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Naughty Kitty

Well, here's another one of my drawings, this time I drew a picture of my naughty Kitty, one of my most beloved creations!

It is very close to Valentine's Day or Day of "love and friendship", I wanted to decorate this drawing motif for that day. I'm sure many guys want their girls give them a Valentine card like this, hehehehe!

Anyway, hope you like my drawing, I welcome your comments and remember, commissions are still open! I'll be waiting for your orders!


Brush ----> Heart Brushes
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Cute.                                                                                                            Black Cat Emote 
MangaFox156's avatar
Oh, Kitty. So you wanna be tied up, huh? Well then, maybe I can make that happen for you. ;3

She certainly looks really cute, especially when she's holding that ball gag. X3
Reimon-Master-II's avatar
Thank you very much! I'm glad you like it!

This is a drawing I did last year, but until now I could finally give color! Having a scanner at home is very useful. Thanks and hope to see you have prepared for me Kitty.
MangaFox156's avatar
You're welcome! :hug:

Well it's awesome to see it fully colored. Also, I'm hope you'll enjoy seeing what I'll do to your precious Kitty. :iconlaughingplz:
Reimon-Master-II's avatar

makes my mouth water just thinking about it!
BigTiddyMmphGF's avatar
ehehheh~~ very cute~ I always prefer it when the ones in kinky situations enjoy it a little more~
and she certainly looks like she would enjoy it~~
Reimon-Master-II's avatar
hehehe! do not worry, this drawing is just the first of many more are on the way, as they say "this is just the tip of the iceberg" hahaha!

Thank you very much for commenting and thanks for following!
zerocurewdracolich's avatar
*Places her gag in her mouth secures it and adds catnip to it* There you go. Now you can really "pleasure" yourself and whoever your Valentine's Day captor um mean date is.
Reimon-Master-II's avatar
hey! nobody except me can gag my girls! hahahaha! (?)

thank you very much for the comment!
zerocurewdracolich's avatar
Oh I am not the one doing that.

My female neko fursonas are instead.

Ladies remember no killing allowed.

*Sits back to watch the carnage*

You are welcome.
metalzaki's avatar
aww dose kitty want her gag on? *gags her* there you are cutie.
Reimon-Master-II's avatar
hey! nobody touches my girls! FIGHT! * throws a stick * on guard!

hahaha! I'm glad you like the picture, thank you very much for commenting!
metalzaki's avatar
*counters with a bigger stick.*
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