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Published: August 12, 2015
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My babbbiiiess, i feel so perverted showing them like this, 
the title was suppose to be interracial gangbang..... but it was discouraged.
so all my dudes, in a sketchy half assed way, but theyre all so amazing, i die, :iconpapcryplz:
id do my girls but i have like 9... and lets be real, i am too lazy for that, 
So from left to right, Terra, Ripper, Leviathan, Bartholomew and Elyse. 
ill give a brief story and personality summary. 
also yes, i know they all have around the same body style but hey, i can only draw one... 
also most of their stories doesn't allow them to be out of shape/ well fed. 
Of course my oc universe is different then our dimension and i just like to make stories. 
**Ive had Ripper, Levi and Elyse since my deviant debut... but this is the first time i post them together.... 

Terra is a 'merchant'... basically the most evil trader, slave master, bandit there is. He built his empire 
by slaves and  stays in power by his dark magic hobbies and friends from the other side. He's basically 
an elf that went way way wrong. 
Terra is cocky, arrogant, cruel and greedy. theres literally not much good about him. 
Because of what he went through in the past, he lives by advantages. 
For his love life, he's a man whore, he goes through slaves quickly, 
but at the moment he has an interest in Devi, egoetrexmeus's dragon girl, 
he likes her heat... ehuehuehueh
*p.s he was one of Marion's past lovers. --- its complicated.
Terra has the hamsa tattooed on both his palms. He knows what hes doing is wrong. but he doesn't care. 

Ripper is a complicated bundle of a mess. He was born as a still born and thrown away by his mother, 
the necromancer that created Marion actually caused this by poisoning the mother over her pregnancy.
Ripper is blind, and cursed. To grant him life, the necromancer did a deal with a fire demon. The fire demons heart
would act as Rippers for as long as the markings on rippers body doesn't cover him completely. 
the 'veins' grow on his body with time, half of his right side is consumed and it'll keep growing until he is consumed. 
The more he uses the demon fire, the quicker the veins spread. So his ability is a last resort. But He has been 'alive' for centuries and is starting to hate life. 
Now if you're wondering wheres this demon? Well obviously the demon doesn't want his heart to be damaged so the Demon took possession of a stuffed doll and acts as a familiar to Ripper. The demon, Maverick, is usually around rippers neck or in his back pack.
Maverick is witty and talkative where as Ripper is quite and indifferent...  But because Ripper had never interacted with a living
person until Marion, he isn't very good at socializing, he gets scared of what people might do to him. 

The legendary Leviathan. God only made one so its not possible to have another ' leviathan'.
Yes the fearsome creature that acts as the demon of the sea in the Satanic bible is my oc. Its always been my favorite myth 
and yes, i can make an oc like him. 
So Levi is... the literal embodiment of the water devil. Of course he has his monstrous form and all, but at the moment
he's found something interesting to play with, (Marion). By the fact that he has lived for so long, someone that can live just as long as him is crazy amazing. He actually hates all monsters and normies because they die off and leave him alone. Leviathan usually sleeps his years off but now, he's trying to live a little. Levi has a scary temper and goes to extreme to easily. He's hard to control and doesn't acknowledge peoples suffering. He doeskin complain but rarely shows emotions.  
Leviathan has water hair cus fuck yea. But when he gets angry, his hair 'boils' and steams to a much shorter length, killing all
the fish in his hair.
The 'water' circle between his horns acts like a third eye. He control water at will and can 'bloodbend' ... basically the water mode of the avatar on steroids.
he tries to look as human as possible (expect his hair/ears/horns) to adapt to the new environment. 
He is Marion's lover, for now. *** p.s i know it looks like Levi is groping Rippers butt, but no, i was just lazy to draw his other hand. 

The behemoth, i have a thing for satanic monsters. Levi and Melow are good friends.
Bartholomew is earth, his body is a mix of earth rocks and demon flesh. He doesn't always grow bonsai's on his shoulder,
but he does have grass hair and his lower half is  a bull. so a manitaur but the other way around. 
the plants that grow on his body change depending the surrounding environment. 
The biggest guy, Melow is solid. He doesn't talk much and takes his time. He is probably the strongest monster to live, he literally cannot fall.
A mountain really. Yet, Melow is uber cute with his flower crowns and hobbies. Melow enjoys tea and honey. 
he doesn't have a love interest. He'll break his partner....

the famous rose man with a girly name. yes Ee--- lies not elise.
like he lies, but take off the h. 
So the rose petal haired antler boy, twin of Aira. He's actually the prince of his kingdom but no one cares about that. 
Twins are actually bad luck in his kingdom, so one of the twins has to die eventually. 
So if you guys dont know, i made a new sort of elf that grow branches from their head, 
when they're in love or show a strong emotion, flowers bloom. The flowers change from the elves and the sort shows their personality. 
Elyse is crushing hard on this dark elf, Elvryna Ashkorya's dark elf. 
Elyse is genuinely nice.Simple and rational, he's the wholesome person in this group. But because of his up bringing he can be cruel with out knowing. 
His society is very battle oriented. He got most of his scars from battling pits and training. 
Aira has a similar tattoo on her leg/thigh, they got them together. 

Finally done....jeez. 
i love these babies so much. 
for the girls i have... Marion, Myr, Aira, Blue, Gwendolyn, Usagi, Lanei, Krpty, Raahr and more. 
grammar errors are to be expected at 11 pm 
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JucchiShepherdHobbyist General Artist
What a handsome and "nice" bunch. ^^
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ReiltraHobbyist General Artist
c: ty 
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Great job, some of them look quite hot!
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HystericatHobbyist Digital Artist
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ReiltraHobbyist General Artist
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clawdeenwolf88Hobbyist Digital Artist
I might like Terra but I adore Ripper :heart:
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Haneeys1nsyeerahHobbyist General Artist
They just beyond handsomeness!
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vykioStudent Writer
pish posh this hand-drawn illustration really tickles my fancy
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ReiltraHobbyist General Artist
it rustled your jimmies?
good goooood....
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vykioStudent Writer
it really tingles my jingles
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Acid-Black-CherryHobbyist Digital Artist
Such handsome mansters~ They all look amazing, I really love seeing Ripper again :heart:
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ReiltraHobbyist General Artist
you shower me with compliments :iconpapcryplz:
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Acid-Black-CherryHobbyist Digital Artist
I shower you with truths :heart: :D
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Peanutso-BuTTerHobbyist Digital Artist
I will die.I will DIE.
They're all so cool looking and have such interesting back stories and designs...i can't take this much brilliance.
I love them. 
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ReiltraHobbyist General Artist
I love you <3
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Peanutso-BuTTerHobbyist Digital Artist
;v; ♥ 
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KiyoshikoHobbyist Digital Artist
Look at all of these gorgeous husbands. Leviathan, Bartholomew, and Elyse are by far my favorite of the bunch. Nature babies. 
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ReiltraHobbyist General Artist
I actually forgot one. His name is cosmo.. A space guy. Jeez I'll have to draw him tok now.
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egoetrexmeusStudent Artist
ohhh gawd i will have a heart attack
also hawt damn Terra
you know who doesn't look like the asshole i know he is *pats Thomas on the back*
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ReiltraHobbyist General Artist
fish can be sexeh 
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Your babies are so awesome, it's sin. ;; 
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ReiltraHobbyist General Artist
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EnigmaApocalypseHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my goodness your babies are beautiful!! I love the diversity between them all!!! It's like a rich tapestry of sexy men attacking my eyes with beauty!!

I do want to just steal and run off with Ripper and Levi.Levi the most though, cause anything water especially water demons omg are amazing.
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