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Sesquipedalian verbiage!
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23 - Ancient


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23 - Ancient


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It's For Ash

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Stop the perfectionism

On my Tumblr site someone asked me for some general advice for an aspiring comic creator. This is what was on my mind. Thought I'd share it here on Deviantart as well. Right now all I can think of is something I've been thinking about lately. And that is the depression some of us artists get about our art. Like our expectations aren't just "My drawings need to be good!", they are "My art needs to be PERFECT." So I would suggest always try to improve, gain confidence, but expect good/average output. Don't expect perfect art, ever. By doing this only causes you to be frustrated, which in turn causes mistakes, which pisses you off more, then y

The Truth

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Lackadaisy Construction

Crazy Awesome

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65 Vintage-Movies Inspired Textures - Pack 18


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Alcott Grimsley


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