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Thor vs Frost Giants colored

And here's the colored version.
(check out the black and white version here-- [link] )

This is the cover for Marvel Adventures Superheroes #13
Penciled and inked by me, colored by Sotocolor.
Check it out in April!

****Edited to update with a higher resolution image
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"You can't hope to defeat all of us, thundergod!"
"Not even thy vile cold power can overcome the might of Thor!"
I love this. excellent work
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pretty nifty work here, the inks lent well to some good coloring=]
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YEAH!!! DIE PAPA SMURF!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Great cover.
ReillyBrown's avatar
Papa Smurf's been hitting the gym!
Mindslave24-7's avatar
...I always wondered if Papa Smurf was bald under his cap...
So is that Hefty in the background with the helmet, and Dopey knocked out?
sigh! the Smurfs have never been the same since they moved the village over that Steroid company's backlot...
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wow, nice inks and pencils, and the colors really add to it. Nice work.
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Awesome work on both sides.
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I love it!! wonderful job. can't help but think he's fighting an epic version of papa smurf :D
ReillyBrown's avatar
Or maybe Thor got himself shrunk down reeeeally little.
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Holy crap that's amazing!
ReillyBrown's avatar
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Poor Frost Giants...
Not too bright are they? :laughing:
ReillyBrown's avatar
But their heads are so big-- so they MUST have big brains. . . right?
Mindslave24-7's avatar
It's from all the steroids they've been taking lately. Big heads.
You should see the beard Surfette's grown!
Oh wait! You did. She's behind Papa smurf.
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Damn that rocks. I really like the crackling lightning around Mjöllnir.
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Thanks! You can credit Chris Sotomeyer for that cool, glowing lightning effect!
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