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Should Be Illegal

By Reilune
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How sexy she is ;)

Trying my hand at digital coloring, took a SUPER old picture I took of a drawing I was working on.. that might I add wasn't taken at the best of angles, and edited it and added some colors. :)

Thanks so much for layers :D

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Very sexy indeed

Nice Job :thumbsup:

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The colors and style are awesome as well as detail put into the drawing... I get you said it's an old picture but she seems... Wide. Not fat, just wider than a human's actual body frame.

I'm sorry, I don't mean to sound negative or nothing as it is a good picture... Might be able to resize it in Windows Paint actually.
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...I don't know what you are talking about. In the original maybe, but not in this digital one.
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Very well done!
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Always a pleasure :heart:
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I think this would look awesome painted on a low-rider car. What do you think?
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hahaha, maybe!
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Ah, so you are good at a digital art. I really think you should keep expanding your skills in this area...I see a good amount of potential from these drawings :)
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Thanks :D I think I will! I'm trying to color this one [link] right now, but I can't seem to get a good set of colors down... the ones I have are silly and tacky.. idk, I'll toy with it more before I post anything :P hahaa.
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So true, love it girl
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No problem, I discovered this new guy online [link]
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Oh nice work! it is cool to see what "filters" you have take to do it!
i like it!! nice nice nice!
i think it is not easy to do, but the result is f**king cool!
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Not has sexy has me :lmao:



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