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Hi everyone!
It's been ages since I was last on the site - I've been busy! Anyway...

Came back to the site being new and different and I was...confused. I think it's fine aesthetically, but the user design sucks. I couldn't figure out how to catch up on art submissions and journals from artists I follow, and the notifications centre was a sore sight. Luckily there's the option to switch to the old site, so I am not 100% repelled by DA like a vampire to sunlight.

The Carpet Merchant Vol I is now officially a Book in Bookstores. Again, thank you so much for making this reality!!!!!

I finished a new chaplette of The World in Deeper Inspection. I am not sure if anyone who I still keep in touch with are still here. If yall are still around, I would love to share the latest adventure of Grimsley and friends with you.
Side note: Idk how anyone can follow the updates with the new DA site.

A graphic novel in progress, two kids graphic novels coming out, and a possible madcap historical webcomic?

So! I have two kids graphic novels coming out later this year:

The Maker's Club Book 1 in May. I wrote the story, and Tintin Pantoja illustrated it. This one's about two first-year highschool girls who are forced to pair together to create a video game for a science project. But tensions rise due to their differing personalities.

Seance Tea Party in September. You'll see the cover soon! It's available for preorders now:

I'm going to busy working on my next kids graphic novel this year - this one is classic Reimena: a blind orphan girl is adopted by a previously-unknown distant aunt, a retired solitary adventuress who is cursed to look like a monster. One day, a strange and wondrous adventure calls for them...

AND? After that...
Looking back it's super hilarious for Past Me to think that TCM would be the last historical comic I'd do in a long time. But Alexander Comic is coming to life gradually (it's been over a year now since I started!), and I so so want to make it real. I'm eager to return to the adult historical webcomics space.


That's all the updates from me! If anyone is still around in this ghost town, how have yall been?
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Because you're all special (you're the first ever audience who I trusted enough to tell you about Vol I in real time, rather than a year later like everyone else)... here's the early access to get the physical hardback of Vol II --->…

I hope some of you who have backed have gotten your copies safely, and that they are as gorgeous as you expected! Thank you so much for being amazing and sweet and supportive. I cherish every comment and every sign of love. <33
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I've got a 10 page sample (a teaser, more like) of my Alexander the Great comic which you can read here ->…

Lemme know what you think!

Updates on my life: Not much. I finished Seance Tea party at the end of July, so I have been on a kind of sabbatical. I read and rested and wrote a lot. Barely drew.

The Carpet Merchant is at the printers! The book is coming soon!!!!!!!!
It'll also have a transcript!! Basically, a novelisation, lol. It was my first, fully completed novella and I enjoyed writing it a lot. I want to make more transcripts for future work.

If anyone is in England I am going to Thought Bubble (for TCM's debut).
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Get hype! It's happening happening!

Two updates:
1. The deadline to have your name listed as SUPPORTER in the book is this Sunday.
2. Get 10% off using the code EASTER19, offer lasts until Monday.

If you preorder a book before Sunday ends you will get both 10% off and your name listed as supporter for TCM's Vol I.


(there's not much to update on my life atm; I just started the final art stages for Seance Tea Party (woo! 250 pages!) and staring at the abyss that is this summer when all my deadlines are due)
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All of the pages for TCM Vol I have been remastered! YAY!!
They are being sent off for editorial now to catch any embarrassing typos or mistakes (certainly spotted some in round of independent edits).

Hopefully there will be another update soon.
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