and-Cirno Toy Soldier Set :iconreimu-and-cirno:Reimu-and-Cirno 3 0 New Video: Admirer (Full) by Reimu-and-Cirno New Video: Admirer (Full) :iconreimu-and-cirno:Reimu-and-Cirno 16 18 Sunflower Set by Reimu-and-Cirno Sunflower Set :iconreimu-and-cirno:Reimu-and-Cirno 21 5 Crow upflap by Reimu-and-Cirno Crow upflap :iconreimu-and-cirno:Reimu-and-Cirno 4 2 Crow downlflap by Reimu-and-Cirno Crow downlflap :iconreimu-and-cirno:Reimu-and-Cirno 4 0 Crow Base by Reimu-and-Cirno Crow Base :iconreimu-and-cirno:Reimu-and-Cirno 3 0 Playground Set by Reimu-and-Cirno Playground Set :iconreimu-and-cirno:Reimu-and-Cirno 19 8 Reimu Sitting by Reimu-and-Cirno Reimu Sitting :iconreimu-and-cirno:Reimu-and-Cirno 6 1 New Video: Admirer (First Half) by Reimu-and-Cirno New Video: Admirer (First Half) :iconreimu-and-cirno:Reimu-and-Cirno 7 6 Snow Monster by Reimu-and-Cirno Snow Monster :iconreimu-and-cirno:Reimu-and-Cirno 1 0 Reimu side view by Reimu-and-Cirno Reimu side view :iconreimu-and-cirno:Reimu-and-Cirno 10 1 Reimu side view (no arms) by Reimu-and-Cirno Reimu side view (no arms) :iconreimu-and-cirno:Reimu-and-Cirno 2 0 Reimu side view (no head) by Reimu-and-Cirno Reimu side view (no head) :iconreimu-and-cirno:Reimu-and-Cirno 2 0


Cute Ice Fairies Solve All Problems by Dabogon Cute Ice Fairies Solve All Problems :icondabogon:Dabogon 10 1 She is a Ice Fairy by Etaanaru99 She is a Ice Fairy :iconetaanaru99:Etaanaru99 9 1 (Walfas) Happy Cirno's day by daigospencer (Walfas) Happy Cirno's day :icondaigospencer:daigospencer 6 2
New Video: The Incident Day (Cirno Day Special)
It's 9/9/2018 today, so it's like 9/9/9+9. That's the perfect moment for celebrating a Cirno Day!
I tried to make something light and cute for this Cirno day, but... The plot gone out of control (as usual with me) and turned out to this. Battles, broken kappas' dam, the serious treat to the Human Village, and so on... (Well, at least it's the strongest day after all.)
The name of this episode is a reference to two famous disaster movies: "Independence Day" and "The Day After Tomorrow". That's how youkai (fairy) attack on Gensokyo may lead to total destruction, if... Ah, I hope you've got the idea.
I've just imagined, Reimu, as everything resolved, is writing something like this: "Dear princess Celestia. Today I've learned an another big lesson of friendship. You might treat your duty as something more important than your friends, but ignoring them might cost you even more than you would expect. At least in Gensokyo it works like that, especially if your friend is 'strongest' fairy." Oh
:iconmakise-homura:Makise-Homura 3 2
09/09 Cirno Day by Zerorium 09/09 Cirno Day :iconzerorium:Zerorium 13 1 Happy 9\9 by TheCrashGirl Happy 9\9 :iconthecrashgirl:TheCrashGirl 5 0 [Walfas]Kingdom cards of Dominion by tsunetake1012 [Walfas]Kingdom cards of Dominion :icontsunetake1012:tsunetake1012 6 4 [Walfas] A Midsummer Night's Dream... by tsunetake1012 [Walfas] A Midsummer Night's Dream... :icontsunetake1012:tsunetake1012 5 2 [Walfas]Tan Cirno(TH16) (props) by tsunetake1012 [Walfas]Tan Cirno(TH16) (props) :icontsunetake1012:tsunetake1012 8 7 [Walfas]School uniforms of Kanon -summer- (props) by tsunetake1012 [Walfas]School uniforms of Kanon -summer- (props) :icontsunetake1012:tsunetake1012 5 0 Snow Adventure by MergedPotato Snow Adventure :iconmergedpotato:MergedPotato 18 6 [Walfas]An evening of one day (Comic) by tsunetake1012 [Walfas]An evening of one day (Comic) :icontsunetake1012:tsunetake1012 8 6 City of Cirno by GeneRoberts City of Cirno :icongeneroberts:GeneRoberts 28 2 Wholesome Scene at the Hakurei Shrine by Dabogon Wholesome Scene at the Hakurei Shrine :icondabogon:Dabogon 15 3 (Walfas) Happy 2018 by daigospencer (Walfas) Happy 2018 :icondaigospencer:daigospencer 5 6 [Walfas]A sunny day of winter. by tsunetake1012 [Walfas]A sunny day of winter. :icontsunetake1012:tsunetake1012 4 2


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United States
This is where I post the custom-made create.swf images that I use in my videos.

Anyone is free to use these images for any non-profit purpose.

If you believe there is an image I used in one of my videos (and you would like to use it), but doesn't appear on my deviantART account, please let me know.

You can watch my YouTube videos here:


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daigospencer Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
thanks 4 fav
TheCrashGirl Featured By Owner Edited Sep 9, 2018
Thanks for the Favorite 

tsunetake1012 Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2018  Student
Thank you for always! Please keep making new videos.

TfF6(festival image) by tsunetake1012  
It's a little bonus! (*from iamge of "Festival")
OtakuXover24 Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2018
I've seen your Walfas videos on YouTube!
cocacoladora Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2018  New Deviant
cirno and reimu 123 really finished? :c
Reimu-and-Cirno Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2018
If you're talking about the manga, I don't know. If you're talking about my videos, definitely not. I'm working on my next video.  The preview should be out this month.
DannyWapBang Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
Will you do a backside of PC-98 Reimu, PC-98 Marisa, Mima, Yuuka, and PC-98 Alice? As well as sitting poses for PC-98 Marisa, Mima, and Yuuka?
Reimu-and-Cirno Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2018
It'll have to wait. I'm making my next video.  I'll start taking requests once it's done.
Experia-11 Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
Working on anything lately?
Reimu-and-Cirno Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2018
Yep, working on the next video.
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