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Well this is my second update this month and the main reason for this is because I want to write more journal entries to keep my watchers informed what I am currently working on. A lot of my stuff takes time to make and I don’t upload that much so I wanted to make sure my page is still kept alive with updates every two weeks or so.

First, I want to say that I am no longer doing any request work as I simply don’t have the time. At the moment, I am mainly working on a pastel drawing of my sister-in-laws pet cat for her Birthday and that is my main project. I am also working on a few other pieces here and there and hope to upload some within the next few weeks. One based on Deku Link, Mario Kart (last request) and other bits and pieces that I have forgotten about over the past year. I’m going to try and finish them off as they are all sad and lonely being only half finished and left unloved on my external Hard Drive. I do feel honoured that people has asked me in the past for requests as it does make it feel worth while making things, So thank you.

Second is that I have been working on clay modelling. I have nearly finished a model based on the Cartoon Show, Adventure Time which I hope to sell and raise some money for charity via eBay. Not sure which charity yet as I support three different ones, Dogs Trust, Caner research and Children with leukaemia but all do good things so whichever is good.

Third, is that I am re-editing some parts of the request piece based on My Little Pony that I posted back in November. A lot of people have commented and sent notes about it with some saying that they like it, some have said the same but don’t like where some characters are placed and a couple made out that I had created the devil himself as one person sent me a note that said “How dare you put XXXXX in the wrong place”. I am not joking there, that was actually what someone sent me in a note plus a lot more…unpleasantness, maybe a troll? Who cares.

Well, the truth is that the piece was requested by a friend of mine who wanted it for their daughter’s birthday. I have not seen the show so I had to do a lot of Wiki reading (I like that phrase, might use it more!) to find out who they are and what kind of characters they are. I did know about the main ponies as anyone with access to the internet will know, you can't miss them. I will admit that some may have been put in the wrong place after re-researching the characters so I am going to amend it to try and please everyone.  I will also be adding new characters that I missed such as yesterday I found out that there is a Vampire version of the yellow pony, Flutter shy! I don’t even know how I missed that one, must be a new one!  I am also going to be redrawing some of the ponies as some look a little…dull. Towards the end I was running out of time so I did rush it a little, still I think it did come out quite well.

If you want to suggest a character to add to the remake then please leave a comment and maybe a link to what they look like.

So, there’s my update for now and I hope you can bear with me as a lot of my work does take a long time. Thanks to all the watchers, viewers and yes even the haters! 

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