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TWiDI is 9!

By reimena
I was busy yday so I couldn't do a drawing in time but NEVERMIND!! TWIDI is NINE YEARS OLD!!!

This Deviantart has watched this project grow from when it started as a silly short story into the ??? thing with an Eisner-nominated story within it today. Amazing.

I miss drawing Grimsley; hopefully soon I will come back to him (busy with graphic novel work....)
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I love this style Heart 
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I love Grimsley so much, he is so iconic!

Ignorant question, but is TWIDI available in print yet? I'd love to add it to my upcoming 'Carpet Merchant' graphic novel. ;)
If not then I hope it's amongst your plans somewhere, I'd looooove to own it! :D
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I've printed two of the chaplettes before in small sold out runs (Chapter 1, with Grimsley and the wolves; chaplette vi the one before TCM, with Grimsley, Convoy and the missing head). I am planning to print chaplette viii, the one with the fairies at some point. But for the whole of TWIDI? It's impossible to put them together in a collected graphic novel because of their length and the weird way they connect to each other, which is why I've decided to keep TWIDI solely as a webcomic with exceptions.

I'll have other GNs though!!

Thank you so much for the support < 333
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Ahhh ok. I shall have to look out for these rare releases in future! :D I can't wait for my copy of 'The Carpet Merchant'! I just love the supernatural genre, and detective fiction, and your art, so TWIDI is really special to me!

Oh cool, really? What are your other graphic novels? :)

My pleasure, truly! :D
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The one I am working on now; Seance Tea Party. And developing a couple of others.