Journal 5, The one with no Funny Title.

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 It’s time for another journal (All be it a short one!) update to see February out. Well first, I have finally finished the new version of the MLP version 2 which did take longer than I thought it would. I was originally only going to move the characters around but then I kept adding and changing stuff and before I knew it, it took yet another two months to do! Anyway, it seems to have been a much bigger crowd pleaser this time which I am happy about.  

Some people have asked me if I intend to do any more MLP pieces in the future. Well, I have got a few ideas for new pieces but I want to finish a few others first. For example, the Wind Waker piece I was working on was put on hold while I fixed the MLP V2 so I really want to finish that first.

I am also giving llamas to every person who favourite the piece as I do with all people who favourites any of my work as a thank you!

Well, that’s pretty much my update for now. I usually like to end on a funny comment but this time I just want to give my deepest sorrow for the passing of Harold Ramis. He truly will be missed by all fans, nerds and movie goers alike.

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