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Grimsley Fashion Guide

By reimena
Dandy Jersey Devil
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Can I ask, where do you find inspiration for your clothes? They are always so damn stylish! :p
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Sorry for the mega late reply! November flew by so fast (also was doing so much freelance for the season). I love fashion a lot so I observe how people dress themselves, and go window shopping alot to see what the trends are now. Clothes fascinate me as indicators of personality, so I try to think a lot about how my OCs would express themselves. That's pretty much it really. Just a lot of observing and looking at style inspirations.
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:D That's ok! I'm humbled that you held on to my question for so long just to answer it! Thank you very much!

Haha, I'm one of those people that just throws clothes on so when I come to do clothes designs it takes me ages! I think a big part of it also is imagining the character getting ready for the day, whether they would take time over it or (like me) just shrug something on.