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Wow dang yall, can't believe the last time I posted was in 2021, during the height of NFTs when bots were scraping the site to put art for fradulent sale. Well well well!! The Non-Fungibles have fallen but all that art generative nonsense has taken its place.

Anyway, I have NO idea if AI (especially the ones native to DA) would scrape art that's already been put in private storage... I am not going to find out either.

Anyway anyway...

[omg somehow DA has this glitch where it keeps randomising my URL links no matter how many times I correct it... just copy and paste the text instead of clicking]

My website is taking shape as a proper archive ( It is still WIP, but with the fall of Twitter as well, I have essentially accelerated my mission to get Everything and Anything on my site so that nothing is lost. Art, tutorials, resources, old pieces of writing, etc. Which is why I am logged back in - I am entering private storage to transfer stuff back into the public, just not on DA anymore.

Here's a TL;DR of what's happened:

- The Carpet Merchant of Konstantinyya Volume II (English edition) is published.

- Both volumes of The Carpet Merchant are also now in French!!

- TCM has its own fancy website:

- My most recent kids' book, My Aunt is a Monster, came out last year. It's about a nerdy blind girl who moves in with an adventurer aunt who was cursed into a monstrous form. -

- The Alexander the Great webcomic finished Book 1, and the print edition will be on sale soon!


- It was featured in the British Library as part of their Alexander the Great legends exhibition last year! A bucket list goal achieved!!

- My adaptation of The God of Arepo (which I produced for last year's Shortbox Digital Comics Fair) exploded and it's now gonna get into the Library of Congress for winning the Ignatz Awards lol


- Speaking of which, I won two Ignatzes since last I posted: one for Alexander and one for The God of Arepo.

- I'm currently working on a catalogue of comics devices, which are unique visual-literary devices used in comics (like how film has match cut and how poetry has rhyming schemes). I've got 62 devices rn.

- Got back into Neopets, but in a "I check back on my pets once in a while and follow Jellyneo news daily" which is better than "absolute silence"

- I am back in School and undertaking a Masters in arts management, so I am learning how to manage arts organisations, museums, festivals, etc that kind of thing. I am currently struggling to juggle my studies in addition to career and dayjob (how foolish of me to think I could do this again!!)

- Deep-cut followers would like to hear that after years and years of being Josh Groban's fan, I finally FINALLY FINALLY got to meet him in June at the stage door of Sweeney Todd. I gave him a piece of fanart. He thanked me and was a Normal Chill Dude about it. Signed the stuff I brought (first album sleeve, favourite album sleeve, and the Sweeney Todd playbill). I can be a Normal Appreciator of JG Content now.

- The World in Deeper Inspection's official anniversary was 10 years ago. Crazy!!! I celebrated it by redrawing and reinterpreting the original Chapter 1 (at, but then I went underwater from all the aforementioned juggling (and taking off to the US for a vacation, see Josh Groban encounter above). I will finish it OTL

I am curious to see who is still on DA. Shout out if you're here and reading.

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Hi gang,

You may notice my DA profile here is pretty sparse - that's cos I've checked in every single piece of my art (13 years worth!) into private storage. Lately there's been a lot of news about bots scraping DA for art to put up for sale as fradulent tokens on crypto-art markets like Open Sea. I have absolutely no confirmation that any of my art/comics were stolen and I don't want to find out - yes I know about DA's reverse search tool -, but I believe that may have happened already. To prevent any further theft (since a lot of these thieves, when reported, simply repost the art later) I've decided to privatise my gallery until these crypto platforms suffer the consequence of allowing fraudulent sales.

My gallery's not all gone, and there's no risk of deletion. ATM I am working on making my self-hosted site a robust archive of my old art. In the meantime, you can find my current work in plenty of places, including my webcomic sites and Tumblr. (Plus I will be happy to restore our acquaintance if you're a long-time watcher!)

And of course, I'm not going to forget the fishpaste crooks and the speculative buyers looking for an easy profit from stealing mine and my peers' stuff. Here's my well-wishes for you guys: I hope you all get hit by link rot.

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Hi everyone!
It's been ages since I was last on the site - I've been busy! Anyway...

Came back to the site being new and different and I was...confused. I think it's fine aesthetically, but the user design sucks. I couldn't figure out how to catch up on art submissions and journals from artists I follow, and the notifications centre was a sore sight. Luckily there's the option to switch to the old site, so I am not 100% repelled by DA like a vampire to sunlight.

The Carpet Merchant Vol I is now officially a Book in Bookstores. Again, thank you so much for making this reality!!!!!

I finished a new chaplette of The World in Deeper Inspection. I am not sure if anyone who I still keep in touch with are still here. If yall are still around, I would love to share the latest adventure of Grimsley and friends with you.
Side note: Idk how anyone can follow the updates with the new DA site.

A graphic novel in progress, two kids graphic novels coming out, and a possible madcap historical webcomic?

So! I have two kids graphic novels coming out later this year:

The Maker's Club Book 1 in May. I wrote the story, and Tintin Pantoja illustrated it. This one's about two first-year highschool girls who are forced to pair together to create a video game for a science project. But tensions rise due to their differing personalities.

Seance Tea Party in September. You'll see the cover soon! It's available for preorders now:

I'm going to busy working on my next kids graphic novel this year - this one is classic Reimena: a blind orphan girl is adopted by a previously-unknown distant aunt, a retired solitary adventuress who is cursed to look like a monster. One day, a strange and wondrous adventure calls for them...

AND? After that...
Looking back it's super hilarious for Past Me to think that TCM would be the last historical comic I'd do in a long time. But Alexander Comic is coming to life gradually (it's been over a year now since I started!), and I so so want to make it real. I'm eager to return to the adult historical webcomics space.


That's all the updates from me! If anyone is still around in this ghost town, how have yall been?
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Because you're all special (you're the first ever audience who I trusted enough to tell you about Vol I in real time, rather than a year later like everyone else)... here's the early access to get the physical hardback of Vol II --->…

I hope some of you who have backed have gotten your copies safely, and that they are as gorgeous as you expected! Thank you so much for being amazing and sweet and supportive. I cherish every comment and every sign of love. <33
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I've got a 10 page sample (a teaser, more like) of my Alexander the Great comic which you can read here ->…

Lemme know what you think!

Updates on my life: Not much. I finished Seance Tea party at the end of July, so I have been on a kind of sabbatical. I read and rested and wrote a lot. Barely drew.

The Carpet Merchant is at the printers! The book is coming soon!!!!!!!!
It'll also have a transcript!! Basically, a novelisation, lol. It was my first, fully completed novella and I enjoyed writing it a lot. I want to make more transcripts for future work.

If anyone is in England I am going to Thought Bubble (for TCM's debut).
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